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  1. Miss Demeanor

    Well that was(Fill in the blank)

  2. Miss Demeanor

    Very slow message board

    Yep me too
  3. Miss Demeanor

    Brentford v Leeds

    Get in!!!!
  4. Miss Demeanor


    I gave my reasons KGD!
  5. Miss Demeanor

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    As you said, we have a points advantage, one more win and that will seal it, Monday I reckon! Keep calm and believe in Farke and the boys!
  6. Miss Demeanor


    I'd say a jealous t.w.a.t!
  7. Miss Demeanor


    McLean and Steiperman, great couple of goals but is a bit too selfish for me and gives the ball away a bit too much for my liking!
  8. Miss Demeanor


    Don't know why he and Leitner were left out for so long! Vrancic was Championship player of the month for January, got injured and hasn't started since! But, I'm in no position to criticise, in Farke we trust!
  9. Miss Demeanor


    It's a lot longer than that I think!
  10. Miss Demeanor

    Bavarian Farkesody

    That's got to be probably one of the best mash ups ever done about City! Take a bow guys!
  11. Miss Demeanor

    Penalties - Go High!

    I'm with Kanadyan, just put your boot through it either side, if the keeper gets a hand on it it still stands a chance of going in with the momentum!!
  12. Miss Demeanor


    I'll try and attach the after photo, its not nice!!
  13. Miss Demeanor


    Anybody else seen this! That's actual bodily harm! Disgusting! Once a Binner, always a Binner! Banned for six months at least IMO! http://www.soccer-blogger.com/2019/02/02/gif-video-tyrone-mings-stamps-nelson-oliveira-2019-mings-vs-oliveira-incident/
  14. Miss Demeanor

    23 places and 39 points

    As someone pointed out today, the team in eighteenth place now have double the points of the Binners! Going down? Yes!!!!!!!! A ninetieth minute winner only adds salt into the wound! Two divisions between us come next season!!!
  15. Miss Demeanor


    Thanks Blademark, very magnanimous of you. Sometimes it feels like its your year and this now defiantly feels like we're going up!