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  1. Pretty sure Rhodes only has a year left on his Sheffield contract so don't see Sheffield wanting to loan him again it would mean that basically he was a free signing
  2. i had trouble on sat using the app on my phone with vpn for the first time this season. when i used the vpn and opened the app the live options were not visible as soon as i disconectéd the vpn the app showed the live options. it turns out that ifollow have blocked a batch of free vpn addresses and when it recognises this as one of thos adresses it blocks it. if you pay for a vpn make sure you pay for a deidicated ip address that isnt shared as they cant block this. once i used my dedicated with the app the live options worked.
  3. There is a lot of incorrect information in this post so thought I''d set the record straight. It doesn''t matter if you use a UK bank account but you must register using a non uk ip address. Also a vpn does work
  4. Not according to the daily mail it was a 12 million pound deal and middlesbrough did say they would only sell him
  5. It was wildy reported yesterday that middlesbrough didnt want him to leave. Maybee something changed last minute which meant we could get him. At about that time the betting odds incteased to evens of us signing him. So maybee this one wasnt the board''s fault. But i agree weve had all summer
  6. It could just be the player didnt want to the move or the wofe didnt want the move its possibly not the boards fault . We will never know
  7. We had a deal agreed for jordan rhodes 12 million. Just couldnt get it accross the line . So maybe people will stop ranting at the board . Source daily mail
  8. Alex is playing the press. He said at the start we would be able to change things when we get new changes in . Alex jumped on the hope line that was fed to him ill be amazed if we get dont get at least 1 striker in
  9. As long as we get someone else id be happy with him as a backup
  10. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/08/03/norwich-eye-dame-ndoye-move/
  11. This says we are in for him and brighton think hes coming here http://m.theargus.co.uk/sport/14658717.Albion_deal_for_Pritchard_hijacked_by_Norwich/?ref=twtrec
  12. This seems to think he will talk to us and villa ?? http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/08/02/ross-mccormack-waits-on-fulham-decision/?utm_medium=share%20service&utm_campaign=social%20media&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=HITCdeadlineday
  13. Alan nixon of the mirror personaly think hes full of it and knows nothing. Mail have reported we agreed a fee all day if this wasnt true then would think fulham would have denied it as they seem to be the ones leaking it to the press. Alex seems confident think it will be done soon
  14. Journalist for the mirror very accurate with ncfc transfer and news
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