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  1. Pathetic little bigot. Plead innocence when someone calls you out. Go back to your hole.
  2. No just you in this instance. I have no real issue with what CCC posted before.
  3. There aren't credible argument against vaccination. Vaccine passports, masks, social distancing and all the other stuff are more subjective and can therefore be debated but the science and numbers behind vaccinations speak for themselves. It's okay that some people don't get that, but they should just leave it up to others, the others in this case being scientists that have spent their entire lives working on this stuff. Matt Morriss is a horrible moron that is best ignored, if you've read even a tenth of his posts in this thread and can't see that then good luck to you.
  4. It's unfair that other people have to live on the same planet as you.
  5. Whereas you blindly believed Farage about climate change when he is wrong as it's easily verifiable. Everyone suffers from confirmation bias somewhat, at least try to be aware of your own.
  6. Our destruction of the planet is linked to zoonotic illnesses: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3389 There are many other peer-reviewed studies to back it up.
  7. Science based university education haha. As vague as it is unimpressive.
  8. Absolutely. I expect a new deal to happen and could see Todd being captain before he leaves the club a la Grealish. He's a good lad and he's growing up fast. IMHO there is no way we should sell Todd in any circumstance this summer. Farke's ability to get the best out of young players even if offers come in for them is obvious, Todd loves the club and him playing well for us is mutually beneficial.
  9. There are so many factors. I think most people agree his value now is around the £25m mark. If he has an amazing season that keeps us in the league, but refuses to sign a contract, I think a 24 year old English attacking player with two premier league seasons under his belt would still hold a value of around £15m. If he has a **** season, then he will lose a lot of his value new contract or not. Of course, this ignores all the other factors like does he want to be here, is he a positive in the dressing room etc.
  10. Read about omission bias. And shut up with the stupid **** comparisons.
  11. Point 5: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omission_bias The rest are excuses or made up statistics.
  12. There are many disturbing things happening in Britain today and I fear for the future, but rapidly distributing world leading medicine to the entire adult population is not one of them. I wish people like Matt would focus their obvious passion for investigative journalism and critical thinking in a worthwhile direction.
  13. What you'd call things is of little interest to anyone here, I assure you.
  14. A mate that supports Swindon was raving about him when he was there, but just looked and that was the 15/16 season. I remember a few seasons back him playing really well in a home game and everyone being excited, but then he got injured again and I think that was the last we ever saw of him. Just couldn't catch a break. Wish him all the best wherever he goes.
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