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  1. Much prefer a toasted cheese and tomato sarnie, personally.
  2. But slipping down the page. Do you need hand getting back up?
  3. Cray Valley PM FC, because: I once played in a local-football cup match at their ground, when it was behind the old paper mills works in St Paul's Cray, and scored. Remember they had one of those old, communal, concrete baths. I went on a school outing from primary school to the paper mill, which was within walking distance from the school / my parents' home. It's not many teams that Charlton get to beat 6-1 on TV, albeit after a draw in the home match.
  4. Good to see this has more replies than Essex's thread about EFL TV money. Ha ha!
  5. Quiet. Essex hasn't found it yet.
  6. Sings: "Give me the moonlight, give me the girl, and leave the rest to me." Oh, Hwang on - wrong player!
  7. I sprinkled a little fairy dust, LYB, and you're back in the race.
  8. Feeling bad I didn't reply to this one now, LYB!
  9. Who you calling "odd", Branston?
  10. It's a weird one this, as emotionally, I expect we would all like to see the FA Cup taken seriously, as it was in the 'old days'. Most higher division teams, ourselves included, treat it as a training day for the second string players, but still expecting to progress, so it can't be about player burn-out entirely. So perhaps it also has something to do with administration and logistics. Maybe we need to ask Pete the Kitman?
  11. No replies, just 235 views now. So Bobzilla is winning in every way. I only posted my reply as I was just amused by the fact that so many people opened a thread titled "Ignore". Says a lot about the human psyche, I guess. Or not - I'm not an expert.
  12. It will be interesting to see whether you get more than the 233 views (at the time of writing), that the same thread title gained for LYB?
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