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  1. Oh look. We are crashing out of the EU, so what can we sell to Mongolia?
  2. It isn't over until the votes are cast, counted and reported, but it's effectively over folks. Rasmussen has a very consistent bias towards Republicans, so if even they show 12 points.... massive reset in UK / US relations coming. Despite what Anne Widdecome might think about it, at minimum it means some sane ambassadors appointed to UK, Germany, EU, renewed support for NATO, economic sanctions on Russia, re-entering the Paris climate and Iran nuclear restraint agreements. And then there is trade..... UK can either get on board with an expanded US / EU agreement and renewed efforts to sign the TPP (Asia) or it will be seeing what crumbs it can pick up from China, India.
  3. Is Boris going to send the Joe Biden campaign a thank you note for stealing his presidential campaign slogan? Biut staying on a positive note, what exactly does BBB mean in terms of policies in the UK - or is it going to be used as a tool to divide the country further along the lines of “if you do not support me, and everything I say you stand against the county”?
  4. And they aren’t even a bit interested in finding out what goes on in Canada’s healthcare system either - yes Canada, our neighbour! Be VERY afraid of US - UK post Brexit “trade” talks, the Serco T&T fiasco is the our everyday experience - say government led organizations are inefficient, outsource the work, and then pay much more for the “efficient private sector” work than you did before. Privatize the profits, socialize the losses, screw the consumer. It’s the accepted American way unfortunately. Add in healthcare insurance tied to your employer and you have the perfect storm of high costs, low efficiency and unhealthy population.
  5. We knew the wheels were coming of this bus, but boy ... "stop negotiations" order to his Republican Party colleagues just three days after "lets get a deal done" message... and his enablers / supporters in right wing media are all in on the Covid denial. Must be some powerful hallucinogens that they are all taking.... New York Post (not the New York Times) and Fox News are both owned by .... Rupert Murdoch of course.
  6. And here is the other reason that this election - 28 days away - will be a terrible for any Republican candidate. FOR WHATEVER REASON : the fact is if you have a Republican led State Assembly your state right now has one or more Covid hot spot. If you have a Democratic led State Assembly you do not. There are a few States with Democratic Governors and Republican Assemblies - like Wisconsin for example - where the Assembly has taken the Governor to court to invalidate stay at home and mandatory masks in public orders. It seems "The Party of Life" is doing a great job getting people killed. And voters have noticed.
  7. Yes, but don't expect the anti-EU brigade to acknowledge that. Inside the EU Britain was one of the "big three", and the natural leader for all of the smaller countries. Outside the EU we are ... well, we will find out soon enough. Puerto Rico comes to mind though.
  8. The upcoming election in three stills. 1. Biden is starting to open up a gap that cannot be closed. 2. Biden is winning big on every issue except the economy, but even there he's tied / slightly ahead. 3. Biden is winning every group except non-college educated white men. Which all means the probability of physical voter suppression and violence on the streets is high. By Nov 5, we will either have fascism imposed by a minority, or be well on the road to recovery and a reckoning. If you don't trust this poll see https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-general/national/
  9. For all today's lunacy, the fact is the clock is running and the polls are not get any better for the President. Michigan the latest state poll. And the margin of the erosion of Trumps support among the oldest voters is increasing ... something about being extremely rude, arrogant and threatening to defund social security may not have been such a good idea? Boris and co had better wake up.... there is a sea change in American attitude to EU v UK coming in January.
  10. I’d trade McGovern and a bag of chips for him.
  11. He may have checked himself out of the hospital, but based on this White House footage he is not well and probably will be heading back there in a few days. V.P Pence has to take over for the sake of the country. As for the "I feel better than I did 20 years ago!", steroids can make you feel "great" for a short while. His doctors should be ashamed of letting him leave hospital in this condition. Either say no to him or resign your post. This is so wrong...
  12. Probably Here's a similar quote from Kelly Anne Conway. "It is being contained, do you not think it's being contained" https://www.c-span.org/video/?470121-1/kellyanne-conway-coronavirus-contained You can add two of Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's assistants to the infected list too. And two White House housekeepers And Pastor Greg Laurie from Riverside, California. We haven't heard anything about a negative test result for Ivanka Trump... or Jarred. Or Rudy Guliani. The worry for the country is Vice President Pence. As next in line for the Presidency, why is he not in DC? Will he test positive too in the next few days? He was at both the Rose Garden event and the Prayer March at the Mall event that Paster Laurie attended too. Lincoln Project (Republicans against Trump) hammering on this subject - the following ad suggests Trump tested positive on Wed the day after the debate. It's the first time I have heard that stated. Do they know a fact we don't yet?
  13. Good for you guys to get the win. A poor showing from the Niners, but a long way to go yet. Jimmy G back next game for sure.
  14. They have repeatedly shown us who they are. They are not gong to change, and most voters see right through the spin machine. He's sick (in more ways than one) and they can't tell us otherwise. And they brought this on themselves, so no "heroic" recovery. Latest WSJ / NBC poll has Biden increasing his lead post-debate to 14%. No Trump sympathy bounce overcomes that. Plus Biden may have broken the back of Trump's support - men over 50 swung from +13 Trump to +1 Biden. This election is done, it's now about the Senate majority, Supreme Court vote v Covid, and voter suppression activities
  15. Now this "clarification" from the President's White House Doctor. It has misspellings of the treatment, corrects two timeframes, one of which was not his and is not signed - he has always signed anything released before. So is this actually from him?
  16. In this picture - Front row foreground - so this could get a whole lot worse very quickly.... Vice President Pence, 2nd Lady Karen Pence, Attorney General Bill Barr, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, White House Lawyer Pat Cipollone.
  17. An increasing number of US Citizens are with you there Shrimper. What would normally be a "rally around the President / Flag" moment is being met with utter indifference to the fate of Donald. The only thing that is clear at this moment is the White House brought this on themselves, has acted with indifference to the safety of the people who work for it or with it, and failed in even the most basic courtesy of informing potential contacts they could have been exposed to infection. The public relations hole they have dug is getting deeper by the hour. Trump's doctor just reported he is 72 hours into his diagnosis - which implies he tested positive Wednesday i.e. immediately after the debate, after which he went to a fund raiser on Thursday - and he was given a cocktail of antibodies 42 hours ago, not yesterday i.e. before the tweet announcing Trump was infected. Just now Chief of Staff Meadows just effectively contradicted the doctor's summary that overall the President was doing fine, by suggesting "the next 48 hours will be critical" We also heard that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has now tested positive - he was not warned either - as has campaign manager Bill Stepian and also Senator Ron Johnson. Two other Senators were at the White House event last weekend, one refuses to get tested despite being 87. We only heard about Hope Hicks because on e of her friends said she complained of having flu like symptoms, we only heard that Kellyanne Conway tested positive because her daughter busted her. Now Attorney General Barr who is seen standing next to and talking to Kellanne has said he does not intend to quarantine, directly ignoring CDC guidance. So we are left with the conclusions a) we can't trust any medical information coming out of the White House as what is coming out is contradictory, b) the President probably knew he was infected before at least one of two post-debate public events he attended, c) the President may also have been infected before the presidential debate, d) the WH seems intent on covering up who is infected including the possibility they knew Trump was infected but hoped he would be asymptomatic so they wouldn't have to admit it e) nobody is communicating with senior Democratic Party leaders about what is happening - specifically no communication to Joe Biden or to Nancy Pelosi. It paints a shocking (but not unexpected) pattern of incompetence and malice from all involved. So no wonder there is no groundswell of good will toward Donald and Melania. Not sure many WANT them to die, but there is certainly massive indifference to their fate given their actions.
  18. No it doesn't, and he won't. He has pulled down his negative ads, but the Trump campaign has not. What will destroy the President is an understanding he knew he and Melania were infected BEFORE they went to the debate, and BEFORE he went to the New Jersey fund raiser. It's only suspected right now but the emerging evidence is pointing that way and even Fox News hosts are incredulous over the behavior of the Trump team, advisors and family this past week. See Chris Wallace : https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2020/10/02/fox-news-chris-wallace-trump-covid-19-diagnosis-orig.cnn The White House event(s) announcing the nomination of Amy Coney Barett to the Supreme Court a few days before the debate seems like a "super spreader" event, with no social distancing, no masks and now we have two US Senators confirmed infected - Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, three White House journalists, Hope Hicks, the RNC chair Ronna McDaniel and the President of Notre Dame University, plus the Present and the First Lady confirmed positive so far. That smacks of gross incompetence, and if it turns out the Presidential party went to the debate KNOWING one of them was sick and they still behaved the way they did there, refusing to wear masks, that's the end of any campaign. It's no longer "fake news", it's cold hard reality. p.s Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barett and her husband apparently had Covid earlier this year. In "Summer" ... was she or he still infectious?
  19. Well I think we can put the "he's not sick rumor" to bed... and as is par for the course with this White House a day of lies and mistruth....
  20. Just to recap the past 24 hours here in the USA, which you might have though was already crazy because the President and First lady tested positive for the Virus, plus RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels, presidential advisor Hope Hicks and Senator Mike Lee. White House wanted to hide Hope Hicks diagnosis, and the President still attended a fundraiser - indoors c/w photo ops. Mike Lee tests positive, attended same meeting & photo op with the Supreme Court candidate as President & Vice President. Melania tapes (cover your ears, definitely not "be best" language) Jacob Wohl indicted for voter suppression Texas restricts ballot drop off for seniors Georgia poll numbers ! Russian Bank tied to security forces was funding Deutsche Bank. Trump campaign surrogate Guilfoyle's real reason she left Fox News As the Chinese proverb says "may you live in interesting times"
  21. Well, the Christian thing to do is wish the President, First Lady and Hope Hicks a speedy recovery. Some will no doubt wonder if this diagnosis is real, or a convenient excuse not to debate Biden. As Aesop wrote in his fables, if you lie constantly you lose the available refuge of the truth. And as the CNN report says, the President attended an indoor fundraiser earlier today w/o a mask and thousand of people were at his rally yesterday - most again w/o a mask. Typhiod Mary meet Covid Don?
  22. I sincerely hope that it turns out O.K for everyone involved, but also if someone whom the President obviously really cares about has now contracted it, that he shows some humility and much greater responsibility in messaging and actions around this virus.
  23. Then along comes Jools to show it is, in fact, possible. Will we next hear the Brownshirts were misunderstood and just wanted to defend German culture, not beat up Jews? https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5894743/trump-proud-boys-history/%3famp=true “ I’d characterize Proud Boys as a group that straddles the line between militia and a white-supremacist fight club. It’s commonly noted they are in some instances a multiethnic group. Weirdly this is not that atypical, but it is a white-supremacist group. They do believe in the primacy of western culture, and they believe that other places are dirty and degraded. They don’t like Islam. They don’t think very highly of women.”
  24. Question Swindon. Are you happy with the way things are going? Is this the positive progress you expected?
  25. .... well just wait, there is always Mike Pence...
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