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    £50 a win is not a bad average at all! I’m sure we can bring in a lot more before the season ends. Well done Nutty, a just reward for all the great things you do for the Pups!
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    I’m sure DF will be putting the international break to good use but it’s feeling like a long time between games! 5.30pm Saturday for a long trek from Norwich when it’s on TV.... Curious about who’s going to make it? I've managed to arrange lunch with friends up near Leeds so it’s not too much of a trek on from there for 5.30, and I only have to get back to Notts after.,, kudos to those doing the full round trip
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    I make that at least 10 of us there - just another 1490 needed!!!!
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    3 of us going. Too big a match to miss even if it is on tv !
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    Following Scotland. Yes you would. Good result for Wales with Croatia losing.
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    Yes but Bournemouth are media darlings . Rising through the ranks of English Football , from their sunny South Coast home. A better example of plucky hardworking derring-do you would be hard pushed to find. Lead by Eddie Howe , with his boyish good looks and his ready wit, it is nought but a modern fairy tale. And absolutely nothing to do with a fabulously wealthy Russian. No sireee.
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    Yes, its a Downfall parody - but its funny. Probably NSFW and lots of bad language...
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    it's not like there has been financial problems at any other clubs after you have left have there
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    Trial by internet? No . Discussion on internet ...yes! Now, trial by red top newspaper aided by false statement by representatives of the law enforcement sector....(Hillsborough) ...now that is something truly disgraceful and abhorrent.
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