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  1. there are lot of fingers being pointed in all sorts of directions after what has been another at best (rose tinted glasses) very strange transfer window for us and at worst (pant wetter) a dam right incompetent transfer. Here''s my thoughts/musings: - the board need to take an element of blame but I personally feel they did make the money available. It''s not there fault that Alex Neil decided to splash £8 million on Pritchard, a talent player there is no doubt, but in a position where we were completely overloaded already. - our nett spend is considerably higher (circa 25 million) than Newcastle. - I would love to know who is responsible for trying to move deadwood out the club, I assume it''s a combination of Alex Neil and the chief exec. But that''s a guess. As Whoever it is has had a very bad transfer window indeed. Our policy of off loading players seems very muddled to say the least. I get the impression we tried to play hard ball and clubs just said no thanks and moved to the next target. This in turn has not helped with bringing players in. - Alex Neils lack of knowledge in the English market and not being a well known name does not seem to help us get deals over the line. - Ricky Martin & Lee Darnburgh - I still dont really know what these two actually add to the party. Neither seem to have a good reputation and they don''t seem accountable for anything. What do they do? - does Alex Neil know how to build a new team. I fear not. He seems to jump from one idea to the next normally after opening his mouth first to contradict himself. He said Maddison was not going out on loan then we send him to Scotland. We chased McCormack for weeks a small diminutive striker who would not enjoy playing in a lone striker role which worried me a lot as whilst Ross McC is a great player at this level I could not see him fitting into our system without a big change in formation from the manager ie. Going to 2 up top which he has shown no signs of doing in his tenure so far. The fact we signed Oliveria who I don''t know enough about to pass judgement seems strange as I am led to believe he is a completely different style of striker again. is there any real joined up thinking with what the manager what''s in terms of players etc or is it simply a case of we''ll sign him and think about tat later? This is backed up by the debacle that is/was the Naismith signing. We chased him for not 1 but 2 transfer windows only to not know how or where to play him or get anything out of him. It also appears he has no interest in being here. In summary for what it''s worth I don''t think anyone person is solely to blame however given that he himself has said he had final say on all transfer matters I''m afraid the manager has a lot to account for. It''s not true that he has not had money and ultimately the buck stops with the manager.
  2. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Mulumbu on 35k a week in the championship? Never.[/quote] In afraid he is. Remember he came on a Bosman free. No transfer fee means big wages. He''s not even the hugest paid player either! That honour goes to a rather diminutive Scotsman who is also not delivering a huge amount.
  3. [quote user="Kingston Yellow"]Clint / Dog – what planet do you live on where the manager at NCFC is responsible for recruitment? It’s blindingly obviously that recruitment is completely outside of AN’s remit. And if the Board''s backed the manager as you say, can you please explain how we ended up going into last season with only 2 new perm signings? And without addressing our key areas of weakness. Our approach to recruitment has been a complete disaster ever since this Footballing Board was created, when Lee Darnborough was appointed.[/quote] I don''t want to be a sarcastic twat like a lot of the other posters on this board however you are testing my here. Do you honestly think that the manager, who has openly said he has final say on all recruitment matters, has no involvement in the recruitment process? If so why was he away the week before last on a trip to Europe watching players?
  4. [quote user="Kingston Yellow"]A few important points your post ignores: 1. Dorans was an important player in the second half of our promotion season when Alex took over. 2. Your post illustrates that we made just 2 perm signings before the start of our Prem season. Despite the very obvious need for reinforcements. 3. Point 2 de-bunks your myth that the Board has backed Alex Neil. 4. Our transfer strategy last season (enough to make a cat laugh) backfired spectacularly. Not reinforcing in the summer and then blowing the budget in January (which might have worked if Klose hadn’t got injured). 5. Naismith has been a major disappointment. No one could have predicted this. Why do you lay this at AN’s door? It looked like a great signing on paper. The player’s simply never looked up for it. Let’s get rid if we can. 6. As you say, most of the rest of the signings are either a) ones for the future (when we need players right now) or b) haven’t played yet. 7. All of which points to the fact that we’ve gone into another new season without adequately bolstering the squad. Again, de-bunking your myth that the Board has backed AN. So week after week, AN has to come out and face the media (rightly so), whilst there’s not been so much as a peep out of the Board since Wembley. And now that embarrassment Ed Balls is appearing on Saturday night TV, focusing on his own personal agenda and PR, instead of running the club. But yeah, let’s all blame Alex Neil.[/quote] In response: 1) Dorrans was on the bench most of the time, didn''t start at Wembley etc yet we still signed him on a permanent transfer for £3 million having gone up which shows to me he was signed to have an impact in the premier league which he simply did not have. 2) Brady, Dorrans, mulumbu that''s 3 for starters but agree we did not do well last summer recruitment wise which was partly down to the structure in place and partly down to the fact Neil did not know the English transfer market and him, the football board and McNally had not identified two target lists one for if we went up and another for if we did not. Not all Neil''s fault but he should not be absolved of all blame either. 3) not at all, the money was there he and his recruitment team simply did not have themselves organised and wasted the limited time we had going after unrealistic targets and got played by agents, clubs and players alike. 4) who blew the budget in January answer Alex Neil. His chase of Naismith was frankly embarrassing and yet Neil seems to this day to still have no idea of how to get him playing well or even fitting him in a formation the suites the team. It should surely be fundamentals that you have an idea how someone is going to fit into the team setup and formation prior to signing them. All we have done since signing Naismith is play others our of position (Howson & Wes) to try and accommodate him. 5) see above re. Naismith 6) whilst we need to look to the future and I have high hopes for Maddison etc we don''t have endless resources so blowing a large proportion of the budget on players for the future at the expense of reinvigorating/revamping the current 1st team squad which is drastically needed by the way is not a wise tactic. Needs to be a balance between players for the future and players to make an immediate impact. Not sure we have this balance yet. Other concern is will Alex Neil develop these youngsters as to date he players seem to stagnate or even go backwards under his coaching rather than develop. 7) disagree strongly that he has not been backed. We''ve broken out transfer record twice in the last 12 months and the board were also prepared to break it again for McCormack. He''s had more opportunity to bring in new players than any other manager in the history of NCFC. Additional points: it''s not the boards role to be speaking to the press every week however agree there does seem to be a lack of communication from the top when Hingis are going wrong. Hopefully Moxy will address this once he gets up to speed. Also don''t get me started on Ed Balls, he''s embarrassing full stop even before he signed up for strictly. Quite what he brings to the club I''m not sure. Then again this could be said about other board members both past and present. I regularly cringe about some of them being involved with our club. In summary not all Alex Neil''s fault but he has had a very large part to do with it and as is the case with the role he holds as manager the buck has to stop with him.
  5. [quote user="birchfest"]You lost me at Mulumbu being dreadful, he''s not actually featured enough to make that assumption, but actually I''d say he''s been one of our better players when he featured this season. To the point of transfers and the board etc. I''d say this... We are all looking for one person to take the blame, yet it''s not a process that only involved one person. We have a transfer board, scouts, the manager and the board all involved in the process. To say it''s only Neil or only the board is Naive. I''d say looking at West Ham and their signing of a lad we were ''in for'' for 20 million, shows if anything our scouts are getting it wrong with unrealistic targets, especially as there have been 4 or 5 players in the last few years we''ve been after and have gone to top teams.[/quote] I would say the return we have had from Mulumbu is dreadful. Offered nothing last season and has been sporadically used this season. On his wages I reckon he''s cost us circa £2.5 million in wages alone which is a dreadful waste of money.
  6. Getting fed up with this big myth that the board have not backed Alex Neil. They have backed him however it''s not their fault that the majority of his signings have had little if no impact and in many cases have simply added to the deadwood we already have in the squad. His signings to date: Toni Andreau - £1 million - complete waste of space Graham Dorrans - £3 million - hardly played in premier league Yousef Mulumbu - Bosman but 35k a week - dreadful Matt Jarvis - £2.5 million - permanently injured Jake Keen - so good he''s already left on a free transfer. Robbie Brady - £7 million - started well but tailed off badly and is continually played out of position by Neil. Ivan Pinto - £2.5 million - has looked ok in the championship Ben Godfrey - £500k - one for the future Steven Naismith - £7.5 million - spent months chasing him only to not seem to be able to get anything out of him or know how he is best utilised or what his best position is. Dreadful. Timm Klose - £7.5 million - looked decent when not injured in prem. Not sure the championship is going to be a bed of roses as was bullied by Murphy and poor at Birmingham. Teams will target him with the physical stuff from now on. Andre Wisdom - loan - clueless defender Mbokani - loan & huge wages - average Patrick Bamford - loan - signed and then hardly played James Maddison - £3 million - one for the future Alex Pritchard - £8 million - yet to play. Michael McGovern - free - looks solid enough but is he any better than Declan Rudd? Sergi Canos - £2.5 million - early days but looks to have potential m Paul Jones - free - squad filler Given we don''t have a big benefactor we have to run as a business and balance the books so taking this into account I would say he''s been backed with a decent amout of money with more to come in the next few days. Yes we have sold several players in his time as well so the outlay has not been all one way however I would say he has been backed in the transfer market more than any other manager in NCFC history. Question is if it was your money and with a history of the signings above should he be trusted with more money as there are significantly more misses than hits on his transfer ins to date. He has also however to date failed to develop & improve player forward during his tenure which is a poor reflection on his coaching setup. As you can guess I feel the credit he acquired from getting us up has long since been used up and given we have been a premier league side for 4 of the last 5 season nothing but top 2 should be accepted this season. If we are not right up there come mid October he should be shown the door. I hope he shuts me up and turns the tide quickly aided by some great signings in the next couple of days however I have my doubts. Currently he''s talking a good game but failing to deliver of learn from his mistakes and this has been the case for nearly a year now. I think it''s 6 wins in a Calender year in the league which is simply not acceptable.
  7. Klose has had two dreadful games in a row now.
  8. Personally I felt the squad needed a complete overhaul this summer but we''ve left it far too late to do that. We however desperately need reinforcements and only have a few days left to do it. Biggest concern for me is I dont trust the current setup at the club to sign the players that will make the difference and I certainly don''t trust the current coaching setup to get the best out of anyone that does sign as I can''t think of one player who has improved under the current setup. Worrying times. Sorry bit depressed after today and the search for a striker this summer this has to date been a fiasco.
  9. I''m interested to hear whether other fans think, regardless of lack of transfers, injuries etc, that Alex Neil getting the most out of the resources as his disposal? I was debating it on the way back from the game today as whilst a point was by no means a bad result I fell we have been disjointed this season so far and today our tactics look a little muddled. 8 points from 4 games and unbeaten is however a decent start but being greedy could we have had more...
  10. Win tomorrow and Sunday and he will silence the doubters of which there are a few despite definitely being a minority and momentum will be well and truly with us. If we don''t get a win tomorrow night I expect to see/hear a few more boos ringing out and if we do the unthinkable and lose to them lot down the road I fear more will turn against Neil as I don''t think he has a huge amount of credit in the tank after last season. Regardless of the results the board won''t sack him but I feel they will go a long to influence the fans minds on Alex. Figures crossed for 6 points and maybe even singing top of the league at Portman Road come early afternoon at the portacabin road.
  11. Not a bad point today all things being equal but slightly concerned it''s a new season, different league but all looked very familiar to me. We still lack coherences in the final 3rd, too many players coming short and nobody getting beyond Jerome and getting in behind and turning the opposition centre backs. Cam is not good at holding the ball up but he''s not helped by nobody running beyond him. Still not sure Alex Neil knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal. Formation looks lopsided and narrow with nearly everything going through the middle, slowing down and then drifting left before breaking down. I felt for Murphy today as honestly don''t think he knew what his role was meant to be when he came on. In addition still too many players out of position/not being used in their most effective positions eg wes, Howson etc We lack pace/directness in the final third as well. Need to address this if we are going to be able to stretch well organised teams. Biggest concern to me aside from the need for not 1 but 2 strikers is whether Alex Neil is actually learning. He still has it all to prove for me in terms of whether he can influence a game with tactical changes during the course of a game. Today looked oh so familiar in that if we don''t score early we run out of ideas very quickly and he does not seem to be able to turn the tide. In addition he will not budge from 1 up top. Anyway enough of the negative we never really looked that troubled defensively and we have another game on Tuesday. Win that and 7 points from 9 is a good start. Come on you yellows
  12. What are the exact words of our version of the song?
  13. Not sure your mate will enjoy having his name splashed across a fans forum. Sports Desk Pete - is this worth removing?
  14. My heart has just sank, I knew things were going to well. I''m afraid they will have spoken to his representatives already behind the scenes and will know that he is interested. He are now forcing the issue by making an officail approach. Standard tatics I''m afraid. The writing is on the wall. I knew we would lose Lambert sooner or later but I did not imagine it was going to be a club like Burnely. They are a smaller club than us with worse facilities and worse fan base but they are armed with 4 years of parachute payments where as we have 23 million pounds of debt. Lambert is a shrewd man and he knows that he saddled with the debt we have we are probably at the very crest of our wave where as Burnely are at a low point and if he takes them on a late run to play offs or the premiership his reputation will only get bigger. You can rest asured that assuming it all goes through he will only be at Burnley for a short space of time as he will see them as a stepping stone as well. We can only hope that Mcnally and Co play hard ball and squeeze as much money out of Burnely as possible for the compensation for Lambert, Culverhouse and Kersa as he will defiantely want to take them all with him.
  15. Hucks agreed with me he posted on twitter that Ruddy should have saved it during the match.
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