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  1. Senna lived in Eaton when he drove for Lotus As for Williams, they're going to struggle again this year unfortunately, the car is a year behind development wise and they are considerably short of money and are up for sale. They posted a financial loss of £13m last year so things are pretty grim atm. They have recently also lost their main sponsor Rokit, who have moved to Mercedes. George will undoubtedly be towards the rear of the grid again this year but he's still a good driver. As said above though, Norris is the British driver to watch. He's got the talent and also the personality to do very well in the sport! So looking forward to the season, at least I will lift the gloom after watching a City game!
  2. Less money in????? Must have missed her investments into the club then! And before you saying, her initial investments have been repaid at a point in time that was detrimental to the club as stated by the CEO of the time.
  3. West Ham's most popular forum is Knees up mother brown, it's the go to forum.
  4. As you said, we have a points advantage, one more win and that will seal it, Monday I reckon! Keep calm and believe in Farke and the boys!
  5. McLean and Steiperman, great couple of goals but is a bit too selfish for me and gives the ball away a bit too much for my liking!
  6. Don't know why he and Leitner were left out for so long! Vrancic was Championship player of the month for January, got injured and hasn't started since! But, I'm in no position to criticise, in Farke we trust!
  7. It's a lot longer than that I think!
  8. That's got to be probably one of the best mash ups ever done about City! Take a bow guys!
  9. I'm with Kanadyan, just put your boot through it either side, if the keeper gets a hand on it it still stands a chance of going in with the momentum!!
  10. I'll try and attach the after photo, its not nice!!
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