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  1. Fun fact: Reece Shearsmith actually says ‘Steve’ but in such a way it sounds like Dave
  2. Hanley and Gunn seemed to manage two clean sheets as a pairing for Scotland, including against Spain. Maybe their seasons practice is serving them well!
  3. I think Webber has, on balance done a decent job. However, the one tiny silver lining for him in appointing Smith was that it could’ve been much worse had he actually landed Lampard. Lampard would’ve been sackable
  4. Hugill was just not very good. Seemed nice but I don’t get Cambridge’s love in for him. Odd comment earlier in that they deserve to stay up because they’ve yo-yoed for a while and the fans deserve it. That apply to us as well then? Just drivel
  5. He isn’t trying another not so subtle dig at our supporters is he? Shock
  6. Still one. Definitely not some. Although the fans support is only why Smith wasn’t good. Keep up
  7. Depends how much money. He is hardly honourable or principle orientated. If he was then when he took time out of football you’d presume it was to be with his family or something more personally important, only to chuck this idea away in a heartbeat. It’s perfectly reasonable to assert that he saw us a a quick top up of his finances for a quick two year stint where he saw it as having nothing to lose and all to gain. To get a wedge from a club you have no connection to knowing they’re keeping you if you go down or not is easy money. The **** poor tactics and early training sessions to play golf at Dunston Hall (true) every afternoon suggest his heart wasn’t really in it. The not so subtle digs at the fans suggested he started to get fed up of the tenure. The shocking spell over Christmas (after an all expenses jolly to the states was done) almost confirmed what most were saying previously. Yes, loads of conjecture. Everyone is free to believe what they want, I know which camp I’m on.
  8. I feel so vilified joining in chants started in the Barclay, trying to get them moving around to my area in the South stand when nobody joins in. There was a tiny lad chanting loads Tuesday near me and it was great to see but equally so sad to see him cheering with full gusto and everyone around him just dismissing it with a wry smile and stony silence. As if to say ‘kids eh? What you gonna do?’ How about take his lead and start enjoying yourself.
  9. Except that if someone’s listening to music in their garden loudly while you’re having a sunbathe or whatever there’s some level of warranted ‘I didn’t expect this’, but would you go to a house party and ask the host to turn off the music? Course not, if you don’t like it then you don’t go again. Drummers being drummers, they don’t know when to stop? Nothing like having a sweeping statement to invalidate your argument a bit, hoping it was tongue in cheek unless you’ve just been unfortunate to play in bands with nothing but crap drummers, but be met plenty they know exactly when to stop. As I said in another post, I’d not like it being right behind me, but the majority of the Barclay affected seem well up for it, so it’s all good.
  10. He wasn’t the worst I’ve seen this year but he was definitely inconsistent. Let a lot of stuff go that could’ve been fouls until the second half when we pressed and then seemingly penalised them. Made a terrible decision re Nunez and I watched him really consider it before he decided to play on. I think after that he gave us more for perhaps lesser things because I feel he knew he’d messed up and probably would’ve shat his pants if they’d equalised (or doubled down doing a ‘Stroud’). I’d give him 5/10
  11. I like your resistance to bring quoted by Hoggy and LYB but then you chuck in the wisdom of eat pray love. I’d much rather you have gone for the Lion King or Coming to America or any of the other 5000 films containing its time. (Winking emoji)
  12. I was a drum critic for sure, but I have to say that it’s been nice to have atmosphere generated throughout the game. Agree with Hoggy that it’s been deathly quiet at times this year and back end of last, so while we are picking ourselves off the disappointment dirt as a fanbase, the drum helps in my view. If we can get to a season like that if Farke’s first promotion then it’s not so essential, but for now it is. In a massively hypocritical way however I’d f***ing HATE if it was in my area
  13. Agree. Sprayed balls around really well from deep in the first half
  14. Harsh on McLean. Felt the ball was just out of his hitting zone so he got a toe end on it at full stretch and I think did well to beat Ruddy to it and post it through him, the power lacking was the issue.
  15. Flatters to deceive imo. Makes a little surge, then checks back and passes backwards often. Doesnt look solid in the air, doesn’t rip good balls into the box, isn’t brilliant one on one, particularly defensively. I feel Macallum offers more, but Byram is the defender I’d like to see back and playing.
  16. @alex_ncfc and @mastoola I cannot agree with you whatsoever. Idah is not the finished article, he is not so far a top striker, but if you fail to see the many good things he is doing then your opinion Levi’s objectivity. I agree, he was sight offside too often tonight, he missed one very good chance from Nunez excellent dummy BUT his movement for the chance Ruddy had to save with a great tip over was good, his strength in the game as a line striker offered something we don’t have much of from anyone in the side , he was a target of get invariably got to the ball before his marker more often than not and he made a nice little weighted header to set up Kenny’s chance in the second half that had to be cleared by the defender. As others have said, it’s a stupid OP and you are clearly not seeing beyond the rustiness of a rarely used third choice striker. If you’ve watched norwich for 45 years and Idah is the worst then you are just showing a lack of knowledge that makes most on here rightly question either your ability to understand football or maybe there’s another reason you don’t like him.
  17. I’d like to think not. If Pukki does go then he has everyone’s blessing and the club would be silly not to at least have him in the squad if he wasn’t genuinely injured. He has a chance to stay match sharp if he plays too. Just seems unlikely to me
  18. I thought the same. Similar build to Shakiri. Ar5e sticks out a bit
  19. Good ref. He gave Hanley a couple of free kicks which were never free kicks but that happens every game tbf
  20. Just turn up and potter. You won’t be disappointed.
  21. A trip to Norwich is NEVER a waste of money. F***ing stunningly great city.
  22. It’s not even the best fish and chips in Cromer mate. Get out more. Number 1 so much more consistent
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