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  1. Good Luck Splutcho, Hammond 1612, and all PUPs Porto v Santa Clara - Home Win Friday - More than 2.5 goals Monday - HT Draw FT City
  2. First Wazzock

    No more derbies?

    It wont be too long according to this load of Pony... https://www.itfc.co.uk/news/2019/april/marcus-evans-on-the-fightback-after-relegation/
  3. First Wazzock

    Will Stoke be on the red button

    If last week and today are anything to go by, Ithink it'll be on with the Brown trousers...
  4. First Wazzock

    Joey Barton

    If he's still there next season (and I hope he isn't), perhaps Lambert can have a proper ruck in the oppos technical area...
  5. First Wazzock

    As off tonight

    92 as it stands, but I don't think we'll need that many
  6. First Wazzock

    Relegation countdown thread

    Quote from the Beeb... I cannot believe that the incredibly successful manager that is Paul Lambert could not save Ipswich.
  7. First Wazzock

    Relegation countdown thread

    What like filled their ground or something like that.... and was it worthy of a star?
  8. Birmingham have won none of their last 62 away league matches when falling behind (W0 D12 L50) since a 3-1 win at Doncaster Rovers in April 2014.
  9. First Wazzock

    Ricardo's report v Reading

    I thought we looked tired and nothing seemed to come off for us - lots of huffing and puffing but very little blowing the house down. FWIW my MOM was Trybull he was everywhere!
  10. Good Luck to GMF, Daz Sparks and all PUPs Huesca v Barcelona - Away Win City Bet BTTS
  11. First Wazzock

    What y'all listening to?

    And another...
  12. First Wazzock

    What y'all listening to?

    My guilty pleasure is Electro Swing, so here's a couple of tracks from a superb band Caravan Palace. Watch for the superb mic swap after the dance routine...
  13. Scott Duncan had a stinker today in a game that he should have been able to control from an armchair in the centre circle. OK, so the foul from Buendia wasn't pretty, but bearing in mind he had been cynically chopped down moments earlier by Leistner who wasn't even spoken to by the Ref. The fact Leistner had committed enough bad/cynical fouls to have been sent off in two games and walks off at the end without even had a yellow must be extremely frustrating. I also know that you should keep your temper under control and not see the red mist, but today QPR committed 25 fouls and got two yellow cards, we committed 8. Lack of consistency and failure to protect the more skillful players is not nice to watch...
  14. First Wazzock

    I totally blame the Ref for the sending off

    Sorry, but as it has now been stated by several people - including Farke - Buendia didn't touch the defender. How the Ref and Lino could get it so badly wrong is a mystery, in the context of the game it was a Yellow card only.
  15. First Wazzock

    Where Are They Now?

    Richard Head?
  16. First Wazzock

    Where Are They Now?

    I thought it was going to be a thread about all the miserable @rseholes who can't see any good in anything or anyone, especially as it's The Big Vin...
  17. Good Luck to Lapp, Mr Apples and all PUPs Feirense v Benfica - Away Win I was going to suggest Harleston Cherry Tree!!! HT City FT City
  18. First Wazzock


    i think all shredded cheese should be banned. Make Britain grate again...
  19. First Wazzock

    Negative Betting

    Very superstitious, writing on the wall
  20. Great wins Kiwi and Diane!
  21. What happened to week 34 Nutty? It seems to have disappeared..!
  22. Good Luck Kiwi, Diane and all PUPs Fulham v Man C - Away win City bet - BTTS
  23. Fabulous, and well deserved!