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nutty nigel

Rays funds for the Academy with the Pink un Pickers.

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They look absolute rubbish to me Wazzy[:D]

So as I am a crap picker at the moment should be a great win

Good luck mate. Bring home the bacon in Lapps barrow.

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Good morning Pups… The bet is on with Dixmar Racing, so thanks to our good friends 1st Wazzock and Billy Dixon we have...



4/9   Newcastle  (NCFCStar, Meth, Wazzy, Angel, Mandie, GMF, Cam, Panic, Jellytot, Astro, SDPete)
1/7   Real Madrid  (Fonejack, Nana, Bump, Devon, Beaus, Gpele, Obiwan, Shack)
3/10 Juventus  (LegIwan, Hsid, Scooby)
2/5   Oxford  (Scrimmage, Yankee, Berks, Cosmic, Tilly)
Evs  Bournemouth (YelFever, Jimbojet)
1/2   Leeds (Emonkey,)


Which will win for the Academy £80.13p.  As always I ran the same bet through one of the big bookies and the return would only be £55.52 which just goes to show why we should bet with Billy. The difference is very nearly half as much again!! Don’t forget that the best odds on all the weekend football are available to each and every one of us. So if you are doing a line today or even fancy these give Billy a ring!


So now it’s “game on” and we start with Bournemouth, Leeds, Newcastle and Oxford at 3:00 today. Juventus kick off at 7:45pm and hopefully we will be undefeated going into Sunday when Real Madrid start at 18:00.


Good luck one and all ...........[:)]..........


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Well now Wazzy.. that''s an emphatic opening salvo if ever there was one. Home wins at 3-1, 4-1 and 4-0 with a 2-0 away win as well. Excellent so far and good luck tonight and tomorrow.[Y] For those of you who want to check during the evening Juve''s live score can be found here http://www.livescore.com/soccer/italy/ 

It looks like a very good weekend for the PUPs so far. Well done CTID with a 5-0 away win[:O]

I am proud to report that Korey Smith was my MOTM today, a player who has benefitted from our efforts on here[Y]

I''ll be back when I get home tonight to check on Juve [S]


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[quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="I am a Banana"][quote user="Brendan"]

I know that [:P] what does Nap mean? Predition maybe?

Just thought it might., as GP was saying he really wanted his to be picked? [^o)]


Brendan, this is a rules guide for PUPS!


anyone on the pinkun is alowed to join in

They pick ONE team they think will win

The ''Picker'' (this week WAZ) gets our naps or his own to choose from

He picks 6 which he posts friday evening

Nutty Nigel then places a free bet with Dixmar Racing saturday morning

If we win all of the money goes to the academy!






That''s a good summing up though Nana! Clear and simple, well done mate... better than me[:)]

''You after my job[:^)]




Nope, Nutty your brill and i don''t want you to stop it!

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Real Madrid can''t actually lose.... it would be like Norwich getting relegrated to League 1.... oh wait that happend :S .I think it will be a winner anyway... well done in advance Wazzy :D

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