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  1. you all like PR? great which particular kind of PR? the additional members system? Single transferable vote? Mixed MembersSystem. what about a lottocracy? Government by randomly chosen individuals in constituencies, rather than by unfulfilled wishful aspirational ideas from politicians hooked on power? https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/helene-landemore-open-democracy/
  2. who bombed and killed over 14.000Russian speakers in Donbass and Luchansk since 2014? go and try findout or seek help with using the internet. Find out why NATO lied in 1997 when they proclaimed not to expand into Eastern Europe by 1 inch or seek help for your dementia and or forgetfulness of historic facts. NATO has endangered the whole of Europe by its expansion and it is sad to see how many minds have co joined their thinking with that of cold hearted Ukrainian Nazi's who never wanted peace, are massively corrupt and promulgating an identity that never existed. Ukraine is not a country I recognise from historic records, its Slavs,Tartars, Russians and Romanians that shared parts of what people call Ukraine at present. Its not Russia that is proffering nuclear missiles in Suffolk, or flogging subs with intercontinental missiles to Australia, or station them in Romania and or ,soon, in Poland. It is NATO and greedy arms concerns that do it. sleep well canary in a cage.
  3. yep, so he should be, something every tabloid mind should recognise. Good write up about Julians criiminalisation by the Media and the establishment from Patrick Cockburn in the I paper and Independent, those who committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan should be in front of courts. Just in case someone appreciates real journalism and excellent writing, here is the man who managed to get into the court room and report this toffee bending exercise the High court calls law. Chums of the establishment are deciding why journalists should worry whether they ever be able to report the truth, exercise free speech on important issues, over and above cats getting get stuck in trees, hold the front page. Writing like this and witnessing proceedings as they happen, explaining judges personal connections and backgrounds, is not something many MSM journalists do. Enjoy a good read Cambridgshire canary in a cage. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2024/02/assange-final-appeal-your-man-in-the-public-gallery/
  4. The choice is stark, do you vote for a principled representative or someone who will follow Biden's dangerous course of wars forever? All main parties have form with regards to the post office scandal still brewing, with bits of information being wrenched out of their 'secrecy' drawers. I hope that Waveney will get their first Green MP and I'm sure that ballot boxes have to be watched like Hawks. at all times of day and night. I would advise to watch the verification of postal votes, in my view its not impossible to cheat as postal votes are allowed to reach the ballot box at the last minute, just before the count starts. Apart from that I would ask candidates some real questions. 1) do you believe that the ICJ decisions should be adhered to by the Governments that have signed up to its aims and objectives, including ours and its political parties. 2) Are you opposed or in agreeance with supplying bombs and military equipment to wars we are not involved in but support with our intelligence, bases in foreign countries and our own localities here? 3) Do you agree with the station and storage of nuclear weapons on East Anglia or UK soil? 4) how do you envisage we achieve a sustainable agriculture and environmental equilibrium.? 5) Are you for or against local communities generating their own energy by alternative means and supplying their experience and know how to other communities? I let you add whatever you like to ask them, although I could easily add some supplementary questions about policing, the Judiciary and or immigration.
  5. any evidence for it yet? This is a report of Navalny's 'habits' from when he was in Berlin Hospital. He was a bit of a lad. https://johnhelmer.net/hair-raising-new-evidence-berlin-hospital-test-reveals-alexei-navalnys-lithium-and-benzo-addiction-his-german-doctors-are-covering-up-tropicamide-poisoning-also-hidden/
  6. or Natanyahu, or the Sharifs and Buthos stealing democracy in Pakistan, or those who sell bombs and arms to African regimes , Sudan. north and south, Rwanda, CRC, etc. Navalny was not a healthy man. https://johnhelmer.net/hair-raising-new-evidence-berlin-hospital-test-reveals-alexei-navalnys-lithium-and-benzo-addiction-his-german-doctors-are-covering-up-tropicamide-poisoning-also-hidden/ but this little one year old was before a Ukrainian drone strike killed it whilst being in a pushchair with her grandmother, her parents must be devastated. Russians love their kids like we do. https://youtu.be/wHylQRVN2Qs
  7. I know everyone is sad about Navalny's death in prison and the circumstances leading up to it, but not much is heard about the twists and turns our very own justice system demands when it comes to justice for an Australian citizen, imprisoned by the UK and wanted on trumped up charges by the US, because, the journalists who benefited from Julian Assange's truth about international affairs and war crimes, have collaborated with the silence of a corrupted news system that does not allow truth to come to us. The latest twists by the UK high court to stop people witnissing and watching justice to be done could come straight out of the any dictatorial handbook, east or west, in a Kafkaest surrealist vision that can not be envisaged by anyone who beliefs in justice and or in justice seen to be done. I rest my/his case. The Australian Parliament has voted/asked for Julian to be freed on humanitarian grounds, he is a shell of his former self and his wife and children need him more than anyone who is asking for a false revenge for his truth speaking. If he gets deported to the US on some ancient grounds of espionage, absolutely without any grounds, journalists around the world will find that they are not able to speak out, or report truthfully anymore, it will mean an end to free speech. Free Julian Assange NOW! https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2024/02/state-secrecy-and-public-hearings-part-one/
  8. I wonder whether the death of Julian Assange will be a wake up call for all journalists who pretend that they are believeing in free speech. The great chess game grinds along. How many more people are we prepared to see dying? how many more billions will we throw at this campaign of hatred? and how many more children will go hungry in this country due to the priorities of some psycho's in Government?
  9. says who? canarydan 23? who are you to question the aims and objective results of an international panel of judges assigned to deal with a propaganda infested corrupt regime?
  10. And look who is joining into an Atlantic pact to get Ukraine made acceptable, regardless of the ICJ judgement on Ukraine's false acquisitions. Disgraced Pm Sara Marin who is kept in the lifestyle she became accustomed to by joining in Tony Blairs Foundation, and leftover Anders lost in Fogh Rasmussen and Boris de Peffel Johnson who managed to sabotage peace talks in the early stages of Ukraine's/NATO's war with Russia. 86 year old Nancy Pelosi who told protesters outside her abode to go and supp with president Xi Ji Ping and Intelligence asset Sean Penn. Douglas Murray is also of the same persuasion. what a rabble rousing little club that is https://yle.fi/a/74-20072351
  11. This is for littleyellowbirdie in his leather cappie, I very much hope he reads up what this means for all the false propaganda that has been diffusing minds on this non football blog, minds that have been bend by propaganda and outright lies, from the alleged discrimination against Crimean Tartars to the nebulous investigation of the MH-17 flight, all has been debunked. Ukraine called Luchansk and Donetzk terrorist organisation when all they initially asked for from Kiev to become autonomous regions. What now? will we carry on wasting billions on NATO's drive and war cries against Russia, will our civilians in western Europe be ground up in a potentially nuclear Holocaust of our own design? Will somebody say sorry for getting it wrong? I'm sure littleyellowbirie will know better than the ICJ, denounce them as Putinistas and worse, questioning International judges and their well researched work. Maybe littleyeloowtweetie has done his own research. https://karlof1.substack.com/p/international-court-of-justice-rulings
  12. you have not read it then, why don't you read the links being put up to it, they are direct quotes. Listening to the dim views of western propaganda merchants and warmongers is not enough, sorry.
  13. The LA Times is not run by Putin, try reading it. Further your cheap jibes at me are becoming tediously boring, why don't you come up with some evidence that says the International court of justice is run by Putin. Rock the boat yourself for a change Simpleton.
  14. maybe the great white knight Starmer wants to follow his fellow party members and sign the EDM 61654/177, now that the International Court of Justice ruled that thye war crimes are real, that the right to defend Israel is not related to cutting of water and electricity,or with bombing civilians, mainly women and young children. I thunk that a GE should have international observers present in council offices and at the ballot boxes that records of imtimidation are taken and postal votes are checked and ratified. https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/61654
  15. hoping for Godot. A committed Zionist Christian to run the country? good luck with that.
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