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  1. Yellowbeagle... I can understand that theory when it comes to the likes of Man United/City, Chelsea etc but not the so called smaller clubs in the division. I don''t see us signing this type of ''promising talent'' to leave him playing the next 4 years in the reserves and then dump him on his ass if he doesn''t cut the mustard. One can only assume but I would expect that he would be training/travelling with the first team, and that alone would do the lad the world of good and, if he''s good enough, he''ll be a first team regular within a couple of years (possibly after a loan spell somewhere). It makes perfect sense both for the club and the player.
  2. According to their manager we had a nominal bid (thought to be around £30,000) rejected yesterday for Yorks promising 17 year old central midfielder Ben Godfrey. I''ve been saying for a long time that we need to utilise our premiership status in this way. If 1 out of 5 of this type of youngster becomes a first team regular then it''s fantastic business.
  3. #transferwindowfail ... It''s not that I''m not used to feeling underwhelmed or deflated come transfer deadline day because I am, as Norwich fans we should expect no other feeling. Our club never fails to fail in the transfer window. However, the last few days - and today especially - have left a really sour taste in my mouth. I have absolutely no doubt that Alex Neil has been working his arse off trying to get a squad together and unfortunately there lies the problem. For the top people within the club to be (one can only assume) working around the clock in their attempts to sign players and not only failing on that front but seemingly without any comprehension of the consequences of allowing others to leave. I think I am safe in saying that most fans were hoping that we would sign a striker and a centre back. Ok, fair enough, we signed a striker, on loan, but we also sent RVW out on loan, and have another that doesn''t want to play for us (and who knows where Hoopers head is at) so it is quite plausible that we will end the window a striker or 2 lighter than what we were...WTF? And then we sell BJ...WTF? And 2 more midfielders sent out on loan...with a last minute deal for Jarvis as their replacement. And now to look at the defence - quite possibly the area that needed the most attention - Wisdom in as RB, turner and Miguel out. So we have ended up 2 CBs down without bringing anyone in...wtf? This window hasn''t ended with me feeling deflated or underwhelmed, it''s ended with me feeling  concerned and bemused at the whole situation. Something, somewhere went horribly wrong...whether it was Alex Neil''s inexperience, McNallys ego or Delias theory of prudence with ambition, the weight of blame needs to be carried on all of their shoulders and a lesson needs to be learned. What''s the old saying? ''I''m not angry, I''m just bitterly disappointed''. OTBC CTID
  4. Liverpool used the South Americas - continental Europe loophole to their advantage when they signed Chilean Marc Gonzalez and loaned him to Real Sociadad (?) for 2 years, thus entitling him to dual citizenship and bypassing the permit system. I''m very surprised that this model hasn''t been used more by English clubs. Unless it has and either a) I haven''t noticed or b) it''s been done under cloak and dagger.
  5. Purely because of the fact that he is a d******d, I don''t want him anywhere near this club ever again. (Unless, of course, it is with anther club so that I can request politely that he goes forth and multiplies.)
  6. We really ought to stop all this TRASH talk now, ''as BIN going on a WHEELIE long time and it''s RUBBISH. We should be concentrating on BAGging ourselves 6 points (and a TRUCK load of goals) against Watford and BLACKBIN (I know...but it made me laugh) but everyone seems to have SKIPped straight to the BINNER match. Thas getting close to TIPping me over the edge. People are just RECYCLING the same old GARBAGE anyway. I reckon that i''m probably WASTE-ing my time but it''s making want to FLIP my LID. Thas LITTER-aly sending me mad.
  7. Let''s say £120 for the pair. Possibly a little more dependent on where they are.
  8. Before I start I am fully aware of how this is going to make me look but I am really not interested in/bothered by comments like ''plastic fan'' etc. I have my reasons for no longer holding a season ticket so would appreciate it if people didn''t reply if that is the level of intellect that they''re capable of, cheers.   Anyway, back to the point in question, hahaha. I know that it is highly unlikely but I am looking for 2 tickets to the derby match. I am willing to pay good money for them. If you can help I would appreciate it if you could email me at steve_ash@live.co.uk    
  9. As has been discussed elsewhere, it has been a very long time since a City team has played games with such dominance in possession however their recent lack of goals and subsequent slump in results is leaving everybody perplexed. To put my two-penneth in I would suggest that they need to calm down. Today especially, (until Redmond came on) everything just feels rushed, as though they are feeling under pressure to steamroller teams and as a consequence they are making mistakes and giving the opposition opportunities that they shouldn''t be getting. We can all whinge and moan about the players but they are without question among the best players in this league, perhaps just reminding them of this wouldn''t go amiss. If they slow things down, pass to feet, find space, keep positive - and all of the other basics of football - they will undoubtedly get back to winning ways. All of this panic and poor decision making will be our undoing if not dealt with soon. Quality is not an act or an accident. It is a habit, the result of intelligent effort. OTBC
  10. Not a huge amount of help there fella''s but thanks all the same. Sensible suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  11. I''m going to be in Ipswich on Sat and sadly don''t have a ticket for the game so does anyone know of a ''city friendly'' pub that will be showing the match? The Riverside (Station) Hotel doesn''t have sky. Thanks.
  12. After being called off several times the game between our U21''s and Cromer finally went ahead last night. A couple of points that I feel are worth mentioning: - Cromer didn''t look like a bad little side. Good young keeper who made a couple of excellent saves and their left winger put a fantastic shift in, extremely quick, dropping back when required and helping to build attacks. - It was difficult to gauge a great deal from the City side as it felt as though they could have stepped up several gears had it been required. One thing that I would say was missing was width. Obviously the ''wide men'' from last season have progressed into the first team and their understudies don''t seem to be anything like the same quality. Carlton Morris seems to be the player most affected by this and he looks (on this showing alone) like he has changed his game accordingly which is a shame as he was looking like a real talent last season. I just hope that i''m wrong. - Finally, the singing Cromer fans must be worth a mention. They had great fun throughout the second half and certainly had me (and those around me) laughing with some of their songs. Could do with this at FCR at the moment. Did anyone else attend? What did you make of it?
  13. I thought the same but still would expect at least Wroxham to have it on their site, but nothing. Whatever team it may be it would certainly be a laugh to turn up and give the binners a bit of grief.
  14. I recalled seeing something mentioning that the binners are playing Wroxham in pre season (http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2933664/ShowPost.aspx second post down) but cannot see it advertised anywhere. Does anyone know if there is any truth in it? Could be alot of fun if true :-p
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