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  1. If it wasnt for doc   it could have been 4 or 5 yesterday
  2. I like the traditional   scum scum scum        one    or how about      F**k off back to ipswich    F**k off back to ipswich   la la la la       la la la la
  3. Plastic man u fans from Yarmouth dont need a verbal slapping, they have a personality disorder and should be ignored
  4. he''s gone,   get over it,  why do you want to stir up C***
  5. I take it his wifes happy She can get back to her knitting
  6. I was told a few weeks ago that hucks had offered to play for nothing !!!!! before everyone shouts who by.  Im not going to say, however it was someone who does not work for but has very close connections to the club the players , past and present and also the owners and yes you would all recognise his name Ps. The 2 weeks thing is my own assumption 
  7. Yeah and they got a pension deficet of 100 million before you take in suppliers debts etc
  8. Very Predictable wazock But hold on wouldnt you say pondland give value for money How about Pizza Hut     looks ok from the outside, seems like a good idea but when you go in all you get is a load of c**p
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