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  1. Looking at the latest city utube on today’s training session, Todd Cantwell looks like Messi - hopefully he bottles some of it for Saturday!! Good to see Krul, Vrancic and Tettey all in full training. What with Pukki scoring two, I feel the wind changing !!!!
  2. I feel a bit guilty about it, but what a relief to have a break this week, from the emotional rollercoaster. Having three bad defeats in as many weeks is bloody tiring !!! That’s when you know your football team is really important to you ( probably too important). Remember those championship days when the positive emotion of another victory saw you through Monday and Tuesday at work? What’s the old adage ? - you can change your wife but not your football team !! Regardless of what happens in the next 6 months, we will be back next year, as long as I am still alive & kicking!!
  3. Looking at the goals yesterday again (painful as it was) I realised a number of them may have been prevented if Krul was between the posts. Not because he would have necessarily saved them , but more that he would have nagged the two CB’s to pick up - only speculation of course, but we seemed to miss him as much for his experience and communication with a young CB in Godfrey and a makeshift CB in Amadou !!!
  4. TIL 1010 - don’t mind admitting it , the jury was out for me - I wasn’t a knocker unlike a lot of our moaner community, but I was unsure. He has grown on me more and more, and Saturday I realised I and we needed him more than could be imagined!!!
  5. Lappinitup - agree whole heartedly , think this and what Krul does behind the scenes is what Webber was referring to last season. Hugely influential for the youngsters on and off the pitch. Yes I am having a Tim Krul love in - - but I think Saturday shows what will happen without him!!!
  6. I would rather have the kids and players who want to play for the club, with heart , than a side full of overpaid journeymen. Regardless of where it takes us. The calls by the moaners for more investment and that we should have bought more players in (journeyman) is not only with hindsight, but would have been the slippery slope to reverting to a club without sole!!!
  7. Barclay Wazza - don’t necessarily agree with all your points. But well put argument - and have to say although hindsight always adds strength to a view - your logic is convincing!
  8. Above was for you BarclayWazza - if we knew how it was going to turnout of course we should have bought more - but losing so many players was totally unpredictable.
  9. Did you feel the same after Manchester City? Did you feel the same at the start of the season? Or has your view rather developed as man after man has become cropped? I think you are a man of excellent hindsight !!! Perhaps Not one of foresight!!
  10. Krul was probably a bigger loss yesterday than we had appreciated, his experience nagging the CB’s to pick up as they moved forward would have helped for at least 3 villa goals!! Experienced heads , journeyman or not is needed at the moment!!
  11. JF - for once we agree, an experienced journeyman maybe what the youngsters need, not 5 or 6 , and it’s finding one , its not that easy.
  12. King Canary - try not to be such a ****!!!
  13. Ricardo, I actually don’t disagree with you I think the approach to get somebody in now to shore up the defence and help with confidence is a good one, but anybody worth getting won’t be available until January at least. That would be pragmatic and good management (given the events of the first 8 weeks) . However the moaners would have spent millions at the start and bankrupted us!!! It feels a bit like a scene from the living dead!! Open the door a crack , the moaning zombie hands start to appear!! Open halfway (which in fairness we did yesterday) and the moaning zombies come through in their train load!!!
  14. It’s clear the injuries are putting too much of a burden on those that remain, a team with little options and everything going against them , kept trying to push forward!! In the main the crowd stuck with them, and so we damn well should, our backs are right against the wall - it’s now they need our support most of all, it’s easy to support when we win a championship . For the inevitable whingers, who are gearing up with their proverbial volley of criticism, pee off and go and support Ipswich!!!!
  15. 54 years **** !! - capitulated no!! Had an off day, yes!!! ! I thought I had an offensive tone, but you take the biscuit - go back to the sewer !!! A quick you learnt to turn across all those years!!!!
  16. City 2nd - you really do enjoy it when we lose don’t you??? Satisfying is it being able to have a good moan?.. at least three of our players today were playing with knocks which could well have kept them out if others were fit, others out of position. Have you not heard of cumulative impact? i am glad I don’t live in your world of realism!!! The one that forgets the mitigating factors - side full of kids, a club that has been reborn from a financial crisis - a club that has given me the best moments in football in the last 12 months, I for one are not going to run for the hills at the first site of trouble. If that’s childish then let me on the magic roundabout!!
  17. For sure I am an undercover agitator !!! - that is berated by the whingers and my calls for unity and loyalty are without doubt a double bluff!! ****!!
  18. JL - not yet but nights yet young!! However, the answer is not in the bottom of the bottle!! In this case I think it’s on the treatment table!!!
  19. How should I fknow I was being faceticous!!!
  20. Jobsworth - at least I have a box to live in , you are just a tool!!!
  21. JF - I am an anger management consultant! Have you considered trying to be clearer in your points!!!
  22. JF - and I will be there on a wet Tuesday in the Vauxhall conference if needs be!!! While you pretend and support the latest fad!! Enjoy your shallowdom!!!
  23. Rhino1

    Must go

    Dr green thumb - put your own money in then!!!
  24. JF - yes!!!! Baldy —- pee off back to Ipswich!!!
  25. Rhino1

    Must go

    Go and watch 1st division football then binners — true Norwich supporters know what’s going on here , and we will stay strong and support regardless!!