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  1. Talk Show Host

    What y'all listening to?

    Loads of Motown at the minute, did they ever release anything that wasn''t amazing? If so I haven''t heard it.

  2. Talk Show Host

    universally terrible bands

    Pink Floyd, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Status Quo, Smashing Pumpkins, The Eagles, Lynard fookin'' Skynyrd....
  3. Talk Show Host

    What y'all listening to?

    Only just got round to listening to Mac DeMarco''s newest album Salad Days, and it''s amazinggg.

    Check it out if you like Jonathan Richman, Kurt Vile or general oddball introspective nostalgic niceness.

    Title track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RheJW2nhkb8
  4. Talk Show Host

    Deadline Day - LET'S AV IT!!!!!

    I''ve heard a last minute deal for Sierra Leone international striker Eric Ebola could be happening, reports say he''s a deadly striker with a lethal finish

    ... sorry
  5. Talk Show Host

    If Bassong remains after today

    Y''see the trouble is he''s better than Martin at CB and despite his lack of performance last year, a better defender than Turner (in my opinion). If Bassong is still here after the deadline shuts we should be playing him (or at the very least getting him up to match fitness).
  6. [quote user="Cheap Cheap Canaries"][quote user="Talk Show Host"]The fact people actually want Adams out now is ridiculous..[/quote]People never wanted him in the first place , he needs wins and the exciting displays he promised , today was defeat and a performance that stank every bit as much as Hughtons did . [/quote]

    I didn''t either, I don''t know many people who did, but he''s been in charge 1 game (disregarding the 5 at the end of last season as that ship had already sunk) and we''re already deciding we want out with him, surely I can''t be the only person who thinks this is unfair?

    Of course it was a terrible performance but it''s the first game of the season for crying out loud!!!!
  7. The fact people actually want Adams out now is ridiculous..
  8. I''m really not a fan of this diamond formation, seems incredibly easy to break down/dominate in general, and a poor team such as Wolves showed us that today.

    In order for a diamond to work you need a very strong, very big CDM type; we have Bradley Johnson. The two wingers/left+right mids need to be able to track back and help the two full backs, as well as being able to go in for the tackle; we have Redmond and Bennett. Can''t really fault Hoolahan in terms of suiting the diamond formation because that''s the only formation he works in (although he was sh!te today)

    Change of tactics Neil maybe?

    PS It''s not all bad, 1st game of the season and all that init
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  10. Talk Show Host

    prediction for todays game.


    Grabs and Bennett
  11. Talk Show Host

    Why the negativity?

    [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]ok, in this article its £60m,

    but as you wont believe anything you read, its seems hardly worth posting the link


    Don''t believe everything you read mate, journalists are a deceitful kind, trust me, I am one.

    But here''s a tip for you, if you''re trying to construct a convincing argument, don''t quote or use the Daily Mail as a source...
  12. Talk Show Host

    Steven Smith off to Aberdeen on loan.

    And with that, I feel like a dick.
  13. Talk Show Host

    Steven Smith off to Aberdeen on loan.

    Ooohhhhh, sorry, I didn''t see anything...
  14. Talk Show Host

    What y'all listening to?

    Funeral Party''s debut album is rather good. Best album I''ve heard this year. They''re playing at the Arts Centre this coming sunday aswell, should be good.
  15. Talk Show Host

    Steven Smith off to Aberdeen on loan.

    Good luck to him, doubt we''ll see him in a yellow shirt again.