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  1. First thoughts are the fixtures list timings have been quite kind to us: Friday (Southampton) - weds (Everton) - sat (fa cup) - thurs (Arsenal) playing Southampton on the Friday means we have a 5 day gap before the Everton game - where as Everton (playing Sunday) only have 3 and they’ve got Liverpool 1st up which hopefully they’ll be all in for.. might be looking too much into it but it’ll come down to fine margins.. What an opportunity to get 2 home wins on the board and really put the cat among the pigeons
  2. I know injuries are part and parcel of football but I’m pretty sure we’d be in better position/have more points if we hadn’t had such a centre back crisis between September and november - someone must have the stats of who was out and for how long? It was pretty severe and we didn’t have the depth/squad to cope. Our form had picked up in the couple of months before lock down. We’ve got a full and fit squad now, have 5 very winnable home games and so to say “you’re ****, you’re going down anyway blar blar blar doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes it’s unlikely we’ll stay up, but if we get to play out all our games I don’t think we’ll be far off.. time will hopefully tell..
  3. Not really, it’s only because he’s come on our board acting all Billy big balls
  4. Bitter? Not sure you’ll find much bitterness or jealously from Norwich fans towards Leeds here. I know it hard for you to understand due to the massive chip on your collective shoulders but we don’t really give a toss. And apart from a few years where you cheated and bullied yourselves to a few trophies before most of us were born, including you I assume, you’ve actually hugely underachieved for such a ‘huge club’. 16,000 in league one for one of, if not the biggest one club citIes in Europe is pretty poor and shows the fickleness rather than this die hard, loyal following you’ll try to convince us of. Having a reputation for beating up kids and pensioners isn’t something to be hugely proud of either..
  5. How about a 2 legged play off Norwich vs Leeds.. will give the country a boost and a good laugh when the Mighty Leeds bottle it, again..
  6. Name me anything they’ve got right? likewise you know f.a. about me. I was a reluctant remainder and vote green. I’m just calling it as I see it
  7. So you think they’re doing a good job and shouldn’t be held to account for mistake after mistake and telling us a pack of lies? I’d be more than happy to support them if they showed any signs of competence
  8. Yep, since Brexit everyone, although particularly those in the leave/Tory/Boris camp are so entrenched in their views that they’re completely unable/unwilling to see things from another angle and will no defend him no matter what. It’s hugely frustrating and incredibly dangerous. to quote Mark Twain “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled” seems particularly relevant/apt at the moment. I’m at the stage where I can’t work out whether the government are doing this deliberately and don’t care about the deaths or If they are actually completely incompetent and out of their depth - or both. And if it is one or the other then which is worse, not caring or being this incompetent?
  9. A timeline of events.. Not sure how anyone can defend Johnson and his government after reading this https://appeasement.org/
  10. Thanks.. it might come to that but i thought i'd chance my arm as would much prefer to be in with our lot than sat on my hands all game
  11. I live in Hackney, just up the road from Tottenham so if anyone has a ticket going spare at the last minute I'd happily take it off your hands! Thanks
  12. Yeah I couldn't find it through the website so did a search for 'ticket history ncfc' in the bar at the top and it took me straight there. Hope that helps
  13. I cant remember how many away games I went to! Have only just had a quick look on the website but unless i'm being blind its not obvious as my purchase history doesn't go back that far? Any help much appreciated..
  14. I’m pretty sure we qualified for European football 3 times in the mid-late 80s.. 85 for winning the league cup, 87 for finishing 5th and 89 for finishing 4th.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_City_F.C._in_European_football
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