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  2. I would assume Farke wanted Rupp to be able to help protect against Luton's high tempo, and it worked. Rupp is very versatile, a good all round footballer, reminds me a bit of Howson. He did well today, and certainly didn't do his chances of keeping his place any harm
  3. Neither will be going anywhere if we get promoted. Why would they turn down a pay rise and guaranteed starters for at least another season of premier League football.
  4. Whilst I do agree they seem to be getting away with it a bit at the moment, if we win our own games it won't matter what they do, they've got a 5 point deficit even if they win both their games in hand
  5. I'd probably suggest it's actually quite hard to slip into a title contending team and not look out of place. He's definitely improving each week and the clean sheets speak for themselves. Still gets caught out a little bit, like losing Collins for their early chance, but overall he's getting more solid. Definitely looking the best player for left back in our ranks
  6. God bless, Sir Nigel of Farage -- He achieved what he set out to do -- Can't think of many politicians who can boast that... We Brexiteers owe him a huge debt and I wish him good luck and Godspeed on his next venture, which includes the fight against the educational indoctrination of our kids in schools & universities -- As always a very worthy cause.
  7. He’s getting better by the game and doesn’t look out of place in this city side.
  8. Depends what you call "current". Over the last 7 games it's 3
  9. Watched the Watford game today. They looked very good in the first half and very bad in the second. With a bit more luck and a bit more ambition from Mr Hughton (where have I heard that before) Forest would have got at least a point. So many teams in this division are not prepared to give it a go. At least Luton tried today.
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  11. Good for them! It's our turn soon and, if a few people wanna celebrate outside Carrow Road, I won't be stopping them. The last 12 months have been shiite and we should start enjoying ourselves again.
  12. I would say he is better defensively than Jamal already, much more physical and aggressive in that way. In the attacking sense it’s too early to say as with Jamal it became 2nd nature to know where he would be on the left flank but he had a tendency to stop progressing the ball and look for a short pass option. With time I hope we see Giannoullis bring that aggression to his attacking game.
  13. It's also about going on to have a successful career, win trophies, play in top European competitions, play for their countries. It isn't all about money, that's certainly why Max is still here now. They may leave and start on the bench. They will have to train well, wait for their chance, and take it when it comes. But that isn't a reason not to leave. The main reason to stay is to give it another go in the PL with us and believe that we can be successful. The other reason they may stay is that our asking price isn't met. I don't think we should wed ourselves too much to one or two players. The good thing now is that we are in a position to reinvest most transfer funds incoming. If Max goes and we can buy 3 or 4 quality players that strengthen the squad overall, then that is the way we should probably go. No one wants them to leave, but if you trust that the club is now in a position to reinvest most incoming funds into wages and transfers, it isn't the end of the world.
  14. Would prefer playing Kenny in the 10 role with Sorensen alongside Skipp. Looked absolute class again today when he came on
  15. Which is what we should do if we want to keep hold of our best players and give it a go.
  16. How many times do you have to win a trophy before you are allowed to keep.it and they make a.new one? I don't think it's a rule in our leagues, but let's say 10, then the Division 1 Trophy might be ours to keep soon!
  17. Just think.............if the Binners had still been in the same league this year and they'd fluked a win against us ...............can you imagine the scenes outside Poorman Road,pandemic or not
  18. I’d leave my job if someone else doubled or trebled my money. They are not Norwich fans it’s their job. That said I guess they feel some deep warmth towards the club but we would have to reward them big time to consider staying.
  19. not see problem start Rupp over Dowell but if not give more playing time to Dowell and Onel after 3 up is joke. I not see why need make subs after 78 min on already decided game.Ok Dowell underperform but how many games he play to do better? so late subs in 3-0 game as 90% of starting 11 play very 3 day is hardly to be explained
  20. I don't understand why either would want to leave should we go up. As has been said, what's the point of moving to somewhere where they may well end up on the bench, when they know they get first team football every week here? How much money realistically do they need? Didn't Webber once allude to a player leaving us to the Prem and then getting in touch moaning and sulking that they weren't getting games or wish they'd stayed at Norwich, or am I imagining that? If so though, that's the sort of thing where I think, well surely you knew what you'd be in for when you left!
  21. The ref gifted Swansea the points today and the Watford goal shouldn't have counted as the keeper was fouled leading up to the goal. I hope Brentford come second and Cardiff win the playoffs
  22. Can I just express my admiration for the phrase “do not fret my dear hearts”. File under “things you love to see”.
  23. We have 5 6 top premiere league players but all of them look bigger than our club already and reality to loose skipp,max,cantwell,emi is huge so we will be rich but with no chance to stay on PL. So the question is how to deal with that our board... I not see really how we will keep any of them but loosing more than 2 is huge gap to be filled. Im exited to be promoted but pain from last season +all this war bul****s is worry me a lot
  24. He's done pretty well so far and has clearly got better the more he has played (unsurprisingly). I certainly wouldn't describe him as an 'upgrade on Jamal' at this point - although I hope he will prove to be so in time.
  25. Its a slightly unfair stat when 12 odd teams started the first ever football league 20 or so years before many other teams were even founded. It would be interesting to see what the stats are from when the leagues became 92 clubs to the present day
  26. What does this even mean? The only thing Delia ACTUALLY SAID was that she was sure that Aarons would go on to bigger and better things 'at some point'. That maybe this summer - it may not.
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