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  1. More confusion as people are told that the budget will eventually be on Thursday, nevertheless the leaking Government info machine decided to ensure that many measures are released prematurely. All of us will pay more tax, they say. Is this another lie? will our MP's be paying more tax, will they get an above inflation rate pay rise next year? The Government will not stop individuals and companies using off shore tax havens to circumnavigate the exchequers tax demands, nor will they even contemplate to enact a offshore levy on all transactions in or out of these British dependencies. It is the longest carry on film ever, popular with the establishment, it has been playing in a loop far longer than any other films of this name, it is as old as prostitution'
  2. here is the Archaeological take on the effects of the Winslow declaration. Maybe someone who lives in France can research what the attitude of the French Government was when their settlers were dispossessed and evicted, had all their animals and fields destryed, the church burned down and the town destroyed. https://www.archaeology.org/issues/458-2203/features/10333-acadia-paradise-lost#art_page2
  3. Is the history of Acadia being taught in schools, comprehensive or traditional? It is the history of french settlers to Canada in 1608, who choose to reclaim land from marshes in the bav of Fundi, some 5261 acres, a bay with tidal flows of 15 meters, and their hard work building sluices, dykes and weir's reclamation to successfully grow food kept them happy. They had no leader or accepted any Kings, just lived a quiet life in peace with the local native Mic maq population and intermarried increasing their creole heritage. but why should I give you the short version when a historian can write their distopian history so much better. Enjoy a little of something many might have never heard about. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/11/acadia/comment-page-1/#comments
  4. you don't seem to have read the report. If you are saying that nobody can expect their children to be safe in schools, care homes, the police, hospitals, churches and more because child abuse is ingrained in society than you are agreeing with this state of affairs. Being silent on it does not make it go away, it provides a cover for abuse to continue. with such a report being filed away no child protection officer should/could be trusted to be in a room alone with your children interviewing/putting words in their minds or ask personal questions.
  5. I support that lying cheat, he is a model of an MP qby not changing my zero views of 'eat my celebrity alive' That is what they do, promise you everything they discussed once or twice and when elected, jump on any lucrative bandwagon possible forgetting their constituents needs. There are some who are well educated and try their best to be humanitarian, but I do not think that this antique model of an empirical democracy works for us, it works for the establishment and bottom feeders, the self anointed and those pretending to be pious.
  6. you are talking long grass, these abuses will continue and that club of self servers you so revere will do nothing about it. I'd rather wear a hat than stick my head in the sand whilst exposing my rear.
  7. Local Radio? is that local radio who once dared to debate and talk about local issues? questioned some councils for their spendthrift and selective spending to help their mates in business? the local radio that lost presenters who dared to try their hands at politics, and failed, due to their past utterances and woke interpretations of what happened in the past? national propaganda is obviously more in demand under a right wing Government than petty localism and footie reports.
  8. Power does corrupt, especially centralised power, but it is the time we give them in power, as well as the fact that nothing at the doorstep counts, aspirational promises that require no intention, if they can be bothered to actually canvass without camera's filming their campaign and giving us the impression that they are having a full canvass of a constituency. Power corrupts because we have no control over politicians once elected, they become the vassals of big industry, the markets and the off shoring establishment. If we could only select representatives at random, for one year, with a re-call mechanism should the randomly chosen person forget that they represent the needs of their constituencies, a one year service which will stop corruption, with no rights for livelong pensions, for a good wage. Automatic re selection by political parties who themselves would then be superfluous, would cease. Those chosen at random would group around the most important issues, and anybody with another agenda other than to represent urgent policies and their constituency, would be clearly visible to all other representatives, because they would stick out like sore thumbs, trying to tell everyone about their personal goals. Power can be limited and still work for constituencies, its would save 300 million at every election and ensure that we are in control of our representative during their years worth of service to us all.
  9. a p..s poor debate with no actual conclusions and I can't see the cover up merchants in the BBC, still suffering from Savillelitis maximus, asking questions on the institutional implications and or remediation of these criminal ingrained habits in public schools, hospitals, childrens homes, the all smothering/knowing media, and in the public. Yesterdays report into the mindset of some criminals and bullies in the force that should uphold law and order, makes it absolutely clear, that this report demands a core root and branch reform, starting at the top with those who turned around and pretended not to see or hear, when crimes were committed, who forgot to make notes of crimes, liberating arch criminals because they knew them and had a 'bond' with them. btw. such a report is not something you just file away and carry on whistling Dixie.
  10. So why are ClP's being ignored by the great knight? why has he changed every one of his ten point plan he lied about when taking over? why does he want to put non violent protesters in jail when he has no plan at all for the reform of the judicial service? My narrative was not false, there was always a percentage of members who had forgotten to renew. But if you are so eager, I got a spare Labour poster on a stick you can have, for a donation to the RMT, which harbors a lot of paying NUlabs among their members, paying their dues to that lying party politician of injustice and his followers. Go on, get your Labour party sign....'Don't get cold feet now'.....
  11. Party membership is not financing political parties anymore, its the 'donations' from rich donors who get gongs and other perks for it. Opening ears of politicians is achieved with large donations and policies are bent the same way. I have sympathy with a £ 3 cheap party membership, it should be affordable to everyone, if that is what they desire. Whilst I oce was in that party I had no objections to this measure, young people do not have much money.
  12. Labour has helped the Conservatives, and the media has deflected a years long inquiry report on child abuse, by totally smothering us with this icodnsequential Westminster rah rah, resignation etc. this report must be debated in all its details and considerate policies to alleviate this, another black mark on the UK. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/iicsa-report-of-the-independent-inquiry-into-child-sexual-abuse
  13. For the first time in his life, Boris knew when to pull out. He remembered Knaus Ogino.
  14. Sp does Mrs. Sturgeon, she has had UN ambitions for a time now, but her habits are getting in the way. Still no answer as to the reasons why the judge and two deputies put in charge of the covid response inquiry in Scotland threw in the towel some days ago. Does Rishi want to get the ill gotten gains from fraudsters and pep equipment hysters back? will these individuals and their companies be barred from doing business until they repaid the loot? What will the pandemic budget look like in his administration, after he borrowed 300 billion for us to repay forever? ARE WE PREPARED FOR MORE OF THE SAME? with less and less of other species to infect, humanity is very likely to be the target for more dangerous viruses to emerge. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/10/covid-inquiry-mystery/comment-page-1/#comments
  15. Nobody wants to have a say? demand their 5 seconds of power and make their little cross behind a line of pre chewed candidates that lied at your doorstep and have nothing more to give? you are welcome, just accept the loons who now fight among themselves. Even if I had a say in a GE, I would not use it, for is fake and full of cheats and self servers who think they are the only option there is.
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