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  1. Quite so, But what prompted this to happen then ?  Wasn''t it was being relegated that shook everyone to the core ? So management and supporters alike realised that radical measures needed to be taken and the same-old same-old had to go out the window. Had we survived by the skin of our teeth it would have been accepted by the board that it was OK to carry on the way we had been. Neil Doncaster would still be dishing out his rhetoric, long interview processes would be carried out to appoint yet another proven failure for a new manager and we would have been signing worn out loanees by the dozen. Young players like Martin, Smith, Spillane, Rudd and Adeyami would never have got a look in at first team football. I submit that relegation gave the kick up the backside that prompted all of the good that has happened and that we are a better club because of it. If you can''t appreciate my say so then  note that the legend Iwan Roberts has come out to back me up this morning with the very same sentiment.[H] Right I back to retirement now, leave you all in peace.[:D]    
  2. Hmmm, note the date ! And only my east coast neighbor "Wiz"  agreed with me at the time ! Just shows how wise and perceptive us oldies can be eh ?   [;)]
  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"]YES i have grasped it, but i think i got 1 at most picked last year, and have had one this year, even when i don''t do Almeria it desn''t get picked, dont you dare try telling me what i do and don''t know, and if my posts are annoying DONT READ THEM dont start being forum police and annoying me...do you have a brain? [/quote]     Enough is enough, this once great little feature is being dragged down to the level of the rest of the Forum. Nutty count me out from now on, I have lost the will to continue contributing in this environment  
  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Is there any chance of you picking Almeria? if not then i will change my pick...... (my reserve pick is Madrid to win again....)[/quote] I''m afraid you just haven''t grasped the concept of this scheme. It has been explained often enough. (1)  You offer your tip, nap or whatever. (2)  The picker then decides to use it or not, his/her discretion. (3)   Your pick, whether used or not, is then added to your other previous ones and then if you have 50% or more correct you appear in table. (4)  You do NOT have to canvas the picker to select your selection with countless annoying posts ! [:@]    
  5. The essence of  our sensational ''59 defeat of the "Babes" and our most famous Pinkun headline ! So very sad. R.I.P. Terry.    
  6. [quote user="Brendan"][quote] sorry FoneJacker, i would have chosen a different game but i didn''t  realise it had been said twice above me! [/quote] [:P] Two people obviously saw that my pick was so great, that they had to choose it too! [;)] [/quote] Sorry to burst your bubble Brendan, but I never make my pick on the basis of other peoples selections [;)]    
  7. With Spurs scoring five away last night I feel they are over their blip against the top two and should return to their earlier season goal spree. They face a Burnley team this week who are good at home but pointless and goalless away, and whilst  the leaky Spurs defence may not keep a clean sheet I expect their exciting forward line to compensate and swamp the Burnley goal. TOTTENHAM v Burnley  =  HOME WIN   Good luck Fonejacker, I am sure you can convert your impressive weekly picking into a big six match success for us PUPs ! [:D]      
  8. [quote user="Dronny Canary"]While we''re at it why don''t we change our colours and take on a nickname that''s a bit more inspiring.  Or perhaps let''s not.  Love it hate it it''s part of the soul of our club.[/quote] With respect Dronny, No it''s not the soul of our club, not in it''s present version anyway, compare the two consecutive utube clips provided by Nutty and then tell me which is the most inspiring. On reflection and in hindsght I should have said what I really meant :- "Should we sack the modern version of "On the Ball City" as our anthem ? ? ?. [;)][:D]  
  9. Ah ! As I said just a thought on my part [:$] I just felt that if I were a City footballer coming out to that, then I wouldn''t be too inspired. We have had radical change in Executive, Manager and playing staff but it seems that a departure of TBC is too radical for some to contemplate, it seems [:O]    
  10. Don''t get me wrong, I know it''s reputed to be football''s oldest Anthem, I can remember the days when we used to sing it with a tune as opposed to the current chant. But it doesn''t come across as too inspiring nowadays and tends to peter out somewhat when it be should be increasing in volume. Might I suggest that "The Canaries" be used again, it starts off something like "...we are the football team in the yellow and green . . etc etc", and was very popular in our ''59 cup days. It is also a song I think that ALL the crowd would happily join in with. Just a thought [:D]      
  11. 5 - 0  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! That calls for  [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] Well done mate ! hic !        
  12. [quote user="Norwich"]Well Juve have won! Just Real Madrid to go![/quote] [:D]
  13. Ah well what''s the best way to look at both of them drawing ? [:S]  Well we failed to lose, HOORAY  [:D] And Ipswich failed to win, AGAIN !  [:D]  [:D]  [B]  [B] You just have to take your pleasures as you can ! [;)]    
  14. [quote user="nutty nigel"] For those of you who want to check during the evening Juve''s live score can be found here http://www.livescore.com/soccer/italy/  [/quote] Juve two up after half an hour [:D]  
  15. . . . . .when Norwich lose as well ![:(] But it does make the pill less bitter to swallow ! [;)]    
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