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  1. I’ll be there with my first love…… ……NCFC edit: lies, my first love was cheese and ketchup sandwiches
  2. It’s our new projected attendance once the FCR expansion goes ahead
  3. I have a colleague that alleges they are close to his inner circle. Whilst she could tell me it was all down to Webber not liking him and trying to freeze him out, she couldn’t tell me where his weird London/Jamaican/whatever the f*** dialect came from, so she may or may not be connected! Do we really think this big reveal will be anything at all like a warts and all exposé? It’ll be a bland assertion of something that may or may not be true but is completely inconsequential to his eventual overdue move away somewhere. That said, I’d be a hypocrite if I said I wasn’t going to read whatever it is when someone posts it on here. I’ll not go looking for it, but I like the goss. Todd likes that I like the goss too.
  4. It’s just the EPL trying to water down any independent regulatory body’s powers to intervene with this kind of stuff going forward. They’re trying to convince people they’re capable of regulating themselves. Total lip service bs
  5. We are making the play offs. ‘The view’ you have is based on a small number on this forum. That said, as I clearly stated at the end of my post. Repeat it here for you, ‘the main difference, however, is not whether we can win it or go up, it’s whether fans are so embittered in the meantime.’ You don’t go so you have no f***ing idea as per usual. Literally mental how much you think keeping as the right decision. Football is more than being just about my club making it easier for you to watch them from your armchair with better broadcast coverage. That’s your only motivation clearly, but s weird one if you think that was ever happening under DS. Conversation over, before you go off on one again
  6. This again. Employing Smith was the waste of money. Sacking him was just spending good money after bad, a necessitated expenditure due to us tumbling and the negativity DS created with his god awful brand of football and complete lack of giving a s***. Wagner can get us there, Smith wouldn’t have, the main difference however is not whether we can win it and go up, it’s whether the fans are so embittered in the meantime. However we do, ousting Smith was absolutely critical.
  7. I’m not reading into this too much. Most of those home games were under Dean Smith, 2 under Wagner, one where he literally arrived the day before and another against the best team in the league.
  8. I voted Gunn, but I’ll not bash Krul. Today he had a stinker and he caused the goal obviously, but his shot stopping ability has saved us on so many occasions that he still deserves to be in contention.
  9. No, Snake Pit is a bit of a s*** viewpoint in my opinion so wouldn’t go there. There’s usually some decent noise coming from there, but less to go on today. I do struggle with the reluctance to cheer and chant in the South stand though, I posted a while ago about an old boy ‘telling off’ a guy chanting completely positive chants because it was irritating him, which the chap rightly took exception to and chanted more vociferously. I honestly believe there’s scope to provide areas on the ground designated for more than just families. An OAP zone with cushions and comfy blankets for your knees ‘winking emoji’
  10. I’d just love a run of home games where we can show a bit more support after getting our noses in front. Slim pickings to get behind today, but it felt like we were itching to. I sense so much hope for Wagner to be the man.
  11. My issue with Tzolis was his first little spell in and around the ball, Burnley bypassed him and he stopped and moaned with hands in the air. He literally put his parts on after 3 minutes in the pitch.
  12. I’m still positive. I definitely think autos relied on a result today, but a good run and we will settle top 6 by the final curtain. Playoffs absolutely a gamble as you say, the rebuild is a must. I’d say going up could be dicey but the reality is other teams could just as well be in a similar position to us.
  13. Mathematically my balls are still attached, but I’d definitely say the knife is sharpening. I’ll settle for a Wembley victory (on a comfy seat)
  14. Weird post. I’m in the South Stand. And I stayed til the end. Maybe a bit more water in the whisky next time.
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