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  1. Yesterday
  2. We need to find any surprises to have a chance of catching Aggy It's good fun though.
  3. Yes, this one was win/win only. Tbh it’s hard to see too many surprises, but who knows….
  4. They were winning for 94 mins though. Surely that's another ...
  5. Talking in regard to this comp it's win only. If the website gave the option for a draw double check it as it might not have saved that tip.
  6. Ha ha ha . 96th min equaliser . Good night everybody .
  7. Cool, will start predicting. The Sky Super 6 thing is up as well, it seems to be matches from Sunday, though I think that’s predictions for the score at 90 mins (if anyone knows better please shout as I’ve predicted a draw for Japan v Croatia!).
  8. Billy Gilmour would walk into the England first XI? Apologies if I’ve missed something as I’ve been on my annual pubcrawl in London but he can’t get in to the Scotland first XI so you must be taking the ****?
  9. Surely even England can’t collapse in the second innings to end up with a result in this one. Pakistan 100 ahead at lunch on day 4 and England all out for 60 by close of play? Not a bad pitch if you want to go and watch two t20 sides smash humongous sixes all night long. Pointless for test cricket though.
  10. Thanks for these Astro. And thanks for the extra which arrived safely. I love your strategy. These all look great choices to me. As I had an odd 50p in the Bill Hill account I did all ten which they kindly boosted to 363.5/1. Here are the details... MK Dons v Burton BTTS £2 Bet 365 3/4 £3.50 Elgin v Stenhousemuir BTTS £2 Bet 365 1/2 £3.00 Ludogrets v Levski Sofia BTTS £2 Bet 365 4/5 £3.60 AFC Wimbledon v Grimsby BTTS £2 Bet 365 5/6 £3.66 Leyton Orient v Bradford BTTS £2 Bet 365 5/6 £3.66 Sunderland v Millwall £2 Bet 365 5/6 £3.66 Forest green v Cambridge £2 Bet 365 4/5 £3.60 Crawley v Swindon £2 Bet 365 8/11 £3.45 Barnet v Wealdstone £2 Bet 365 8/13 £3.23 Maidenhead v Dorking £2 Bet 365 8/15 £3.07 All ten .50 Bill Hill 363/1 £182.25 Following these will cheer us all up whilst our beloved Canaries aren't playing. Good luck Astro and all you PUPs
  11. Thanks for these Mr Apples and thanks for the extra bets. I love these sets. I think you've given us an excellent chance of adding to the pot in such a difficult week. All we need now is the little bit of luck that we always need to get a six. I've placed both sets with Bet 365. Set one the potential return is £53.44. Here are the details... Barcelona W 1/100 11:00 Sat Coleraine 3/10 15:00 Sat Queens Park 4/5 15:00 Sat Real Madrid Women 1/20 17:15 Sat Catanzaro 1/3 13:30 Sun Levante **EP** 8/13 20:00 Sun The second set have a potential return of £88.72. Here are those details... Dag & Red 7/10 12:30 Sat Arsenal W 1/7 14:00 Sat Pafos **EP** 3/10 17:00 Sat Argentina **EP** 1/5 19:00 Sat Ludogorets **EP** 10/11 11:30 Sun England **EP** 8/15 19:00 Sun And thanks for the extra bet on your game tomorrow.... East Stirlingshire £4 Bet 365 5/1 £24.00 Good luck Mr Apples and all you PUPs
  12. Yes time to enter tips for the last 16 round and the website is now live so we can enter our picks. No draws allowed. Well Branston with the group games over you and Nutty have gained one more point than Aggy in this round and closed the gap overall on him to 3 points. Aggy is doing some mighty work and it's proving difficult for everyone to hold onto him, but Branston and Nutty are holding strong and still might catch him. Here's the leaderboard after the first 3 rounds! 31 pts - @Aggy 28 pts - @Branston Pickle, @nutty nigel 24 pts - @Peregrine Shorts 21 pts - @Keyneton Canary 20 pts - Me 19 pts - @shefcanary, @twidio 18 pts - @NFN FC 16 pts - Elbrow 7 pts - Hepphep
  13. never mind the world cup....Ipswich conceded a 97th min injury time equalizer to Fleetwood this evening!! thats the result of the week !!!
  14. Yes, there’s some karma there for Ghana - they may not have progressed but at least saw a measure of revenge.
  15. Agreed. Suarez was one of the nastiest players in the game but never his fault of course! Great picture BTW!
  16. Ah, I see the Peterborough game was tonight! , so I’ll change that to Elgin v stenhousemuir For my six pick, I’ll, go for Crawley v Swindon, draw.
  17. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I’ve chucked in an extra tenner so we can have ten picks at £2 each: mk dons v burton peterboro v barnsley ludogrets v lefski sofia afc Wimbledon v grimsby leyton orient v Bradford sunderland v millwall forest green v Cambridge crawley v swindon barnet v wealdstone Maidenhead v dorking Let me know if you don’t get the tenner @nutty nigel
  18. Will soon be time to do the first knock-out round. I didn’t read the point scoring system…me and Eddie have 10 out of the 16 predictions right but seem to still be trailing Aggy on 9 , I’m happy enough with that .
  19. The common consensus in England is that the SPL is at the same standard as League One, yes? I've heard it countless times. I've watched McLean since he broke through at St Mirren. By that Definition, yes, Kenny McLean is a League One player. Championship/League one. It's semantics. He's certainly not an EPL player.
  20. Totally agree with you. However in the long term how is that more of a punt than taking on an english team from the championship. His wages would probably be higher. Athletico No chance. I'm saying for his career he needs to prove himself and with the teams you have mentioned wouldn't be a proof. Maybe he will enter the manager merrigo round but wouldnt enter the elite. However i so see what you are saying.
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