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  1. Whilst I think it would be good to see Mario get a chance, Todd was probably our most positive and influential player for large chunks of last night's match. He'd need to come in for Duda or McLean, and sadly for Vrancic that looks to be Farkes preferred choice at the moment
  2. Our best chance to do well next season no matter what league we end up in is to simply stick with the plan we have. We know we haven't quite got the points we have perhaps deserved from our football this season, but what we are doing is okay. Yes it's frustrating that we're looking likely to go down and haven't splashed much cash to give it a better go, but, we play entertaining football with exciting young players and to me that's a good thing. The championship isn't an easy league to get out of but Farke steamrolled through whilst building a legacy, I'm very happy with how he has done. It's not his fault, after all, that we haven't spent much money.
  3. No matter how many Pukki missed yesterday, Duda missed the worst of them all. After Pukki's attempt was saved and Newcastle just about avoided an own goal, El Dude had acres of space and time to pick his spot or even square it to a completely unmarked city shirt. Instead he panic blasted it high and wide. That one should have definitely ended up in the net.
  4. Absolutely, but that's why we are where we are. If Amadou had been the beast we think we'd signed, our defensive crisis would have been less bad, and he would have bolstered our midfield once it was over. Instead, he's been ok at best. We won't miss him.
  5. Maybe one of those which looked good on paper, but didn't quite work out in reality. Unfortunately our transfer model is always going to be a little hit and miss, at least there's little lasting damage due to it being a loan.
  6. Agreed, and I think he would have played a huge part in the first half of this season had it not been for injury. I feel we've really missed his presence in the midfield, he was so crucial towards the end of last season
  7. Behind Drmic in the pecking order, but Farke has said he's 3rd choice now so doubt he'll be going anywhere unless we sign someone else
  8. I wouldn't necessarily class Srbeny as a bad signing. My understand was he was a support striker not an out and out goalscorer so never really got a run in his favoured position. Scored a few important goals and was only ever signed as backup. But yes, you're always going to get a few duds but the current set up had worked well overall with far more success than not. Krul, Buendia, Pukki, Steipermann (last season), Zimmerman and Vrancic have particularly been fantastic pieces of business for very little money
  9. We'd still struggle to score and concede a late equaliser
  10. Mad to think he might retire soon, I’d certainly love to keep him here longer if he’s happy and his body can take it
  11. He won’t be leaving Leicester in this window
  12. I've watched it back so many times and am still struggling to see how that is possibly offside. It's getting beyond ridiculous. Sui these guys go home after the match and think they've done a good job?! Same with the Brighton goal earlier, absolutely scandalous
  13. They don't look good this season so they? Liverpool haven't played great most weeks but manage to grind out results but Man City just can't seem to do that this season
  14. We played brilliantly today to be honest for much of the match, looked far better than Villa and completely outplayed them for most of it. Sadly you can't win games unless you score goals.
  15. Byram is just unfortunate that those ahead of him have been performing well, I’m under the impression he’s a really good lad. the same cannot be said for Roberts though, and that is why he is not playing.
  16. Confidence is a huge factor and unfortunately conceding after 1 minute knocked the stuffing out of us. We didn't play horrendously badly, but you're never going to score playing like we did in the second half tonight
  17. You can't win a football match without scoring goals and we could have played until tomorrow afternoon without scoring. We're going to concede goals in this league, we conceded a lot last season, but we scored enough so it didn't matter. Now the goals have dried up we're just going backwards. Farke has his first big test to turn this form around after the international break
  18. Confidence plays a big part and Watford happily sat deep on a one goal lead thanks to our excellent start. You'd have taken 0-0 at half time. I do genuinely think we'll do better with a proper defence back in place after the break but the lack of goals is certainly a worry. Even against ten men tonight we never really looked like scoring. Buendia is out of sorts, Steipermann has yet to weigh in with any product and despite all the Huff and puff Hernandez has yet to deliver a killer ball. Maybe like last season something will click and the form will come but sadly I think we've just missed two golden opportunities to get 6 points on the board and in the premier League they don't come about often. Still a lot to play for at this stage, but we're certainly not helping ourselves at the moment and Farke has his first real challenge on his hands to turn a period of shockingly poor form into the success we enjoyed last season
  19. His personality and body language did him no favours but he actually did well in his time here. Problem is he never looked like he was giving 100%, and that's why people criticized him.
  20. Tettey was perhaps an unsung hero from our Man City result, his experience is worth a lot in this city side. Will be good to see both him and Tom back in contention
  21. He can't go into our first team squad even if he is recalled. If he was good enough he'd be here
  22. Wish him and Preston all the best, really liked him during his time here and that promotion season was a lot of good fun and we played entertaining football.
  23. There’s nothing wrong with operating the way we have done, it’s great for business and earned us a crack at the prem. unfortunately, these things do come back to bite you in the **** sometimes, and really our only downfall at present is that we didn’t invest in another CB this summer. Having said that, with Godfrey, Klose, Zimmerman, Hanley and then Amadou to call upon if required, if all 5 were fit you’d be very happy wouldn’t you? ho hum!
  24. AJ


    I also went to the UEA and would highly recommend it. Even since I left 5 years ago a lot has improved (new and improved accommodation and facilities, a new on campus shop, new teaching facilities etc). My sister also went there to do her teaching course and also thoroughly enjoyed her time there. Don’t worry about the distance from the centre, many other universities are far worse, I used to regularly do the trip to the train station most weekends and never had any hassle as the busses are every 10 minutes and also stop right outside Morrison’s so you can do your weekly shop their if you wish, and you can purchase a student bus pass which gives you a years worth of unlimited travel for £150 or £200 quid or whatever it was. social life is great and the uni has its own on site club nights at the campus, plus it also owns and runs The Waterfront riverside so there’s always plenty going on, plus a decent number of comedy acts and bands visiting throughout the year to both venues. Norwich is a lovely city with lots to do and explore. if you have any direct questions feel free got ask, it’s nice to waffle but might not directly answer her questions!
  25. Our style is central around playing it out from the back. Hoofing it up to Pukki certainly won’t work. The issue yesterday is that our passing was poor, our decision making was poor and sadly our defending was atrocious. We weren’t getting tight enough to them, especially as soon as we lost the ball. Their 4th and 5th, whilst good finishes, were given far too much time to make a decision and execute it. We shouldn’t be giving teams that much time and space that close to our goal. Not having a defensive midfielder, whilst not the only source of our problems, is criminal. You cannot get away with it at this level, and yesterdays score was a brutal reminder that you’ve got to be tight, and you’ve got to be clinical. We failed massively at both of those things. Villa were good to a point, but we were very, very poor
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