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  1. The public won’t trust the government and Johnson this time if they try to re-tighten lockdown conditions. Maybe but it is a kick to the gonads for our leftie pals that after this so called fiasco the Tories are still ahead of Labour in latest opinion poll. BTW where is the leftie furore about the chap who claimed to have seen Cummings make a second visit to Durham admitting he made it up? Why are they not queuing up to hurl abuse in the street at Rosie Duffield for breaking lockdown conditions? Hypocritical barstewards.
  2. No you are not but I am bored stiff with all you lot using this pandemic to vent your fury over the election result and getting Brexit done by relentless point scoring . You don’t care whether it is true or not and try to mask your activities by pretending to be concerned about covid-19 deaths when in fact you don’t really give a sh1t about it. on the bright side once the pandemic is over at least we have the stuffing of the hard left to look forward to.
  3. Wouldn’t it be great if all you lefties were just to disappear up you own rear ends.
  4. Pointing out the perspective that covid-19 deaths are at a much lower rate per capita than cancer deaths for example does not make me a nasty person. It does not, of course, fit with your leftie point scoring bashing of the government. If you are really wanting to wear your sanctimonious look how caring I am on your sleeve why are you not raising the roof over causes of death far exceeding covid-19 that occur EVERY year?
  5. I’d place Dominic Cummings about midway between Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
  6. 60000 deaths? That’s not what the ONS have reported. Even with your exaggerated figure that is about 0.09% of the UK population. Tragic for the families concerned but still much less than the annual death rate from cancer for comparison. So yes, well done to the government even if the hard lefties hate it.
  7. I am surprised T hasn’t posted to tell us how wonderful the Bundesliga is at getting the season back up and running compared to the EPL.
  8. On 24/05/2020 at 14:06, T said: The real question is why is Cummings so important to the hard right. Reality is that they don’t have ability or reality on their side so they are reliant on his ability to manipulate the public. Only problem is the public have recoiled when they have seen the full reality of Cummings exposed in public. The real question is why you keep bleating on about Brexiteers who you label as the hard right when you should grow up and accept that many of us were just fed up with the corrupt, self-serving panjandrums that populate the EU.
  9. Good to see death rate plummeting. Congratulations for the excellent job the government are doing overall.
  10. In a national emergency situation the trust between the leaders and the led is paramount. Whether you believe Cummings’ explanation or not the public perception is that he broke the lockdown rules and consequently there is one rule for the leadership and another for the rest of us. This undermines that vital trust and, although I have some sympathy for the desire to protect his son, he has to go.By not acting sooner the PM has eroded his position.
  11. Once GCHQ identify the originator they will be toast. They need reminding who the masters are and who are the serfs. I’m sure Crafty Cummings will do that with a flourish.
  12. Absolutely agree that this thread benefits greatly from the lack of political point scoring. As most of the point scoring has been at the government’s expense it would be difficult to do so on this topic given the government’s financial support for it.
  13. Is that the Bielsa who spied on DerbyCounty’s training regime and then oversaw a massive end of season collapse. BTW, are there any plans to upgrade that mish mash of a ground of yours? It looks OK on tv but is an utter eyesore when viewed from the car park for the park and ride.
  14. It would damage us much less than those who spend buckets of money hoping to achieve success. Remember we are a self-financing club. If we are playing behind closed doors so are the rest and we’ll have parachute payments that all bar those relegated with us will not have. We will be selling off several key members of our squad in all likelihood whether we are relegated or not. So no I won’t pipe down.
  15. Personally, I have had enough of this farce. The EPL should relegate us as we could have no complaints as whether the season is completed or not that is our fate. We can then focus on preparing for the nee season whenever that is.
  16. I don’t recall that as a manifesto commitment. Yet more utter bollox from one of our resident lefties.
  17. Brexit has absolutely nothing to do with covid-19 which has affected EU and non-EU nations alike. It’s saddos like you, that just cannot accept the election result that gave an overwhelming vote for a pro-Brexit government, that try to blame Brexit for the current death toll in the UK. It’s a good thing you live in Germany as you hate the country of your birth so much.
  18. If you can’t smell the coffee you might never wake up.
  19. T is certainly a WUM. I think he lives in Germany and is so wedded to the EU way of life that he cannot forgive the UK voting to leave. That’s why he abuses us as fat (unfortunately probably true compared to others in the EU), racist (as if wanting control of national borders is racist) and ill-educated (even though he cannot spell correctly in some of his posts). He thinks Germany is so wonderful that he probably believes that we, to paraphrase Lappinitup, wish we were Germany.
  20. Does anyone take these numpties seriously? Shame this plonker isn’t actually a prisoner.
  21. Must be a disappointment to his partner.
  22. Wcorkcanary, he is a windup merchant. He just loves taking a fixed view so he gets reactions and can abuse people in return. I blocked him as I can’t be bothered with his utter tripe.
  23. Other than the season being declared null and void I’m afraid we shall be back in the Championship next season.
  24. From the article I have just read it seems she has her head so far up her ar$e that she actually believes the utter twaddle she writes. Of course I should have expected no better from a Guardian journalist.
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