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  2. unique

    Timmy Time

    This also hopefully sets an example to the rest of the squad to stay together and not think the grass is greener elsewhere. Keeping all the young players for the upcoming season is just as important as bringing in any new signings.
  3. splendidrush


    It would seem, barely a week after Leeds' implosion at Elland Road that their players are being linked to intrested parties. This is what we would have had to contend with if we hadn't gone up. Indeed our need for DM reinforcements has us linked, along with others to Kalvin Phillips. I like him and it would send WACCOE into meltdown (again) but I think he's out of our price range.
  4. splendidrush

    Premier League players out of contract

    At 20, not a bad shout, I'm just wondering, if he's that good whether we'll have some competition for his signature.
  5. Well b back

    Timmy Time

    In the Premiership he is our best defender. Had he not have got injured v Crystal Palace we would probably have stayed up. This is like a several million pound defender being brought in on a free.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Essjayess

    The cost of poor signings

    In recent years one can say Naismith, Wildschutt, Jarvis and Husband have been 4 signings that have not worked out well but for each one of those there's been 4 or 5 that worked well. Overall thru the seasons City have a pretty good track record of both buying and selling, of course theyve had to be, given the nature of the clubs financial reliance in transfers.
  8. Welcome John, I hope this is genuine, or you'll have blown your cover in one fell swoop.
  9. Crafty Canary

    The cost of poor signings

    Sooooooo predictable.
  10. splendidrush


    Does anyone else miss westcoast?
  11. It never was going to happen And like the second coming the deluded still cling to the belief that one day it will Rather like those cranks who come up with a specific date when the world will end In this case it was 29th March 2019 Fear not though, they'll be another date at some point to keep the con going
  12. Feel sorry for Swansea fans, I think they could have done well next season, now they have to start again.
  13. splendidrush

    Tom Adeyemi

    Interesting that McGoldrick spent 3 years in the treatment room before helping Blades to Promotion, hopefully, having taken a wage from 1p5wich for a couple of years, he can find a Club where he can get fit and enjoy his football again.
  14. Not interested in Ice Hockey but any day that we beat the French is a good day.
  15. KiwiScot

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Brexit won't happen.
  16. splendidrush

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    I'm not sure Bialkowski will be there next season, he's saying all the right things to keep the fans happy but if a Championship Club show interest he'll be gone. 1p5wich can't afford his wages and he still thinks he's got a future with the Polish National Squad but not in League One.
  17. splendidrush

    Penalties in the Prem

    I think the Big Clubs have more power than we're led to believe, if they thought VAR would be detrimental to them they would have delayed it even further.
  18. all i can say is that it's a good time to be a norwich fan.
  19. splendidrush

    Timmy Time

    Good piece of business all round, we need his experience around the place, even if he's not playing, and he probably feels that he has unfinished business in the Premiership.
  20. Happy to oblige-Bundesliga 1 & 2 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/1-bundesliga/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/L1 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/2-bundesliga/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/L2
  21. A fund raisng campaign has been set up to raise funds after todays unfortunate milk shake attack £782.34 has been raised so far...... ........ to buy Mr Crowther another milk shake
  22. So is he going to........ be first choice sit on the bench as second choice be loaned out until he is ready as first choice
  23. oh dear when you block some one their posts do not show up at all
  24. SwindonCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    You've chosen to ignore content by Bill. Options But I bet that's another name calling, condescending post aimed towards me. https://youtu.be/3QG5SjOxYXU
  25. blimey, it's Bluebottle what's he doing out of bed this late ? http://www.telegoons.org/Images/String_Bottle_thumb.jpg
  26. cornish sam


    Whilst I'm sure that purple doesn't need defending I would say that he has been factually quite correct in that statement. The two matches jansson captained were a friendly against Romania and a friendly against Austria, the average caps for the starting eleven in the match against Austria now stands at 14. In case you're interested, this is the cast if household names that started that match:
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