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  1. He could hardly have shown a load of prospective new head coaches around whilst Wagner was in place, I assume however he was quietly sounding people out to establish interest, via their agents, to put together a condensed shortlist. In addition, he didn't know what league we were going to be in until a week ago and i imagine the list of interested parties would be different depending on what league we were going to be in. Finally given the likelihood that some on his shortlist are currently in jobs it is highly unlikely that he was going to be able to announce the new man within seconds of Wagner clearing his desk. To me, it seems entirely reasonable that he has a shortlist of people he is interested in and he is now conducting the process of concluding who we appoint. I would imagine there will be several visitors to Colney over the next few days with an appointment by the end of next week at the latest.
  2. Craig Fleming is currently the assistant at Wolfsberg. Norwich Hall of Famers are obviously in vogue over there. Wonder who is next Sutchy, Malky or Marc Edworthy?
  3. Given he was very much Wagner's man I think it is very likely that Fassnacht will depart this summer. Never seemed to have the right credentials to have a real impact in the championship. If/when goes he will join the pantheon of players that will be quickly forgotten IMO.
  4. How many games has he start for us since he’s been with us? This is his longest run in the team since we signed him.
  5. He’s really a wingback but most fullbacks are nowadays. he’s unbelievable good in the air and think his defending will get better as he gets older and plays more games.
  6. Great athlete, unbelievably committed and covers some serious miles. Sadly he’s just technically limited when he has the ball which showed today as lost count of the number crosses he had today that went straight to a Swansea player. I guess however it’s why he didn’t quite make it at Bournemouth. He’s been a very good addition to the club, fair play to Webber on that front, and I imagine we will be shopping for a similar type of player at left back this summer as I hear McCullum doesn’t want to stay at the club due to being treated badly by Wagner in preseason. It’s alleged he was told he was free to go if he could find a club as he saw Placheta as a left back ahead of him. McCallum got a move lined up on deadline day only for the club to go back on their word. Shame as I think there is a real player in McCallum and whoever signs him will probably get to benefit from that.
  7. Look we may not like it but you have to admire what he has done down the A140 since he has been there, in conjunction with their American owners. In a short period of time they have come out the doldrums and become a progressive football club with huge momentum. Sadly the polar opposite of what the higher echelons of our club have done, who in my opinion, have simply sat back and patted themselves on the back for updating a training ground that they had neglected for 20 years, and said look at us aren’t we brilliant and how dare you question us. The bit the fans down the road seem to struggle with is that they think he has “bought into the project” at Ipswich and won’t leave them as he loves them. This is absolute bullsh*t and they are deluded (standard for Ipswich fans) if they don’t realise that they are just a stepping stone for McKenna and he will be off when the right job comes up at a bigger club. It’s only a matter of time. Like we learnt with Walker and Lambert, enjoy it while they are there as, if a manager has success at clubs like Norwich and Ipswich, someone higher up in the food chain will come and take him. let’s hope he doesn’t have a smile on his face come Saturday afternoon. OTBC
  8. Think he’s been told that he can go in the summer to see if he can get a 2 year contract elsewhere to see out his career rather than stay at Norwich for another year and then be out of contract and risk not getting another deal elsewhere.
  9. Reduction in the wage budget thanks to players departing will help a little but you are 100% correct we will still need a big sale to balance the books. In regard to wages I imagine we will be losing approx. the following: Gibson £35k + a week Idah £20k a week Batth £25k a week Dimi G £25k a week Placheta £15k a week Sorensen £15k a week And probably a few more. above equates to over £7m a year. One thing is certain, we will be shopping in the bargain bin unless there is a big injection of cash from somewhere.
  10. Will be a big clear out in the summer and in some respects I don’t hold it against Knapper that we have been quiet in January so far, especially in regard to incomings. I hope he is just keeping his powder dry for the summer, rather than being a rabbit in the headlights. Time will tell. I imagine we will see a striker come in on loan before the end of the window to facilitate Idah departing. I am led to believe that before Hwang got injured the plan was definitely to get Idah moved on. So I imagine assuming we get a loan striker in to facilitate his move to Italy. It’s sad that Adam has never kicked on as we all hoped. In a strange way I also think it makes it easier for the club hierarchy to make the decision to let him go given he is on overinflated wages for the next 4 and a half years. £20k a week for that period of time is a huge burden for the club if he’s not going to develop into a hugely sellable asset as we had hoped. Sadly it appears to me Ashley Barnes has been a huge flop, he looks every bit the 34+ year old past it striker, who was never that prolific in the first place. The insistence on playing his as number 10 is even more baffling to me. The fact Barnes is on huge wages and here for another year doesn’t help things either in regard to Idah staying as there is no chance we would be able to offload Barnes without paying him off as nobody is going to take on £30k a week wages for him. In regard to Rowe it seems quite clear to me that he will be off in the summer rather than January. Seems we will look for a bidding war in the summer and I imagine that Knapper and the club will a) be very much in need of the money and b) see Kamara as his replacement after his successful loan at Pompey. In a similar vain to Rowe I would not be surprised to see Gunn leave in the summer. I think he only has one year left on his contract after this one and with a father who is an agent and family based in the north west I imagine they will be hoping for a big Euros with Scotland and to get a move on the back of that. Its going to be a huge summer for NCFC. We will know so much more about Knapper once next season starts. Fingers crossed he transforms the playing squad and coaching staff, which in turn will hopefully breath fresh energy into a fan base that is downbeat and is (rightly IMO) highly sceptical of everything that is happening at the club at the moment both on and off the pitch. OTBC
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