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  1. There are plenty of sweatshops in Italy using Chinese labour, some have said that contributed to Italy getting hit so hard by Covid
  2. I should imagine all the sweatshops that produce the kits for the Championship clubs have been closed down due to non social distancing....
  3. I believe Sky have said next Wednesday 12th. Now, who are we going to get first???
  4. I think E would be my choice if it was a 'Post a single vowel of your choosing' type thread
  5. Many years ago got free tickets to see Quo at Alnwick, and a photographers pass, courtesy of the promoter! Nice to get your own unique set of pictures!!
  6. Music, like virtually everything in life is subjective. So just out of curiosity who really grinds your gears? Who would you draw the curtains on if they were playing in your front garden? I quite like Al Stewart - although I get he is a bit Marmite - I once loaned one of his albums to a mate who returned it the next day saying he played the first track and that was enough!!!
  7. This is the 10K acetate I have A white label Trident studios handwritten acetate
  8. Do I Love You by Frank Wilson - A Northern Soul/Motown classic, breaking the record again - if you excuse the pun... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/worlds-most-valuable-7in-record-4386683?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR2YfjJDjV9PtP_dkJ0yKc7eJbdsEurb9Ki3W4fn3XfX23ssNbH4lTMuQjU
  9. Got a nice acetate you could have for 10K
  10. Sad to watch isn't it? It's just a shame that Refs can't use any common sense these days. A yellow card for falling over after a strong puff of wind would stop all of that
  11. Slaven Bilious will only have to spend what the WBA board will give him, and I wouldn't imagine it'll be mega bucks, as he only managed to dribble over the line with one of the strongest squads in the division. Which tells me he aint all that... Nothing to see here, as this could well come back to bite him on the @rse
  12. I was very tempted to but a tenner om them getting double figures, but I've resisted so far...
  13. Yeah sorry, I did think of that yesterday and was going to correct it, but then moved on to something else!
  14. The biggest most costly error this season could be Sheffield United being denied a legitimate goal against Villa. Sheff U would have 3 more points Villa would still be in the cack. I wonder if legal action will be considered if Watford Go down and Villa stay up
  15. Since retiring from football, Cascarino has become a semi-professional poker player... Is he bluffing?
  16. IMHO I felt Buendia was fouled in the first place, being close to the dug outs didn't help either. When Westwood fell to the floor with what appeared to be a near fatal injury the whole Burnley bench appeared to be on their feet arms in the air pleading for Buendia to face the firing squad. As has been said this 'looking for a foul' has got to be ignored, perhaps if the Ref had wandered past Westwood and said get up you big girls blouse, you are making yourself look a complete wet blanket, he might have jumped to his feet thinking perhaps I should 'Man Up'.
  17. The game is still full of horrible inconsistency. After our two red cards yesterday, how was it that Mustafi didn't even get a yellow for a nasty rake down and stand on the back of Silva's leg? It was nothing short of evil. Punishment, nothing.
  18. Perhaps it has been a success. We don't know what the target was at the start of the season. Or, who made the decision not to spend any money and hope we survive. Perhaps we are destined to yo-yo with the odd foray in the Premier League just for the cash. If we keep the conveyor belt of talent earning the club money why would we need to stay there? With a full house come rain or shine it doesn't really matter if we stay up or not. It's just so disappointing to see how poor the performances have been this season after the highs of last season, it just seems a waste of time and a missed opportunity.
  19. Nothing is a good read in EPD - Spelling is not their strong point
  20. The end of the season can't come quick enough, to quote a certain Irish priest we all look fecked I'm seriously thinking about putting a tenner on Man C getting double figures on the last day
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