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  1. I’m proud of the lads.....we’re a top top side
  2. sing up the Regency Security Stand sounds good though
  3. I seem to remember a red shirt with stripes, not full length stripes like that though. I think they were sort of soft focus and faded from the top...not sure of the era either
  4. I think it''s my £1 skewing the betting odds
  5. it''s alright for you! I work with the chuffwit
  6. looks like an enochlophobics anonymous meeting
  7. definitely...he was static today and his distribution is awful, constantly playing us into trouble
  8. perhaps the club are hopeful of a points deduction for Sunderland...a point is invaluable under those circumstances
  9. physioroom.com have him down as a hamstring injury with no return date
  10. don''t use cliches myself....i avoid them like the plague
  11. Bradley Johnson is a real lightweight throwing himself to the ground and rubbing his face for no reason whatsoever!
  12. renewals had been sent out this time last year, you could have paid before the end of Dec 2010 to avoid the VAT increase
  13. at least some of them are bright enough to realise he is right!
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