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  1. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Have You Met Any Players, Past or Present?

    Proud to call Peter Mendham a personal friend. Looking forward to making a speech at his wedding on 23rd Dec
  2. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Market Twins

    He turned into an Ippy fan because the staff in their box office aren''t rude and City''s are. Lol
  3. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Your worst NCFC XI

    Don''t forget Ian Henderson. Useless pillock and a jumped up one at that
  4. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Chris Burke

    Just a thought. Attacking winger with Brum/Hughton connections!!
  5. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Are we getting above our station ?

    He was only trying to get a lift intercity
  6. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Are we getting above our station ?

    If he was attempting suicide I think his plan has hit the buffers.
  7. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    City Captain

    My money is on Snodgrass. I know Russ Martin is the favourite but I really think it will be Snoddy. Anyone have other thoughts?
  8. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Jermaine Jenas

    I said he is in Norwich, nothing more


  9. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Jermaine Jenas

    In Norwich this evening. Black Range Rover D8 JAJ. Could be visiting Hucks but was at Thickthorn at 17.30
  10. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Squeaky Bum Time

    I am sorry to say it but the free ride is over. If we dont start banging the goals in and believe.....we are doomed. The time has come to stand up and be counted. We have let the ten point gap go. Come on boys, One last push
  11. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Reading between the lines....

    and I have no source or inside information. I think Grant Holt will be part of a deal to bring in Gary Hooper in the summer. His family are now settled back in Cumbria and he gets up there at every opportunity. Just a guess but I genuinely think it will happen. Let me have a guess......Grant Holt and £4Million and Hooper is on his way. Apologies if this has already been discussed
  12. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Song for Van Wolfswinkel (if he signs)

    He''s Tall

    He''s Dutch

    He''s Got an awesome touch

    Wolfswinkel, Wolfswinkel

  13. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Points Predictor

    I ended up with the following


    Norwich 44

    Wigan 32

    QPR 31

    Reading 27

  14. Pi$$ed As A Mattress

    Points Predictor

    Have a quick go at predicting the win, lose or draw of the following games and tell me if Norwich stay up !!

    Wigan Athletic. Currently on 27 points

    Wigan v Norwich. QPR v Wigan, Man City v Wigan, West Ham v Wigan, Wigan v Tottenham, West Brom v Wigan, Wigan v Swansea, Arsenal v Wigan, Wigan v Aston Villa.  Total Points for Wigan ___________

    Reading FC. Currently on 23 points

    Arsenal v Reading, Reading v Southampton, Reading v Liverpool, Norwich v Reading, Reading v QPR, Fulham v Reading, Reading v Man City, West Ham v Reading. Total Points for Reading ___________

    QPR. Currently on 23 points

    Fulham v QPR, QPR v Wigan, Everton v QPR, QPR v Stoke, Reading v QPR, QPR v Arsenal, QPR v Newcastle, Liverpool v QPR

    Total points for QPR_____________

    Norwich City. Currently on 34 points

    Wigan v Norwich, Norwich v Swansea, Arsenal v Norwich, Norwich v Reading, Stoke v Norwich, Norwich v Aston Villa, Norwich v West Brom, Man City v Norwich. Total points for Norwich ____________


    take into account that alot of the teams around us are playing one another. I think we will survive comfortably

  15. After 20 games we were on 25 points. Wigan were on 18, Reading on 13 and QPR on 10. 7 points clear.

    After 25 games we were on 28 points. Reading on 23, Wigan on 21, Villa on 21 and QPR on 17. 7 points clear of bottom three

    After 30 games we are on 34 points. Wigan on 27, Reading on 24 and QPR on 24. 7 Points clear.

    Based on how the gap is consistent (I know Wigan have only played 29) and the fact that we still have Villa, Southampton, Sunderland, West Ham and Newcastle between them and us I have no doubt that we will stay up.