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  1. I confident if it were Van Dijk against Pukki he wouldn't see it that way.
  2. Absolutely. No kneejerk reactions. Cool as cucumbers throughout the club. Apart from Delia laughing in Alan Hansen's face.
  3. Discussion is difficult if it just involves constant moaning and 'I told you so'. We have to look for the positives and learn from the mistakes. There are 37 more games but it seems some people are just reveling in the scoreline and berating players. Last season we were playing well but not getting results until it clicked after the first derby. If Farke knows what he is doing, we'll get enough points to have a second season in one of the best leagues on the world and continue improving our game against the Champions of Europe. (The real ones)
  4. It's the sign of those who don't really understand the game. If we concede a goal, they cannot see beyond the keeper. If we aren't scoring, it's the strikers fault etc.
  5. Come on, don't let reason get in the way of a good moan. Some of our followers have had a quiet time in the last 12 months or so.
  6. Amadou and Roberts the choice for me. Trybull has looked like a rabbit in the headlights tonight and looks like he thinks he has the same amount of time on the ball he had last year. I'm sure they will acclimatise, lets hope this game speeds up that process.
  7. Yep - every bit of this. From what we've seen so far, we'll create plenty of chances and take some points off several teams. Lots of possession, just a shame about the defensive frailty.
  8. And there'll be some activity from the "Krull is the Devil Incarnate (with dodgy footwork)" crew saying he should've done better.
  9. Nice to see Krul wave the defenders away at his goal kick. No need for unnecessary pressure.
  10. It's actually only half a dozen Party Sevens but Mucus has ordered them to be watered down to go round. And there is no strength to the rumour that the number of tickets sold means some Binners may get a second pint.
  11. Thanks again for the tip-off Ricardo. Met Roger tonight and picked up my copy - can't wait to get my nose into it properly. (even though Mrs Muzinic is keen to tuck it away for my birthday!) Roger is a great guy and his passion for all things NCFC is apparent from the moment you meet him!
  12. I've predicted already. I could have anywhere between 0 and 12 points this time next week!
  13. I won a quiz about Norwich City in about 1984/5 and went to Trowse to receive a signed ball from Woods & Watson. They were really great guys and my mum still has a lovely B & W picture of the three of us on her sideboard. Keith O'Neill came into my place of work once with a mate. Nice enough bloke but he needed help to write out a cheque. Used to drink with Shaun Carey and Bellers in The Murderers in the 90's. Playing cards to pass the time and attempting to outwit Gordon Bennett.
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