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  1. I agree with what he says, I too have no interest in women's football. But, why did he have to insult the fans yet again? To qoute " We’re not going to get Carrow Road full for the women’s team with 40-to-60-year-old drunk men. So, all the 40-60 yo's that attend games are drunk. It's a bit like the divorcee's comment. Totally unnecessary, does he really despise the fans that much, I just don't get it.
  2. Wow, the insults towards the fans are flying out here!
  3. As long as Webber is here, Wagner is going nowhere!
  4. Slightly ironically I was watching an old BIG Match on TV at lunchtime, City were at home to Arsenal and beat them 1-0 in a pretty one sided game to Arsenal, but, Keelan was inspired, pulling off about three worldies and one save from Malcolm Macdonald that left the striker with a few "kind" words to say to him.
  5. I doubt he would have been on our radar if he wasn't on a free, I guess this is the market we're in now.
  6. Maybe the notes weren't assiduous in their nature.
  7. So Hayden is the sole reason we've had such a sh1t3 season? So, replace him and we're gonna be Champions? Can't wait!
  8. I really don't share your faith in Webber being able to recruit the players required! The last two seasons have proven that, 4 transfer windows and now we are worse off than when he joined!
  9. The man who should have gone to the away fans to thank them for their efforts was nowhere to be seen, as usual! The fans anger should not be shown to a coach, it should be directed at our "outstanding" Director of Football who basically couldn't give a flying fúck about the fans making the effort to support our club!
  10. How about a sub forum for the "Everything's fine at Carrow Road, Delia and Michael are great owners and our Director of Football is a genius"
  11. Whilst other staff, who enabled him to meet the requirements of his bonus, got nothing, and staff were laid off. That whole affair was disgusting and incredibly shortsighted of the board, it rewarded failure!
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