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  1. Malta ðŸ‡ēðŸ‡đ is the best away fixture 🌞 🍚 ðŸŧ
  2. Thanks For your Service If True Good luck 💊 👍 💓
  3. Will be ok till they come back Sorensen McLean Rachica PLM Sargent Cantwell Dowell Sinani Tzolis Idah Gibbs Relax Guyss
  4. Hayden and Sara both soon are available and both are Class For The Championship So please ðŸĪŦðŸĪŦðŸĪŦ
  5. American investment on 4th of July ðŸ‡ąðŸ‡·
  6. Mumba Tzoliz Onel Hugill placheta to leave ARCHER ON LOAN NO10 AND A WINGER TO SIGN
  7. We only Need No10 Player Don't Forget That Todd Mc callum Hugill are Back
  8. We take him Next season when we swap place 😏 😌 ðŸĪŠ
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