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  1. Seems to me that having gone to the casino and lost villa have just swapped owners who use a different casino. Kinda hope they crash and burn
  2. When Brexit Trump and Russia result in Armageddon Ed balls will inherit the earth. Long live king Ed
  3. Im not overly convinced by Matthews but it''s hard to judge him yet whilst he settles into the way we play, being 1st choice,for now, and whilst under pressure knowing any mistake he makes could cost him his Norwich career. Alot of keepers start of shaky but grown. Look at De gea We definitely need a viable back up option. McGovern has never filled me with confidence but I''m not writing off Matthews yet
  4. Blue shirt smelling of bins...If Ipswich pay a transfer fee for anyone soon then I think we have our culprit.
  5. Optimistic too.. Maybe promotion is beyond us next season but id expect us to compete for top six, finish 8th or 9th as a minimum then hopefully the following season will be our time but....if we can get a good start I think we could be on to something..
  6. I''m sure when tickets were issued they said night I throw them away. Maybe if just assumed it was same this season but I just expect to use same ticket until they say otherwise Think it''s £5 to replace if lost
  7. To be fair to pickford alot of the passbacks were on his weak side but i thought he did well generally. I would argue he was one of our best most consistent performers along with trippier. Kane was non existent again.. I got ridiculed for criticising him against Sweden and I know he will probably win golden boot but sometimes football isn''t just about scoring alot of goals, it''s scoring goals at the most important times at 1-1.he did it v Tunisia but need it more,like Ronaldo does. Kane so often seems to go missing. Maybe hes carrying an injury but then he shouldn''t be encouraged to play. But overall they surpassed expectations.i just hope they go out to finish 3rd. Alot of ppl call it a nothing game but it''s a game to vecomecthe 2nd best England team ever. Southgate needs to stress that.theres still an achievement we can have.
  8. My daughter''s first season ticket arrived today. Just thought I''d mention it if anyone else is still waitingvfirxseason tickets.they are on the way. Not sure she will have the same staying power as I have as this is my 29th year with a season ticket. She actually shares her birthday with the anniversary of my very first game. But looking forward to a new season and new memories and after England tonight a reminder that there is always the next game or next season or the next euros or world cup to hope for. Otbc
  9. Sitting at home watching on the 55in tv.. tho depending how game goes I''m not sure where il be at the end. Watched England since 1986...but when Colombia equalised in R16 I sat thru extra time and then to my great shame I had to get out so I walked dog rather than watch England lose another pen shoot out!
  10. Maybe he has been told he is unlikely to play again but presumably if he chooses to quit he won''t get his full contract paid. I know we were all worried about his previous injury issues before although his stats suggested he had played quite a few games every season but to be fair these injuries and the original bad injury occurred playing with us so he deserves his full pay. Yes it''s frustrating for us and I''m sure for Webber paying for someone who seems so brittle now but no one will feel as shit as Jarvis does..he wants to play football.he is possibly risking his physical health in the future by persevering with rehab etc.
  11. Definitely frustrating but he is scaring Sweden to death and getting into some great positions it''s just his finishing and final ball that''s missing. To be fair, and I''m not moaning about the possible golden boot winner but take away the pens and 2 tap ins v Tunisia and 1 that hit him...kane has not been getting into goal scoring positions at all..i don''t see him breaking his neck to get in box for crosses ..im just surprised deviant looking more a threat in open play
  12. "You really couldn''t make this stuff up", said, without a hint of irony......whilst making this stuff up.
  13. But what if the ambition is to have a youth setup good enough to have a conveyor belt off good players to sell
  14. I like it... I know it''s influenced by the 93 94 kit but did they mention the 88 89 kit too as the stripes down side look like the fosters lager kit I had when I pretended to be Robert fleck
  15. Not sure what the loanees have to moan about with this signing.. There are 1000s of players in the world we have never heard of but doesn''t mean they r rubbish. He isn''t a young unproven guy from an under 21 team. He''s in his prime.has a good scoring record incl intnl,altho admittedly not prolific but has to be an improvement to what we already have and for free.. .
  16. I must admit I haven''t seen alot of him but from recollection, he may not have the pace of Murphy but I think he''s the kind of winger who likes to get crosses in early, Gets the ball, creates space to cross...and crosses. Sometimes pace is a hindrance and overused
  17. Are you talking about good evening Britain or the England game beforehand?
  18. Should have asked his dog if he could lend us money from his off shore account
  19. Be good to see what inappropriately short for her age dress Susannah will be wearing to attract the male football fan
  20. We could probably buy Hooper back for that!!. And probably as good if not better player
  21. Would Maddison have scored 15 again? Possibly but I suspect he would have found it harder this season with teams knowing how to stop him/us better. I''m not saying maddison is not a big loss but I think we will be better as a unit without him in terms of faster attacks. Alot of our break aways broke down with maddison as he had so many defenders around him when he had the ball he either had to try hold the ball up or we often got free kicks which slowed us down and made us more stop start....admittedly I may be trying too hard to convince myself on this....but in my head I think if we can break using wide players rather than a central figure point then we will open spaces and stretch play
  22. I presume the "New chapter" header on facebook dated July 1st is a pre cursor to the new shirt release as Errea are show at the bottom. Obviously the home shirt will be yellow but I''d kind like a white kit with black shorts as away kit although maybe too Germany like. I''d also kinda like another attempt at the blue n white halfs shirt..tho appreciate blue n white is not our fave colour
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