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  1. I''ve throw in my wife (And kids) ideally Monday 10am to 11pm!
  2. Family over from the U.S. On Sunday and am trying to get two extra tickets to show them what real football is (Redskins season ticket holders). Resigned to the weds lottery... (Oxfam appeal music) If anyone can donate an unused season ticket or priority member account that would be appreciated - more than happy to buy a beer or two to say thank you!
  3. [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]You''re so full of bile and hatred for the team you purport/pretend to support Le Juge that you genuinely can''t actually see what''s happening in front of you. Johnson didn''t fall over against Barton and he didn''t fall over tonight. On neither occasion did he fall over. But still you claim he did. Why don''t you change the record and come on here and swear blind that black is white or that day is night or that 2 + 2 = 5. It would be more convincing.[/quote] He play acted to get someone sent off - simple as that. If you cant see that, or think that''s acceptable and supportable, then there is no point in further discussion with you. Just because someone is wearing a Norwich shirt and you support Norwich it does not mean you have to agree with everything they do to constitute a true fan. How stupid is that. Send Bradley Johnson a get well card, visiting times at N&N are 4pm-6pm.
  4. Good to have a positive thread everyone agrees on. There is hope.
  5. He''s a complete joke. Comical play acting. At least this means Tettey will be back in centre mid.
  6. [quote user="nutty nigel"]More defining towards premier league establishmnet than Holt on half a season loan from Wigan. Much as I like the bloke. [/quote] Aston Villa have played top flight football for 102 consecutive seasons. We have managed it for 22 years in the history of the club. Hopefully they get relegated to the championship for the next 81 years while we remain up. In 2094 we will then have a more established record. Give or take some years for bad maths. And if we can exceed their 4 European cups 7 top flight league titles, 7 FA cups and 5 league cups (we have 1 I know) and extend carrow road by 25,000 enroute its a bonus. This continued obsession with comparing Norwich to Villa is laughable.
  7. Gutierrez on a half season loan is a positive move for the club but hardly a defining move towards premier league establishment.
  8. I would rather have our football club supported by fans like you than the negative trolls who largely make up the population of users on this forum. You credibility and strength of opinion is however completely lost when positioning yourself in the blind support of Chris Hughton camp. You view it as balancing the forum but it only fuels the negativity. It sounds like you have overly emotionally committed yourself to this forum by being sucked into battling people that are just not worth the time. I would recommend taking time out and applying a less is more approach, focusing more on a balanced and reasonable positive view. You will gain greater credibility, impact and most importantly, happiness.
  9. I regularly watch Norwich Away but sit in the home end with mates that support the club we are playing. I can''t see what the problem is with others doing the same at CR. If someone is being disrespectful to fans around them they should get reported/removed but that applies equally to home and away fans.
  10. Homing in on the ref is just sour grapes in us losing. We had a good shout for a pen and should of good a few more corners but he let the game flow and it was a good competitive encounter.
  11. Most neutrals, pundits and bookmakers will also be backing a home win.
  12. [quote user="the bristol nest"]Fer and Tetty is the right central mid combination at the moment for me. Redmond and Pilks either side. Who should be no. 10 tho?[/quote] Completely agree with the statement and question. Time for Howson to step up.
  13. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Well that London canary bloke wasn''t there that''s for sure. Either that or he missed the whole first half. [/quote] I was watching a different game - the one i saw the watford reserve team had 18 shots on goal - 14 on target.
  14. Ruddy Martin, Bennett, Turner, Garrido Redmond, Fer, Tettey, Pilks Howson RVW I''d be looking to Snoody, Hoops and Elamdner if things don''t goto plan.
  15. Snake - I''m not sure how anyone considered Wes had a great game given the fact Norwich only fully got into the game as a result of him being subbed off for Fer on 74mins. He was a passanger in midfield and created nothing substantial other than 1 good shot on goal. If you have BJ and Tettey behind the onus is really on to provide linkage to the one guy up front and Hooper just had scraps. We all know what hoolahan is like - On his day our most creative player - others completely missing.
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