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  1. Totally forgot about Alex Neil. Would actually entertain the thought of getting him back.
  2. He's an assistant to a big premier league club ffs!
  3. Again, he's the epitome of failure on multiple accounts. As is a few others in our squad. He's played consistently this season, that is all. Consistently out of an average bunch. How do you rate his last 3 outings? He did revert to his usual pointing I suppose. As our captain and POTS, did you expect more?
  4. He's a big part of our failure for the past few seasons. You're expecting our club to appoint a fresh new up and coming forward thinking manager, yet, you want the new manager to trust players who have failed multiple times? Weird.
  5. If you think the way forward is with twice failed premier league players, more fool you.
  6. I respect that people see the game differently. F uck off yourself.
  7. Both fairly limited managerial experience before us (especially successful ones) and both had to work with very limited funds. Went the direction of a sporting director when Farke appointed. Both also had a different playing style to our recent appointments.
  8. No thanks, give him a free transfer more like.
  9. Not an attempt at replicating the scum at all. We did it with Lambert and to extent, Farke.
  10. It sticks though. Just like Ip**** are known as the binmen.
  11. To be fair, you've always been known as dirty Leeds, by literally everyone!
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