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If wed only kept Howie..

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  1. Klasnic vs Tierney 2011.. although it wasnt a penalty incident.. the way Klasnic slight brush of his head against Tierney caused him a massive head injury (which i am glad to say he recovered from after about 30secs) and led to him being sent off... we went on to win 2-1
  2. triple glazed windows? sounds like some kind of Silly Con..
  3. 65vintage... that team never played though did it? bad centrebacks? what about Stefanovic? Archibald-Henville? Leijer? Rehman?
  4. it totally depends on who is fit and where we are in January.. pick up another 15 points and we get to an interesting decision.. my guess it would be a moderate twist..
  5. what about the game we played vs Forest where we had no midfielders? pretty sure we lost and Bellamy made his first appearance (as a sub).. gonna do some research..
  6. pete, seriously... what is wrong with you? you seem so unhappy so much of the time.. enjoy the form and league position and relax a bit..
  7. i guess... however we all know the as soon as there is any dip in form the usual suspects will emerge to spread their bile... i’m not saying “i told you so”.. i”m saying “think before you ink”
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