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  1. If he doesn''t agree terms with Villa, what will happen?Surely he couldn''t stay?
  2. ?Twice to Burnley, and once to Villa. In addition Holt has already left us?Or so some of you people seem to think! Calm down and wait for any comfirmation. People giving Lambert/Holt stick and saying they had left before only turned out to look silly. Learn from it, and wait!
  3. If we have enough to buy a quality defender, striker, and have ennough for Snodgrass, then yeah of course!!If we were to pay 7m on Snodgrass say, out of a 10m budget, it would seem rather a lot. if you consider Gyulfi Sigurdsson was 6.1m?Snoddy is well good though! Would love him here [:)]
  4. Not too sure if I would like us to sign him. Obviously I would, as he is class, but is it worth spending multi-millions on a winger, when we already have 2 brilliant ones (3 if you include Lappin!). I''d rather see money spent on a new CB and ST. Having said that, I''d love him here.
  5. I have no idea why everyone gives BW the satisfaction of replying. It''s what he wants, surely you can see that? [:P]If everyone ignored him - i''m sure he would bugger off. I guess I am being as bad now?Anyway yeah, thanks for coming down Celtic! Was a great night. [:)]I like them now, my new Scottish team!
  6. Hmm, I''m still getting behind the team. Why not? Hodsgon is a great manager and it''s a fresh start for the lads. Fair enough A.Johnson and Holt should be there over Carroll and Downing, but there you go... [:(]
  7. I''d imagine Frazier Campbell, Darren Bent, and Bobby Zamora would be all picked over Holty. Hodgson is a good manager and I really like him, but a few of his picks are dubious to say the least. Having said that - there''s never really gonna be a squad we all agree on (unless we win something!). I just hope we all get behind the team and hopefully we might achieve something. Downing over Adam Johnson, Carroll over Holt, and Glen Johnson over Micah Richards are silly imo, but we shall see eh?
  8. Out of interest, do you know who won the players'' player of the season? and other awards? The only awards I know of is Holt won the Barry Butler...thanks
  9. ohhhhhh, no f***in chance. I get it. haha, thanks.Sorry it''s just I''ve seen it around on various things and wondered what it meant. cheers
  10. It''s ok. It looks pretty nice but not sure if I like the collar on a football shirt. Not sure I''ve ever had one. Our green one is a collar this year though right?
  11. In terms of the result, probably the most impressive I can remember. Possibly the 2-0 against Man U last time in the prem? Walking out of the game I was thinking that is in my top 3 away games - Ipswich +  Portsmouth away last year too?
  12. Cor'' Blimey I hate him! Yesterday''s performance was just a shambles (from him of course). I don''t care now obviously, as we won. [:P] But we should have had at least 2 pens (maybe 3), and they could and probably should have had 2 reds minimum. Should have been a lot easier for us, but having said that it makes it look far more impressive against 11 (12) men. + Spurs fans saying rested team??? Parker only player rested, what about Fox, Hoolahan etc?Surely he should be banned from refereeing us in future? Clearly hates us.
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