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  1. In what way can the UK leave "The independent Britain"? We ARE Britain
  2. I think you'll find you aren't and weren't a remainer....
  3. Romanian Came over in a dinghy from France, claimed asylum and eventually made good
  4. Let's hope so Let's hope the prime minister of the UK wouldn't give a speech like that sober
  5. I remember Livingstone, I'll have to check them out again
  6. Remember Charlie Elphicke? The naughty Tory who kissed the girls and made them cry? Who consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare That Charlie. He's finished his porridge and a free man again What is he doing now?
  7. Those photos were taken on Þrengslavegur, around 30 minutes east of Reykjavík
  8. 10am - the sun should be up soon Meanwhile, the moon looks nice
  9. I work with several Lithuanians, I'm gonna try that out on them Monday The Anti-Nowhere League released a live album "Live in Yugoslavia" where the singer, Animal, can be heard referring to the audience as "you dirty little Yugo's", or something similar (long time ago!)
  10. I thought brexit was supposed to stop this? Take back control?
  11. Pere Ubu not happy NOTE: Because of one government's pettiness coupled with another's incompetence, Ubutique can no longer take orders from the EU (European Union). Maybe they will have to set up an EU based shop
  12. I think Johnson deserves huge credit for his stance on MP'S second jobs It's good to see him finally take this seriously Restrictions on mp's 2nd jobs
  13. Quite right I wouldn't say we should "let it rip", but getting as many people as possible vaccinated before numbers exploded was key
  14. ? We won't get membership of the CPTPP? One of the things we were told was an advantage of Brexit, and now we won't get it? Do you understand what you are posting?
  15. Looks like some posts from this thread have disappeared The 4 arrested have been released, but the Police have found some evidence at one address. Fortunately no one else killed and the taxi driver is out of hospital
  16. We could win this game! At least this didn't happen again!
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