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    Team for Shrews











  2. Norwich vs Birmingham Draw. Keeping the unbeaten run going! We all know what happened when we started expecting results earleir in the season vs Bournemouth!


    Norwich bet....

    Lafferty to score anytime!

  3. Peterborough to win. Nuff said :)
  4. I am a Banana

    Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe

  5. Ipswich vs Norwich.

    Home win unfortunately!

    Norwich bet

    Ryan bennett anytime!
  6. Norwich to Win.

    Ryan Bennet to score anytime.
  7. I am a Banana

    Anthony Pilkington

    Hope you''ve got spare room on the injury table!
  8. Wolves vs NorwichAway Win!!

    C''mon Cityyyyy!!!!!!!

    Norwich bet, Grabban to score 1st in a 3-1 win!
  9. Translation from the web.-------------------------

    A Premier League club have contacted Norwich with the desire to switch to the Alexander Tettey (28).

    VG follows

        Premier League

    Alexander Tettey and Norwich have started preparations for the new season. Created relegated in spring, and now waiting for a new life for national player:

    - Championship gets tough and hard with 46 games against the hard-fighting team. It can be exciting if we start well, says Tettey VG.

    But relegation Norwich did not have to mean relegation for Trønder.

    A Premier League club have actually contacted Tettey employer with a desire to switch to the north man. Norwich responded with rejection.

    - The club have rejected a referral from a Premier League club, except I can not say which team, revealing the midfielder.

    - Bitterly

    CLEAN BOYS: Alexander Tettey is a busboy at Norwich''s midfield. Here in duel with Arsenal''s Aaron Ramsey.RYDDEGUTT Alexander Tettey is a busboy at Norwich''s midfield. Here in duel with Arsenal''s Aaron Ramsey. Photo: Lindsey Parnaby, AFP

    Nor Tettey advisor Kvarme can say something about the current team:

    - The only thing I can say is that a team in the Premier League wanted a trade, but that Norwich said no. They will keep Tettey so he can help the team again.

    - He has a contract until June of 2015. Then it is not so much to get done, continue Kvarme.

    - Bitterly, reports Tettey.

    He came to Norwich in 2012, and after two seasons at the top level, are now expecting fierce battle for promotion.


    Currently Tettey struggling with a groin sorry, but if everything is scheduled, he will be back in full training on Monday. Meanwhile, he lives life as a new father:

    - Much new and much toil, but most pleasure, explains 28-year-old.

    And it''s not just a father who is new to happy boy:

    - Life as a Championship player is new to me, but I hope we promoted straight back to the Premier League.

    Norwich face Wolverhampton in the season opener on August 10
  10. I am a Banana

    Games vs Ipswich

    November 16th 2014 Home to Ipswich.April 12th 2015 Away to Ipswich.
  11. I am a Banana

    Andrew Surman

  12. I am a Banana

    Keep One Player

    [quote user="The Great Drinkell"]Elliott Bennett - missed him big time this season and he will show next season how much we don''t need Snodgrass out wide.[/quote][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y][Y]
  13. I am a Banana

    Claudio Ranieri

  14. I am a Banana

    Would you have any of these this season ?

    [quote user="GJP"]

    I do like Ward. He''s a good distributor of the ball from the back which none of our current CB''s are.

    [/quote]Lets hope Ryan Bennett isnt reading this!!