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  1. Even if it is not available in tbe UK download a free VPN. Sorted.
  2. Would like to go. Need a ticket or two?
  3. 10 games 26 points. Sorry, theres very little perspective in a lot of posts. Get a grip and trust in Farke. He got us here. He will take it to the promised land.
  4. Whatever team is put out by Farke is the right team. He knows what our players are capable of and their mindset. In Farke we must trust. OTBC
  5. So.... i had tickets for Wigan but needed a couple more last minute. Missed out on Stoke as i was a bit slow... only have the 1 need a couple more. If you do not ask you do not get
  6. Change of plans so need a couple of Wigan tickets? I know its a long shot but he who dares
  7. Always said that being a yo yo club is preferred to being a Everton. We all like to watch our side compete week in week out. Having said that I hate being relegated but if we play attacking football and go for the win it makes it easier to swallow. The Hoots style sucked the life out of us all. I'd be happy with a couple of years in the prem then drop down a league or two then have some fun
  8. My pleasure. I did a little dance when I saw them available.
  9. Just bought another 4 for rest of the family
  10. I have a lower tier ticket going spare for Saturday. £28.
  11. Wierd. I looked at the ticket website earlier today and swore I saw Millwall tickets up for sale.... Senior moment maybe
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