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  1. Long standing human rights campaigner and publisher/journalist John Pilger wrote about the need for humanitarian action for Craig Murray, whilst two Alba MP's are calling for an urgent debate to change the differences between civilian and criminal prisoners with regards to having the rights to be tagged, released for health/humanitarian reasons. https://www.thenational.scot/news/19661076.john-pilger-joins-calls-release-craig-murray/
  2. Another annoying fake news story in the run up to COP26. She fought tooth and nail to exclude her Scottish properties from the need to insulate, and Nicola bent to her will. She does not need to save energy.
  3. I hope we experience a very cold winter, signs are that the Gulf stream has slowed considerably and we can't change that, so insulating our drafty leaky old houses might be quiet urgent and installing modern heat pump systems into un insulated houses is like trying to fill a bucket with no bottom, stupid. https://www.livescience.com/gulf-stream-slowing-climate-change.html
  4. Tweety pie typed 'If you don't understand you are as dumb as I think' thinking would mean that your one brain cell is communicating with the other. which other? you are lying again....
  5. My point is that Scotland needs direct links to the continent, not queues in Kent. The ferry services are in a dire state and the offer to build 30 for the same money Sturgeon wants to pay for 2 ferries sounds like an offer they can't refuse. These can be of any size. https://www.seatransport.com/ferries/
  6. she will fall on her own sword anyway, the SNP is loosing members and their belligerence will not last much longer.
  7. suit yourself. I do not order I offer. as for your academic proffering here, when your books clearly had no impact during the last 7 years of the SNP's destruction of the idea of Independence, I care not very much. Looking forward to your offer to a link of your thesis if it has any relevance to the barricading that has been Sturgeons order from Westminster. If I have trifled you with my jibe of 'unionist' then I shall desist in future.
  8. Covid is not going to go away because we can't stop it morphing into new variants. We can stop spending money on daft ideas such as Vaccine passports, as it is becoming clear that all of us, vaccinated or not, can carry and spread the virus. What we could have done after exercise 'Alice' and the damning report into this 2016 pandemic exercise, when Hunt was in charge, is to act upon the report, not cut the pandemic budget from 859million down to 530odd million, get a pandemic PPE stock and prepared a screening program for all those who enter the UK. That was a planned folly, as was the cutting of NHS funding to the bone and the sycophantic xenophobic tirades against hard working tax paying EU doctors and nurses. This should be a case for the law to decide there is a trail of wilful actions and ignorance to act which can be proven. I hope that these unnecessary death will be dealt with by a court, not a long grass inquiry.
  9. Here is a valuable lesson in Brexit planning. Ireland has secured direct links with Europe as it is easier to bypass England and its waiting queues. Scotland's Greens had a promise to build 2 new harbors and links with the continent, which was magiced away by the SNP who wants to spend 300million to build 2 new ferries for CalMac, as the current ships, also known as box of spanners, are failing regularly. Stuart Ballantyne is an award winning designer and inventor with a popular global ferry building expertise. This is his take on COP26 and why it should be cancelled. https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2021/10/17/an-australian-scots-view-of-cop-26/
  10. As you are an ardent Unionist, here is something you call diatribe, whilst others call it history. Englands relation with its colonies does not include repression of their democratic choices, and they have a right to self determination, without the say so of the colonizers. Enjoy reading something else than gate keeper news feeds. https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2021/10/19/whose-side-is-she-really-on/
  11. The Jigsaw one prisoner in Saughton prison, Craig Murray, is a civil prisoner, not a criminal one, hence he does not fall under the same rules as hardened criminals who can get a tag whenever the prison authorities decide to, for humanitarian, health or other reason. Craig asked to be tagged and do his sentence at home under the rules regime but they are refusing to take his precarious health into account. The revenge against Craig carries on and still, those who perjured themselves in front of Judge Dorian, have not been punished for perverting the cause of justice. This was written today in the National https://www.thenational.scot/politics/19653514.failing-rectify-inequality-law-raises-questions/
  12. The centre ground of english politics perse depends on the political gullibility of those who think polls are right and a good thing, those who become genetically accustomed to being hoodwinked at elections. There is no more centre ground, its blood red blue Conservatism that relies on emergency laws and lies to govern a crumbling union. They are using the law and more to get those who speak out about their crooks vilified, smeared and put in jail. That is the reality of a bullying England over its colonies, who can see that Independence for England from Europe, does not mean they can act on behalf of their people and have their own independence, to trade with Europe and or to make their own decisions about how they are governed. As an MP you should have the utmost goal to create a fair democratic fully proportional voting system for us, not sit on your hands raking it in, or for that matter selling out your foreign policy agenda to some rogue state that murders on a daily basis and, like us, puts up two fingers to international agreements. PR was only ever held up as a dream by Labour, it was never to get off the ground as politicians did not want to be controlled or directed by their constituents, they wanted to do as they like, hence their massive support for the Tory Governments and their policies, from Blair's disciples of doom who wallowed in jailing journalist/publisher Julian Assange. The Labour party should be friends to all countries, rather than following a political construct using spy's and infiltration and more backstabbing. The centre left is a construct and it has lost its heart. This old meme will be replaced with climate emergency activism and the inevitable collapse of the Labour party due to self servers and crooks who smear and backstab and moan that they have lost so many members. Labour is a damp squid and it will wither with the oligarchs that lead them on to the path of self destruction. Enjoy it from your arm chair.
  13. Starmer will do as he is told by Blair, Mandelson and those that pull his strings in the security services. He offers nothing than the status quo and will rather align himself with the Tories than to ever realise that his rejection of the centre left, many who are not paying membership anymore and have left, is what is needed to enact a different agenda to the Tories. To be honest, I can't see him changing his support rule for those in Government who failed, even if he says nothing and waits until the Tories peed off the EU so much that they shut the channel ports, which would be enough to bring chaos here within a week.
  14. the only thing Our MP is interested in is finance and making a buck. His website is an utter shambles for years and when you bother to write to him, you get some anodyne reply from some office bot. waste of space like the rest of them here in Norfolk.
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