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  1. Sutton lost most of his money a while ago with some bad investing apparently.
  2. TC seemed to like playing under DF and said he got the best from him that DS wouldn’t/couldn’t (no surprise there!) so a lot of the blaming some have DF for the alleged mismanagement of TC seems unfounded. Terrible that he had family tragedy, but the evidence of a drop in form was every game he played thereafter, whether this was because of being put in the 23s or otherwise we won’t know, but the DS appointment wasn’t the fresh start he needed and neither was DW, so Rangers was the way to go. By virtue of being the only real option tabled. Either way he is doing ok up there by all counts. I fear he will be finishing second by a big margin and he will need new chap to see in him what the self confessed genius of Michael Beale saw in him. I feel MBs latest stint really puts to bed the notion of him masterminding Gerrard’s success there a bit
  3. Stacey is great, Duffy our best CB and miles ahead of Gibbs, Hwang not seen much but not great so far. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I guess we should’ve just picked up some premier league gems for free that miraculously no one else has noticed. Lol
  4. I’m a hoggy fan. I’m also a DCB critic. I think the guy is the least supportive supporter I’ve ever seen. Literally sees a crisis at every turn and in the OP describing our form as ‘relegation’ is so woefully wrong it’s embarrassing. We have had a couple of games playing poorly, and far more playing well. It coincides with injuries to key players and an unfortunate lack of depth. We are not title contenders, neither are we relegation fodder. Take a day off or just watch something where your doom mongering can be satisfied more regularly, like the weather forecast in Orkney or something
  5. Not quite Norwich, but in the Bear season 2 Carmie Berzatto mentions sketching trousers made of Worstead Wool. It’s pretty niche Norfolk reference but I liked it.
  6. I find this back and forth so embarrassing on both sides. Objectively, two pretty mediocre teams with limited success of any real relevance in the last 30 years arguing the same boring f***ing argument over and over again. What for? Bragging rights? About what exactly? Who gives an actual f***? In short we are doing slightly more s*** than them after a few years of them being slightly more s*** than us. Now some c*** is going to be “well if you call 14 years ‘a few’ snark snark”. It’s honestly pathetic. I couldn’t give a toss what or how they’re doing, I’d like us to do well and certainly better than we are now. I’m not going to **** in my pants if we finish above them just the same as I’ll not cry if we don’t. I’m all for game day banter and a bit of back and forth but I’m certain some of those in here are actually getting genuinely triggered by this basic baiting. See enough embarrassing behaviour in derby days when middle aged dads of 3 have a beer too many and scream across the road at their arch nemesis, another middle aged dad called John or whatever. Can’t we all just get back to wetting ourselves over some other pointless nonsense like how we lack ambition or how badly we managed Todd Cantwell?
  7. It’s made us weaker in attack less able to hold it up and threaten. Pretty obvious when you think about it 😂
  8. Disappointed yes. Angry no. It’s sport, get a grip of yourselves. Imagine having to vent on here so you don’t take it out on your family?! I’d hate to be your family when something that actually matters goes against you that doesn’t have its own internet forum.
  9. Objectively it’d be a terrible time to play them of course. I do get irritated by anyone stating that fact being called a binner, but a momentum shift for us needs to happen as today has potential to put us into Dean smith-esque Malaise. Gibson in particular needs to be put on the bench imo. Billed as a ball playing centre back by who? He is poor and although I’ve not seen Barthh play he can’t be much worse. He is a dressing room destabiliser too I hear on very good authority. Drop the garbage. We still have good characters in the group despite injury so let’s hope Wagner can motivate us to a performance. Idah scoring is a plus, I still think he is a total donkey but he is the only option we have, at least those that wanted him to have a good run of games to prove himself will get their wish. Tricky times ahead but I’ve seen worse. OTBC
  10. Completely disagree, Leicester were of course better in the first half without actually creating any open play threats. The penalty and one shot wide soon after were all they created. Second half they were not really at the races and very much under the cosh. Duffy’s header, Sara’s free kick, Kenny’s effort off the bar, it was only ever one team that looked like scoring and we were constantly winning the ball back high up the pitch. The quality of Dewsbury-Hall and us committing players forward left us open and knackered for their second, but we were chasing the game. I’m not disappointed by how we played. I am disappointed by Barnes injury though, real blow in my view. They offered grit and aside from Gibbs who seemed way off the pace I thought another good performance from Sara, Kenny, Dimi, Duffy, Stacey and even Idah and Placheta when they came on. Clear plan, just lacked the execution against the best squad in the division
  11. Knowing what we know, the fact that the players still want to play tells you all you need to know about why humans do things. I expect you’re t-total, never use plastic, never fly anywhere on holiday, don’t eat meat, etc and never will. A sport potentially physically damaging is no different to a practice globally damaging.
  12. Galvanising performance and the like that can bring about belief. We have individuals that can change games and if our forwards are like this throughout then we will be very hard to beat. Argentina were poor, but this England side is littered with outstanding players. A favourable route and we can go deep in this tournament. Still think South Africa have it though.
  13. Standard Southgate. Fails to utilise a system which plays to our strengths. We should be attacking relentlessly with our forward talent. I don’t care how charmed people have been with Southgate’s ‘success’, it is not going to ever lead to an actual trophy.
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