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  1. The usual metronomic emotions. Absolute nailed on win with no problems to: despair and the inevitable 'if it upsets you that much why do you follow them?' Saying that, 3-1 to us with Rowe on the score sheet.
  2. Well done and excellent news. πŸ‘
  3. The thin white cable. Is it a snake? Is that his agent?
  4. When Cov beat manure and lose to Citeh in the final, do they qualify for Europe ? Not sure how it works now, esp as Citeh will be in Europe by wining the league.
  5. Everton all day long since the Coventry stitch up. Not helped since by a fan with a child in his arms running down the stand to punch an opposition player in a European match. Crowd shots of their fans shows rows of foul-mouthed and screaming face-contorted football authority hating thugs.
  6. Rowe is the second(?) highest scorer so he has to play as much as possible. I'd rather drop Gibson and put back McLean for his range of long passes for the cavalry to run onto. Can you imagine the opposition trying to mark our front runners, esp Rowe, in that scenario? I confidently predict a red card for a Bristol player in the first half if we unleash a full attack.
  7. Perhaps Stacey is coached to get corners and not be too fussed about an early ball? His speed means his targets in the box are few and not renowned at headers. Whereas, from corners, a lot more are in the box and an opportunity for set plays .
  8. Nope. But now you have mentioned it, if I hear it, it will likely irritate me as well. Thanks mate! 😁
  9. Delia's not worried as Portsmouth should get automatic!
  10. Immense performance all over the pitch. So few errors and all switched on for the full match. Brilliant!
  11. It would be nice to have all the contracts sorted before the 27th (slim I know). Last home game and opportunity to say bye bye or see you next season?
  12. Will Webber be allowed to stop off there on the way to Everest?
  13. Ay? The table doesn't lie! Leeds are better? Then they should be top Kojak!
  14. Sorry, but through yellow and green specs, the table does lie. The binners are spawn personified and deserve to be put in their place this coming Saturday. They are a loathsome entity that should have folded years ago but their black and white history continues to feed their tiny minds.
  15. Nope. Still nothing on the BBC main sports page. The above link is not from the main page. Unless the internet here in Eaton Park is not working.
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