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  1. Just saw on the Championship he''d gone in goal for a penalty after the keeper was sent off. But he had no chance.
  2. A very welldone to Adam Drury today looked sharp considering he was out for a season. Hope to see him more this season welldone Adam! :D
  3. [quote user="West_London_Canary"][quote user="NCFCTookie"] I dont care what anyone say''s there''s something going on. [/quote]   Your a sharp one lol   [/quote] Yeh Well Sumthin Is Going On Lol
  4. What the hell is going on at our beloved club? The fans need to know whats happening! I dont care what anyone say''s there''s something going on. Our there any Delia lovers amongst us then?  
  5. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="lincoln canary"] statement on official site now   [/quote]http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1382568,00.html[/quote]well that was short....again the fans are kept in the dark...grrrrrr[/quote]   Thats our club for you
  6. All this transfer talk is making me rather sheepish...
  7. [quote user="Canary Jay"] ...that GR is about to pull of something pretty bloody spectacular? GR doesn''t mix his words - I have total faith in him and when he''s says he''s working hard to get a target man in, I believe him.   I just think that with the apparent inactivity, he must have something massive up his sleeve...hopefully not a letter of resignation through lack of board support   [/quote] No Chance
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