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  1. [quote user="lake district canary"]Centre backs are trditionally numbers 5 and 6, with 2 and 3 the right and left backs. Number 4 is usually a midfielders''s number. [/quote] Lake is correct. Make a note of the date.
  2. I left Norwich just before I was 8 and cried for weeks before we left. I was born there it''ll forever be my home despite being so different 35 years later. I have lived in many places since then but never felt home. My football team is the closest feeling of home I get. OTBC
  3. Excellent piece of writing and - if I may be so bold - a tad more insightful than your previous offerings!
  4. Same team as Stoke for me. Get in their face, mark up and stick to your men at set pieces and go and express yourself - enjoy it. There - that''s my team talk!
  5. Always rated him - would take him in the blink of an eye for our team. He''s electric and a real handful. Redmond on one side and Antonio on the other interchanging would scare ant defence
  6. I''ve got the away and 3rd. Beware the neck and cuffs on the 3rd however - they are very snug!!! The away is one of the best looking shirts we''ve ever had in my opinion - looks even better on than I had hoped!
  7. .....except...The bookies would prefer the underdogs to won every time! If anything we should have got both decisions for us and won 3-2 - more people would have lost money to them that way. Very nice sentiment but flawed in this case.
  8. Precisely my thoughts GMT! My first thought was "oh my god, it''s hideous! I want one!". When it lines up next to my blue tartan away shirt and racing green lotus away shirt and all the others - I think it will look pretty damn good! In fact I will buy one next week I think!
  9. Hahaha.....oh wait, Whittaker can''t defend....at all. That''s why everyone is trying to pick another right back. He''ll get ripped to shreds in the Premiership. Suddenly not so funny is it?
  10. If that''s true Fuzzar, what an awful burden to have to carry around with you. I doubt he''s touched a drop since. You need to look behind the sensationalism of your comment and think about the human side. If he shows remorse of course. Thank God we haven''t been in that situation when we were young!
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