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  1. Troy Achibald-Henville. The signing that most opitimised the Roeder era, season long loan, zero apperances and we sent him back to spurs but kept the option to bring him back.
  2. [quote user="NCFC-47"]There was a thread on this & the conclusion was facing Delia in te City Stand but  i still think they should havea rotating podium [:P] [;)][/quote]In a total wipeout style? If so my moneys on stephen hughes to be the first to throw up.
  3. [quote user="s10_yellow"]You''ll have fun blowing it up in the ground[/quote]May have to get to the ground early!
  4. Exessive? overcompensating? worth buying for the carlise game? What do you lot think?
  5. [quote user="Barclaybred"]Nope still no reply,may just send them another to fill their inbox[/quote]No reply for me either. At least we wont be playing in Coca-cola Leeds 1 (or Npower Leeds 1) next year.
  6. I''m saying this with tin hat on in my bunker.... What about Jordan Rhodes?
  7. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Also, why can''t I vote for Wayne Rooney as the Premiership Player of the Year and not say I''m a fan of a Premiership club??What a crock...[/quote]Tough day today? [:P]
  8. [quote user="Trent Canary"]An even deeper search shows: -"17. The PFA Fans Player Awards provides the necessary mechanism to create the nominee list for The PFA Fans Player of the Year, which will be awarded at the end of the season."So im guessing it means the top vote-getters for the monthly awards are the final nominees for the yearly awards (Presumably there were four clear leaders in league one, with more or less in other divisions) Therefore the only reason Leeds have three in the final four are that they voted more through the season.I agree its a stupid way of doing it though. Unfortuanetly when its a ''Fans'' award, its just a popularity contest. Id personally ignore it and focus on who the press/players awards go to.[/quote]I agree thats a ridiculous way of doing it.Because that means that for arguments sake say 750,000 people have voted for Beckford over the course of the season to win player of the month in November, Jan and Feb If we''d have pulled our fingers out and got a million votes for Theoklitos to win in August he''d be on the short list instead??
  9. [quote user="Trent Canary"]Unfortunaetly its a fans vote, so the final four are simply who got voted for the most (Ie: Which teams fans could be bothered to do it) - Presumably either the Leeds media or forums publicized it, whereas I havent really heard anything about it, otherwise id have voted.So im not sure what complaining will do, its a fans vote, and thats who the fans voted for.If you want to complain about anything then the obvious suggestion would be for the PFA to shortlist 6 candidates who the fans then pick from. But again if more Leeds fans vote than everyone else then someone like Beckford will just win it anyway.Either way, Lucchiano Becchio [:$][/quote]If thats the case then would there not be the same number of candidates for each division? It seems the shortlist is picked then it goes to the public vote, unless anyone remembers voting for their choice?
  10. Is it possible the shortlist was drawn up after the Man U game? But 3 out of 4 nominations for a side thats thrown an 11 point lead away and sit in forth? Not Sold. For me Lambert Snodgrass Holt Hoolahan and Painter. (the other divisions get 5 of 6 nominations)
  11. http://fansaward.givemefootball.com/vote  There must be at least ONE Norwich player that deserves a nomination? Surely?? If you agree Tell the PFA!
  12. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Heresyourfathersgun"] I expect Doc to go - I think he worries Lambert [/quote] lol! What makes you think that? Afterall, the Doc has played more games than any other defender this season and he takes over the captains armband when Holty is unavailable. All the telltale signs that the manager is worried by him. [/quote]I think the Doc will go. He''s been top drawer this season but I think he''s found his level, also I''d imagine he''s on a fair ole whack and financially the best deal is to let him go. Lambert''s not a mug just as Worthington wasn''t with Iwan and Malky the last time we went up. It''s tough and a little unfair but thats football.
  13. I think that in all honesty Saturdays result isn''t all that important in the grand scheme of things. the last couple of weeks have changed this match from a title shoot-out into runaway leaders v playoff contenders. 92 points seems to be about the right mark for promotion so as long as we get positve results against Tranmere, stockport, leyton, Gills and Carlise then I think it''s party time, for me the biggest game left could be at the valley.
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