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  1. I'd rather have Farke, at least he knows the championship for next season...
  2. I think the difference is they are coming out and giving it a good go. I wish we'd see that level of fight from our players, we've maybe seen it twice this season against Leicester and in patches on Saturday. Need to be seeing it every game
  3. Has signed for Bournemouth on a free transfer, could be a very good signing for them. Bags of experience and still only 29. Never seemed to return to his former self, as it's quite often then case with serious injuries. Always felt he had more to offer us and thought it was a shame he left when he did
  4. We've seen him play a handful of games, impossible to answer this question fairly. Yes he should have scored but equally was quite possibly our best player for large periods on Saturday
  5. Looked very much in the mindset of "I can't miss this" rather than confidently putting his foot through it and missing. Clearly desperate to score but would have liked to have seen a bit of premier league composure there. I'm glad the fans clapped him off, clearly a confidence player so hopefully he gets his goal soon
  6. If Sargent had have scored either of his golden chances (especially THAT one), we'd be sat here saying what a great performance it was. Fine margins and all that jazz but definitely a step in the right direction for me, much more intent today at times
  7. Would love to see Cantwell back this weekend as I feel he could have a good impact for us, fingers crossed
  8. He's still got plenty of hair, it's just made its way south
  9. Just like with what happened to Eriksen earlier this year, just shows it can happen to anyone. Even the fittest sportsmen in the world. Hope the lad makes a full recovery, going from playing for your country just a week ago to getting the diagnosis must be shocking. Best wishes to his treatment and recovery
  10. If he's representing Aarons, he's doing his job. The new owners at Newcastle will no doubt be listening out for interested parties, and Rio is just trying to put the name out there to get some interest. It doesn't mean Max will go there, he might have different aspirations but he doesn't owe us anything, he's been absolutely professional since his first match
  11. Absolutely, there's no doubt we have missed his unique ability to pick the passes that others can't. Losing Emi was bad enough, not being able to play Todd has been a double whammy.
  12. Same thing has crossed my mind, but either way it surely wouldn't lead to this situation? Cantwell would want to put himself in the shop window for teams to sign him so would want to be playing, and the club would want to be playing him to try and survive, whether he stays or not
  13. but the defender didn't play the ball, the French player did to a player who was offside. All these different phases of play rubbish is exactly that, rubbish. At no point in the whole attack was Mbappe onside, therefore how can it be anything but offside?! Bizarre interpretation of the rules, but technically correct by the dodgy wording. Offside all day long, the defender deflected it at best, it wasn't intentionally played. Mbappe was offside to begin with, so it shouldn't matter, it should still be offside.
  14. Exactly this, for the same reason it's great England win their qualifying group comfortably every tournament but it has absolutely no benefit in the actual competitions because the teams there are on a completely different level
  15. He needs game time really, surprised he wasn't loaned out this season in honesty
  16. It is certainly going to be interesting to see what happens to Murphy and Jamal at Newcastle, lots of money to spend now...
  17. Because the system doesn't play to his strengths. There's no doubting his individual ability
  18. Gilmour is a great player, but he needs the protection around him in order to shine. At the moment he's being asked to be far more defensive than he normally is for his country, or Chelsea. It might come good, but in the current system it's not allowing him to play to his strengths. Admittedly, aside of perhaps Watford and Leicester it's been against teams who have made us defend
  19. That is quite something! But always going to look like that when you have scored virtually nothing
  20. You need top facilities to attract top players, good to see!
  21. Emi will no doubt become an important part of Villa, can't see how he wouldn't. Yes he's had a very slow start after a decent showing in pre-season, but it will inevitably come. Madders has had a bit of a weird trajectory in his career, went to a very good club and seemed to develop very well but hasn't really performance at the highest level for quite a while now, he needs to get his head down and work harder at it if he wants to get into the England squad again. Norwich have done well in recent years for sales - Pritchard, the Murphy's and Madders all left for decent money to finance our promotion charge/overhaul of the squad. Godfrey and Jamal to finance our second promotional charge and investments for this season (Dimi/Gibson), and then Emi to bankroll our summer investments. Reflecting back it's hard not to be vastly impressed by Webber, you can't argue with his work, he's massively improved us in our time here and done very well at it.
  22. Krul, Aaron's, Normann, Cantwell and Pukki would get into most PL sides I'd reckon. I'm also sure a few would have been interested in Rashica and Tzolis. I'd say the rest could but probably wouldn't. Omobomadiele looks like he'll potentially make it at this level but it's still early days for him
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