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  1. I haven''t took part in this for ages, and am not really up to speed with the developments over the last couple of years, but how about keeping the money in Norfolk grass roots football? Maybe we could donate balls, nets. kit etc to some youth club sides - or something similar?
  2. [quote user=" Badger"]ABC - I''m glad that there is another city fan who will never forget Everton''s part in our relegation. I have hated them ever since and always will. I will have such a party if they ever get relegated![/quote] I will be joining you in that - been a long wait, but the day will come!!
  3. Alan Thompson has just quit a coaching role at Celtic - wonder where he is going?????
  4. Bowler every time. Goreham''s commentaries diverge far too much - I''d rather hear what is going on now in the game, instead of countless reviews of what has happened.
  5. I think that could be classed as a mega-whoosh actually....
  6. [quote user="IncH_HigH 2"]Always the best way after spitting your dummy,re-invent yourself.[:^)] [/quote] Pity I didn''t do that when i was in the pram - things could have been soooo different *sigh......
  7. What a load of tosh - nobody ever signs anybody before july as they are all away on holiday...
  8. This week I fancy Derby and Blackpool to play out a draw. Good luck all [:D][:D]
  9. Only one Nana - last weeks pick was abandoned - probably as well for me as Barnsley were winning 4 - 1!!![:D][:D] Keep up the good work[:D]
  10. This week I fancy Tranmere and Brentford to play out a draw - good luck pups and especially you Graham [:D][:D]
  11. This week I''m going for Plymouth and Barnsley to play out a draw. Good luck Kathy and all you pups - especially you Nana [:D][:D]
  12. I''m going to stick with draws despite last weeks disaster [:(]This week I think Middlesborough and Nottingham Forest will play out a draw - Good luck Mr Bump and all you pups [:D][:D]
  13. [quote user="big dick sanchez"]Himself?[/quote]....in a bumbling fashion....
  14. Whoops - bang goes my quad-trick of napped draws in quite spectacular style - I actually thought I was in with a shout - even at 2-1 to Charlton[:$]. Unlucky - a tough week.[:@]
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