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  1. As usual, you misunderstand. Tax costs are only for the rich Swindon.
  2. This statement below is the killer .... "anyone" who is rich can work out how not to pay taxes, that's a scam in its own right, but supporters might argue its "smart" It's very different to keep two sets of books, telling banks you are sourcing loans from you made $450m but telling the tax man you lost $45m. That's called fraud and is something you will go to jail for... Cohen said this is what they were doing. A very interesting press conference going on right now. Of course he's denying everything ....
  3. He'll call it his "Waterloo" agreement. Reflecting the greatest military victory of the British over the perfidious French, and the originating event of Winston Churchill's greatness, and hence Boris's own. A place redolent of history, that will be forever England and stand as a physical counterpoint to the very symbol of pan-European excess - Brussels. A demonstration that when we stand up, alone, (ignore the Dutch Prussians came too late) we demonstrate our greatness to the world..... blah blah. Now can we get back to the normal Tory agenda of tax cuts and privatization?
  4. And Trump about to lose his November re-election must be helping No 10 focus on the reality the UK has to make a proper deal with the EU, as there isn't going to be anyone to rescue them from their own idiocy. Karma. Ain't she a ....
  5. If Republicans want to try and re-elect a con man .. go right ahead, Nov 04 will show they are in the minority. Dem's aren't going after "Amy" or "Catholics" - if they go after her it will be for having already made her mind up about cases before looking at the evidence. She is supposed to be a judge, not a Republican politician in a judge's robe... oh BTW Covid cases 30% higher this week. So much for Trump telling Fox News that "we have turned the corner on the virus" .. obviously only in his mind. Then off to golf, meanwhile Biden went to his (Catholic) church. The only question is when do Republicans realize they've been conned .... $750 taxes indeed.
  6. Wow. Now that was impressive 49ers. Total domination despite half your starters being out. Talk about a deep squad.... or are the Giants really that bad ????
  7. Another day closer ... another set of polls confirming Biden's lead is being maintained. The "Red Wall" equivalent States are Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania - states Trump won by a razor thin margin and he's losing in all but one this time around.
  8. I also think he's fed up with the transfer window still being open. It won't be after the Derby game & International break.
  9. Pointless making any predictions or conclusions until we've had half a dozen more games or so.
  10. No Buendia as well today makes it all the more worrying. iMO the government putting an end to match day attendance trials has changed the club’s attitude to the need to sell players.
  11. No, it can happen. And if it does because GB sells N.Ireland down the drain for a hard Brexit you will see violence erupt again. That's what smart people and our friends in America want to avoid.
  12. Fair enough. Let's compare notes in February. We'll either be well on the may to recovery or watching the demise of democracy. Democrats will need both the Presidency and Senate...
  13. Ah bless.... Russia has an economy the size of Italy. With Biden president, all the interference and collusion from Russia and between the Trump administration will face a proper reckoning. And if the US wants to bankrupt Russia it surely can. New sanctions coming for sure, so hence yes Putin will be "toast" As for Brexit, reality is biting hard now, just wait until January. All the hopes of the Brexiteer's are pinned on leaving the EU can be compensated by greatly expanded trade and investment into the NHS etc from America. Well kiss that dream goodbye. It's already been made perfectly clear that if the UK messes with the GFA/Ireland there will be no FTA. Full stop. Biden btw is Catholic, Irish. So the priorities of the new administration will be anti-corruption, adherence to the rule of law and reestablishing American leadership in the world. Putin will resist and get crushed as he has almost no resources to fight except bluster and murder, the Tories will have no choice but to follow because the natural leader of the Western world and an economic superpower is going to drive the agenda and Boris can't fight both the EU and US. On a much more minor level charlatans like Farage might be publicly exposed as shills too.... many in the Trump camp are already looking at jail terms and their contacts across the Atlantic are many... it'll all come out. This is why the RWNJ's are in such a panic. Trump and his enablers are going to lose, they know it, and so they are goin to try and steal an election though propaganda, violence and the courts. They might pull it off, but they are much more likely to lose big. If you care about democracy and western values, you'll hope that the American people choose Biden and Harris and the votes that they cast are fairly counted and reported. Like Kier Starmer, they are smart, middle of the road politicians and people know that. Yours (former Conservative party voter) Surfer.
  14. Don’t look now, but the other team are top of L1
  15. Jools and RTB in a panic that their boy Trump is losing ...and everything they hold dear will be repudiated as a result. As a practical matter Putin and Brexit and white supremacy are toast when he loses. And the worst thing for them is that Biden and Harris and a majority of American voters are not taking the daily provocation bait. Its driving RWNJs crazy.
  16. Eric is trying SOOO hard to earn Daddy's approval . ... is this guy permanently stoned? It's pretty obvious the knowledge they are going to lose big time is getting to them ... and the suggesting he's making is pretty fascist... an out and out call to all those self appointed "militia" to "oversee" the election.... https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1309558435818737664 Meanwhile his girlfriend and campaign consultant is robocalling to encourage Republican voters to use the very same mail in ballots Eric is complaining about. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/24/politics/fact-check-rnc-robocalls-misinformation/index.html
  17. You see this is one of the positive advantages of putting Britain first and being open to global trade.... tax avoidance by the super rich.
  18. If they get infected now they wouldn't still be infectious by Christmas... it should be a hurry up catch it and recover strategy? If you test positive you can go home after a mandatory 2 week quarantine...
  19. RWNJ's are getting increasingly desperate now.. the clock is ticking down to Election Day - the polls all tell the same story. The latest one from Fox News (RWNJ propaganda channel for sure, but it's polls are very good) In each of the three states, majorities disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, pluralities say coronavirus is “not at all” under control, and Biden is the preferred choice when it comes to handling the virus. Plus, he’s favored over Trump to nominate the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. There are few undecided voters, and Biden’s support is 50 percent or better in each state. https://www.foxnews.com/official-polls/fox-news-poll-tight-race-in-ohio-biden-tops-trump-in-nevada-and-pennsylvania
  20. A level playing field is the desired outcome of any negotiation you idiot. If it’s not level, you don’t sign until you find ways to compensate for the advantage one party has over the other... I am almost ready to give up arguing, but I know it’s what you want us to do.....
  21. Sorry to belabor a point but if you don't believe the Virus is real, you won't take steps to stop transmission. The US has seen the decline on cases reverse - it was up 20% over last week's numbers, but within that it is Republican lead States performing worst. Why? Because so many of them are undermining efforts to control transmission. Karma has caught a few - the anti-mask Governor or Missouri and his wife are infected, and "leave it to God" pastors have become infected too, but way too many people take their lead from the President or Governors who are doing everything they can to downplay the risks and he is still holding rallies! So you have the North East with infection rates below 1%, West Coast under 3% v South and MidWest with rates between 8 and 16% ! (yes some of those States are showing "rapidly falling case numbers" but I'd point to "rapidly falling test numbers" too that obviously impact that) Wearing a mask is not the only solution to transmission, but it so obviously directly impacts it that not wearing one is totally irresponsible. And the fact that the White House killed a plan by the US Post Office to mail five masks to every household in the US is a scandal that in any other time that would be front page news. Unfortunately we have a totally useless media and multiple scandals every day to hide that. (As Boris and Dom know full well and are exploiting this in the UK too)
  22. Ah, I think I have rumbled Dom's cunning plan. We are going to use the military to ship critical goods to the EU through our bases in Cyprus. That'll show 'em. " Rule Britannia!, Britannia rule the waves, Britons never, never, never shall be slaves" The nations not so blest as theeMust, in their turn, to tyrants fall,While thou shalt flourish great and free:The dread and envy of them all. Forget about Berlin, the Akrotiri Airlift and Dhekelia Depot will be even more famous.
  23. Probably why his goons tear gas protestors so the news media can't show what people really think of him. He so obviously hated it when it happed at baseball before. Apparently a huge row erupted when he got back to the White House...public ridicule (especially coming from women) is kryptonite to a wannabe strongman. BTW - the latest Quinnipiac poll has him still down by 10% ...... with the following qualifiers. "Ninety-four percent of likely voters who selected a candidate for president say their minds are made up, while 5 percent say they might change their minds" https://poll.qu.edu/images/polling/us/us09232020_ufth12.pdf
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