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  1. Agree a 20 goal premier league striker who is happy to sit on the bench and is affordable would be lovely. While we’re at it can we also get younger and affordable versions of Kante and VVD.
  2. Challenge with CB loan is it only really works if you can promise minutes which I don’t think we can, if(!) we keep back 4. And I’m not sure how incrementally better off we are with another youngster CB on the side lines - presumably they would push Big Andy on loan. Unless Tanganga can slot in DM, I’ll admit I don’t know much.
  3. Foolish to conclude on transfer business with the window open.
  4. Same inherent risk for all clubs. But bigger practical potential impact for NCFC (and similar clubs) when scrapping for survival. Players need to be sensible - no excuses.
  5. Love it. Norwich airport plane tracking is what pre-season is all about.
  6. Agree we are shaping up with more flexibility/formation options with personnel now. Strong DM/CB nailed on for the XI is required. An inherent weakness is getting out muscled down the middle. Webber will still be having nightmares of us playing tettey as premier league CB too. I hope we go for another wide attacking winger who can also fill in as striker and is also start XI quality. So we have flexibility to play alongside Pukki or to replace. I dont see how buying an out and out striker works. If they're decent they wont want to play 2nd choice. And no point buying bench quality players, we have them.
  7. All the pant wetting on a Football Insider article.
  8. At least your failure to appreciate the mayor is consistent with your failure to appreciate we currently have less midfielders than last season..
  9. Agree. tinpot club no ambition still on zero.
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