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  1. [quote user="ruthers1"]"If they are lying, where are you suggesting the money is going?" I''m suggesting the money is going somewhere other than the football Lightning[/quote] It will be really interesting to see how much was paid out in bonuses for promotion last season. I am sure this would be classed as football expense...
  2. Afternoon Does anyone know if the club will buy back additional tickets? I have just tried getting through on the phone and no joy! Thanks in advance
  3. I have seen him play a few times this season and he has great potential. He plays as the left of three in midfield (with Toffolo outside as wingback). I would not class him as a winger, probably more in the Howson role of picking the ball up and running at players. He is strong in the tackle and athletic. And rest assured the powers that be will know all about him as there is a very good working relationship between the two clubs...
  4. I have watched a few Swindon games this season and have always been impressed with Nathan. He generally plays sweeper for them but looks like he could easily move to right back. I know there are very close links between the two clubs so wouldn''t be surprised if this could happen
  5. Evening all Again last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to watch Swindon v Preston with one of the sponsors. It was pleasing to see two our players on show and both put in good shifts. Thompson - played left handside of three in midfield but would also then sit deep. He was neat and tidy in possession and not afraid to stick his foot into the tackle. I was most impressed when he picked up the ball from deep and drove forwards. If he can strengthen up then this could be a massive asset for us in the years ahead. He also came into the sponsors lounge after the game and was very articulate talking about the match. Toffolo - played left wingback. Again very neat and tidy in possession and put in a few good crosses which the fans around me were impressed with. He also forced the keeper into a smart save second half. Also was never beaten by their midfielder to put crosses in. Will report back if I see anymore games in the near future.
  6. Good evening all Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be offered some corporate hospitality at Swindon so I thought I would take the opportunity to see what our new signing was like. Even though he did not set the world alight he was tidy in possession, always offering himself up playing the left hand side of midfield and had good pace about him. He is only 19 and in my opinion probably needs to bulk up a little to be a serious option for us but I guess that we are looking at the potential. The view from their fans was that they hoped we were promoted so that they could keep him for another year! I though his older brother, Nathan, played well and he came and had a chat with us after the game and seemed very level headed so hopefully this will be the same for Louis.. There is he chance I may get to a few more games so will update if possible.
  7. haha! Fair enough - I suspect a small part of you enjoys it all really ;)
  8. I do not know you Le Juge (and seldom post on here so don''t have handle on your views!) but what is the reason you go to games if you do not enjoy it? (I assume you go from the blurb under your username.. :) )
  9. I''ve not enjoyed this season. I feel less of an affiliation with the new players, less excited, don''t have any belief or faith in our squad to get results (occassionally they surprise me), and feel like it is all getting a lot more predictable. Especially if we go a goal down, only once have we overturned a half time deficit. Not coming out and trying to play for pride if getting thrashed, the moans and groans which ring out everytime Elmander comes on, a player who just will never score a goal for us. Not a single substitution resulting in a Norwich goal. Those are all things which have made the game less exciting for me." I can see where you care coming from Le Juge - and there is no denying the stats re Elmander or subs this season but there was still a part of me saying on 80 minutes if we could just get one back it may be a cat amongst the pigeons in the last few minutes... This is why I always enjoy my football... :)
  10. Yes! I always get the same buzz be it Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday or whatever day we play. I can honestly say in the 25 years of following city I have always had that same buzz whether in good times or bad.
  11. [quote user="curly_whirly_tipz"]Your Guys were fantastic!!!! I was watching at the Swan in Ringland and I could hear you throughout. Really makes me proud to be a Norwich fan. So much passion. Unlike Glory Hunting theives![/quote] I have to echo that. I was sitting in the Stretford End and there was grudging respect from the assorted fans I overheard sitting near me. I was very proud to be Norwich fan yesterday!
  12. Thanks for these, much appreciated! Will give them a go tonight OTBC
  13. [quote user="NWC"]Do you know anyone with Sky+ or some other hard drive recorder??[/quote] Thanks, I should have mentioned I dont have Sky plus and neither does anyone where I live.The chances of me avoiding the score for 24 hours is slim to none...
  14. Due to a series of unfortuante events I am not able to go to the game or watch it tomorrow night. Does anyone know of anywhere where I can watch a full rerun of the game later on Friday night? I have checked Sky schedules and there are no repeats scheduled.. Thanks in advance
  15. Picking again after a computer virus induced absence! I really want my nap to fail but I have to go with Cardiff to beat Portsmouth... Good luck!
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