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  2. A very good guide to where we are great bit of work, most of it is very positive but a couple of players that we probably no longer want make be difficult to move on but that is always the case. We hold most of the aces for the main assets
  3. In theory Gibson is the type of player we want, there are some big buts. As others have said why has he gone for a big fee and not featured at all ?? Burnley will want him off their books in terms of wages and no way will they get more than a fraction of their transfer fee. There is so much risk in there that i would not want to sign him for other than a nominal fee, probably a loan with a view to buy provided he makes X number of appearances
  4. A long list of players here many of whom gave great service to the club. The majority have now their best days behind them and i think there are few if any i would look to sign now. The Murphy twins shows the dilemma of young talent and potential. Neither have kicked on and with hindsight the fees we got for them were at the top of the curve and the resale of either would be a fraction of what we got. I wonder how many will join the long list of players returning to Norfolk when their playing days are over
  5. Hodgson is great and it is a real shame that despite his and Delia’s close friendship he’s never been Norwich manager - although maybe having a friend as manager isn’t the wisest of decisions in some way. At least he’s has a positive influence on Norwich - recommending David McNally as Chief Exec when it was exactly who Norwich needed and also recommending Norwich sign Alex Tettey.
  6. Allardyce did innovate at first - but then he just stopped and everyone else overtook him in that regard (a bit like Wenger at Arsenal in some ways). Big Sam just developed a huge chip on his shoulder and regressed further and further into a caricature of himself. Sean Dyche risks doing the same the way he is going.
  7. Feel similarly about Hodgson- he was willing to go and work in various countries abroad to expand his knowledge which many managers wouldn't. I feel he gets the label just because of England really.
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  9. Here we have the latest NY Times vaccine tracker. 2 now approved with more in trials every week. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.html
  10. Led to believe this isn't the case any more after his contract extension last summer. Although you'd still expect him to be bought by a Prem club in the transfer window.
  11. Great suggestion. The green contracts are pretty much obsolete now anyway, as they'll have been heavily reduced due to relegation. I've put the new'uns in yellow (if that's too challenging on the eyes, just let me know and I'll change it). I'm not including those promoted through the Academy (such as Thomas and Martin) as new players... only players who have actually joined the club since January. Any other suggestions gratefully received. And if anyone knows when Jordan Thomas signed his extension, or when Archie Mair and Daniel Adshead are contracted until, please do let me know! @Pete Raven, I'm not sure if Dave or any of the other Sportsdesk guys would be able to shed any light on that?
  12. Well that's the key thing about loans. If it's a player or two of quality that you could not afford, then it's fine. When you rely on the loan market too heavily then you are always chasing your tail as you permanently need 3/4/5 signings every year just to stand still. A good loan can make a huge difference, we've had some great ones throughout the years. We also had some poor ones though and as I said earlier, I don't like the automatic assumption that loaning a player from "bigger" clubs automatically makes them good players. We loaned players to help us in the Championship who never came close to being good enough at that level. Just like permanent transfers, you need to do your homework and don't just take whoever is available.
  13. Dinesh D'Souza! There's an idiotic and poor historian that I never wanted to hear from again.
  14. I thought Haley was smart enough to stay away from the Trump train wreck, but in recent weeks she seems to be acting like a moth in front of a flame. So yes I think she would. Meanwhile the RWNJ media is losing it's mind over Kamela Harris. Here is genius Mark Levin. She's not an African American apparently as she is half Jamaican. Hum, don't you wonder where the black Jamaican's might have come from Mark? And then Dinesh D'Souza - the pretend historian who said Trump was correct to pronounce Thai land as Thigh Land is on same tack...and the other guy too. Now three in one night; that's not coincidence is it? I do wonder how they would be able to contort themselves into an even tighter pretzles if Trump did drop Pence for an Indian American woman Nikky Haley. See now Nikky, that's an American name, unlike Kamela which is what - foreign? p.s way do they think a) anyone cares, and b) anyone cares what these blowhards think?
  15. Perfect for the last hours of a night shift.
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  17. A couple of months or so ago I raised the possibility (not that I thought then or think now it will happen) of Trump dumping Pence for Haley. But if Trump offered it now, if you were Haley would you want to accept? She might think it better not to be associated with a losing election and to go for 2024. Mind you, the other Republican I would keep my eye on for 2024 is Ben Sasse from Nebraska.
  18. On the loan thing, Leeds had Harrison, White, Messiler, Nketiah, Costa and Augustin on loan last season, most of whom played a significant part. Villa had Abraham, Derby had Wilson, Mount and Tomori. If you get the right loans at this level then you can massively boost things for a relatively low price. Sure it leaves a big expensive gap the next season but if used moderately that could be the difference. Surely there must be the odd player in a key position that could help? Shame about Ampadu as he looked like a great shout.
  19. well this is our lane, he is a good age, has proven himself at this level and we have 3 or 4 other serviceable centre backs that just need bolstering as they have questionable fitness issues. Gibson would provide capable depth and allow us the flexibility to work a number of tactics without putting square pegs in round holes.
  20. Smashing work FTW, love this handy contract guide. Can i however pop a slip into the suggestion box please? I think it would be helpful to have a different colour for this summer's signings. I know you used green for the new contracts last summer, maybe a new colour for this years recruits (starting with McCallum in January given he didn't really arrive until the summer) to separate those out as well? Either way, kudos on keeping this up, I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes fo refer to it
  21. sonyc


    Well worth it tonight (in case anyone wants to spend 10 minutes or so in the garden!). Best area to watch is overhead (but if you know your summer sky between Cassiopeia and Cygnus, the latter being virtually overhead at this time). Saw 6 in a 10 minute watch. Two extremely bright and quick flashes (half a second?), some slower fainter ones and a couple that got brighter over their 10 second appearance. Strange always that this shower is not uniform. Tomorrow is the best day (peak) and on into Thursday early morning.
  23. Just looked at Dave Freezer's article from yesterday, and I've made a couple of alterations. Godfrey and Pukki both have the option of an extra year, which I hadn't realised, so I've added those on. I've also added Jordan Thomas, as he was in Dave's article - although I can't find any reference to when that contract was signed? Last I saw was that he'd been given a one-year extension to this summer in February 2019... GOALKEEPERS H 1 Tim Krul (born 3.4.88, age 32): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 33 Michael McGovern (born 12.7.84, age 36): signed until 2021 (contract signed in April 2019) H 38 Aston Oxborough (born 9.5.98, age 22): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in March 2020) Archie Mair (born 10.2.2001, age 19): signed until ???? and on loan with King's Lynn for 2020-21 season (contract signed in June 2019) DEFENDERS H Sam McCallum (born 2.9.00, age 19): signed until 2024 (contract signed in January 2020) H 2 Max Aarons (born 4.1.00, age 20): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 3 Sam Byram (born 16.9.93, age 26): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 6 Christoph Zimmermann (born 12.1.93, age 27): signed until 2023 with club option to 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 4 Ben Godfrey (born 15.1.98, age 22): signed until 2023 with club option to 2024 (contract signed in June 2019) 15 Timm Klose (born 9.5.88, age 32): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) 16 Philip Heise (born 20.6.91, age 29): signed until 2022 (contract signed in January 2019) H 5 Grant Hanley (born 20.11.91, age 28): signed until 2023 (contract signed in November 2018) H 12 Jamal Lewis (born 25.1.98, age 22): signed until 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) H Akin Famewo (born 9.11.98, age 21): signed until 2023 (contract signed in November 2019) Rocky Bushiri (born 30.11.99, age 20): signed until 2023 and on loan with KV Mechelen for 2020-21 season (contract signed in July 2019) H Bali Mumba (born 8.10.01, age 18): signed until 2024 (contract signed in May 2020) H Jordan Thomas (born 2.1.01, age 19): signed until 2021 with club option to 2022 (unknown when contract signed) MIDFIELDERS 27 Alex Tettey (born 4.4.86, age 34): signed until 2021 (contract signed in February 2020) 7 Lukas Rupp (born 8.1.91, age 29): signed until 2022 (contract signed in January 2020) 8 Mario Vrancic (born 23.5.89, age 31): signed until 2021 (contract signed in July 2019) 19 Tom Trybull (born 9.3.93, age 27): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 17 Emi Buendia (born 25.12.96, age 23): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 14 Todd Cantwell (born 27.2.98, age 22): signed until 2022 (contract signed in July 2019) 23 Kenny McLean (born 8.1.92, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 11 Onel Hernandez (born 1.2.93, age 27): signed until 2023 (contract signed in June 2019) 18 Marco Stiepermann (born 9.2.91, age 29): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) H 34 Louis Thompson (born 19.12.94, age 25): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) 10 Moritz Leitner (born 8.12.92, age 27): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2018) Melvin Sitti (born 14.2.00, age 20) signed until 2024 (contract signed in January 2020) Danel Sinani (born 5.4.97, age 23) signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2020) Jacob Lungi Sørensen (born 3.3.98, age 22) signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2020) Przemysław Płacheta (born 23.3.98, age 22) signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2020) H Josh Martin (born 9.9.01, age 18): signed until 2023 (contract signed in May 2020) H Daniel Adshead (born 2.9.01, age 18): signed until ???? (contract signed in June 2019) H Kieran Dowell (born 10.10.97, age 22): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2020) FORWARDS H 35 Adam Idah (born 11.2.01, age 19): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 22 Teemu Pukki (born 29.3.90, age 30): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 20 Josip Drmic (born 8.8.92, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) H Carlton Morris (born 16.12.95, age 24): signed until 2021 and on loan with MK Dons for 2020-21 season (contract signed in May 2019) Sebastian Soto (born 28.7.00, age 20): signed until 2023 but currently awaiting work permit (contract signed in July 2020) Finally, here are all the squad members listed by year of contract expiry, with (+1) indicating we have the option of an extra year: 2021 McGovern, Vrancic, Morris, Tettey 2022 Krul, Klose, Heise, Trybull (+1), Cantwell, McLean, Stiepermann, Thompson (+1), Leitner, Pukki (+1), Drmic, Rupp, Oxborough (+1) 2023 Byram, Zimmermann (+1), Godfrey (+1), Hanley, Lewis, Hernandez, Idah, Sinani, Sørensen, Famewo, Martin, Bushiri, Soto, Dowell 2024 Aarons, Buendia, McCallum, Sitti, Płacheta, Mumba ???? Mair, Adshead
  24. Thanks. That is an interesting read.
  25. I know but if we lost a couple of big players to injuries in that match our fans will be complaining about that too. Its almost like beating them now wouldnt be that big a deal - they're a midtable league one side and feel pretty irrelevant to me right now anyway
  26. I think Cup competition will be a low priority this season - we have 46 league games to pack in, in a season that’s 4-5 weeks shorter than normal.
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