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  1. Just to be associated with these great players past and present is a honour Hucks
  2. Don''t worry you didn''t miss anything, Rob''s a good guy,he just try''s to mix it up a bit, genuinely does love the club
  3. Here''s my match report from todays game http://www.dh6.co.uk/s31a1n167p1/Norwich-City-v-Fulham.html Good point in the end considering the first half,do you agree?
  4. [quote user="lincoln canary"]Haha I know but they guy is the best I''ve ever seen in yellow! I just can''t help myself![/quote] My days are long gone, even though I still get offers to come out of retirement all the time, but there is a massive difference from looking good in Veterans football and playing week in week out in Pro game, the reasons I packed up are still valid, that''s why Giggs is such a one off, as a team I still think we lack a yard of pace throughout the team but the lads and staff have done a exceptional job getting our great club to this league position,long may it continue
  5. Got a bit lazy and presumed most people on here are on twitter, genuinely thought Ads was MoM, to come in and play as he did was remarkable, still the most natural defender at club and great to help others learn there trade, like all reports on DH6 if done by me I give my honest opinion, no more no less
  6. Jas, think the vast majority of players in the prem have got at least a good turn of pace, it''s not he b all and end all, but sometimes fast players ( who play a certain way on there day are virtually impossible to stop) like Agbonlahor was at villa park, I still we lack brute pace, but it cost money
  7. Hi City Angel, I''m looking forward to the 7th, should be a interesting evening, I personally don''t think Wes can play in a 2 in midfield, he needs to be higher up the pitch to influence the game, 5 in midfield gives us a extra man, sometimes needed when playing against the best, I would be surprised if we don''t revert back to that, it''s only going to get tougher, but Lambert in my opinion is one of the best managers in the league, so no worrys yet
  8. Hi all, a few on here thought i was over critical on Radio on Saturday, just called it how I saw it, here''s my match review, like I said call it as I see it http://www.dh6.co.uk/s31a1n159p1/Aston-Villa-v-Norwich-City.html Hucks
  9. Hi All, another amazing finish to a match, read my thoughts about the game here http://www.dh6.co.uk/s31a1n158p1/Norwich-City-v-Blackburn-Rovers.html Do you agree? Hucks
  10. the club had the option to take out the clause months before Dickson went to Sunderland, they didn''t need to match any offer just offer him a fair deal,
  11. that bad Jas that he only played 50+ times for Wales, you must''ve seen some outstanding Sunday league players?
  12. Before the move, obvious I saw him when I returned for Amerca,that was 6 months or so after he signed
  13. I''ve dealt in facts, nothing more nothing less, i didn''t speak to Dejan at all, for the exact reason i wanted the club to do well, i would never tell a player not to sign for Norwich, i''ve been 100% fair with my Roeder comments, many people wouldn''t have been!
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