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  1. they were all liked, they would argue, otherwise the public would not have voted for them..... their aspirational wishful thinking and sloganising, which are non bionding, have always had the support of the national propaganda broadcaster and multiple regurgitation's of the same slogans are guaranteed to work not just in this country, but also within our role model and poodle relations ship America. For all its worse, How about George Canning who sadly died of pneumonia/covid in 1827 after getting one over Napoleon by capturing the Danish navy and preventing the French from annexing south America. He was also a liberal who wanted to see the abolition of slavery.
  2. I'm sure that not so pretty Patel will make it very easy for young eager/well off Hong Kong residents to come here and work, pay taxes and replace the many thousands who can't be bothered. The Rishi Sunak special, not taken up by those who booked at Rick Steins and various other restaurants, reneging on their booking, resulting in fingerwagging comments from the chefs once again makes it obvious that this cabinet of loser's controls nothing. Add the end of year economic calamity, cutting off all companies exports, unless they have EORI's or existing offices in Europe, will compound the bounders woe's some more and voters will not forgive the Tories for letting him get away with it. All this whilst new holiday resorts in the arctic circle and Siberia are opening up their beaches with 100 deg. Fahrenheit, just as BA sells off/recycles their 747 aluminium. Mind some 14000 can't pay for holidays as they have not had their Guaranteed ABTA approved refunds for flights that never happened. wishing you all an adequate summer.
  3. Any agreement will not be a matter of snipping a finger or two, working it out with a pencil or by spending reams of paper professing that we know what we want, when we want it and that its all somebody else's fault that we are too lazy to work it out. It takes a minimum of 5 years for a rapidly worked out trade deal. Dreamers like Ms. Truss, of the opinion that she can magic three trade deals by the end of the year, with her Sheila appeal, some girly swinging of hips and the thrust of the PM behind her, will fall flat on their noses. Maybe, if we still have access to EU markets, we can ensure that bn-investors in green energies and sustainable innovation might want to use us as a springboard to a more lucrative market, but they might have a far less complicated agreement already. If we leave without a deal, and I said so after the referendum on Radio Norfolk, when ex Tory candidate Nick Conrad, then still in his job as radio Norfolk spin master, this country will regress into a depression and recession of unknown proportions, just asked any economist. Lucky us, the pandemic has put a stop to all elections, dentists are still shut, minor operations not carried out by GP's/hospital, hairdressers are nil to a penny, but we can drink and mix in our pubs from tomorrow, marvelous.
  4. will the Clinton's be next for an interview/arrest? they were big friends with Epstein and Ghislaine was at Chelsea's birthday party. Clinton flew more than ten times on Epstein's 'Lolita Express' jet, but its easier to focus on some royal bonehead as the MSM goes into hyper drive to spread more murkiness on one of Epsteins many hundred ex clients worldwide. She might contract covid in jail, commit suicide, or has to be restraint with a Binyanahu knee job. They would not want here to speak out in court.
  5. Tweety pie, the EU has trade agreements with 55 countries. These countries will not jeopardise their access, the same we currently still enjoy, to the most lucrative market in the world, by trading with a cutthroat runaway that can't be relied on? You must take the blue pill and lie down for a while. As for the WTO, currently pummelled by Trump who wants to deny other countries the same rights the US demands under WTO rules, all balls in the air, this WTO is not worth the paper it was designed on, but countries still keep its ailing body alive. 62% of the UK population is now in favour of extending this wretched deadline, so hence your ire is misplaced.
  6. For all those who look at Starmer today and find him to their liking, please do read what made Starmer a privy councillor, a secure bit part of the establishment. He was in charge of the DPP when it covered up the widespread infiltration by undercover police to all sorts of groups, demos and more. He is also implemented in prolonging Julian Assange's suffering. He could have stopped this farce against one of the most freely speaking journalist and publishers we ever had, but he was up to his neck in it, bending over to US pressure to continue this now very ill mans physical incarceration. Shame on him for not speaking up about it. ' What Does The ‘Defend Julian Assange’ Campaign Say About The Labour Leadership? News Latest News World News Donald Trump US Elections 2020 Explainers Investigations CORONAVIRUS Politics Boris Johnson Brexit Labour Conservatives The Waugh Zone Commons People Podcast Opinion Personal Entertainment Celebrity News We Love TV Music Film Nostalgia Soaps Entertainment Insider Good Vibes Only Life Health Mental Health **** & Relationships Wellbeing Green Living Travel Women Food & Drink Money & Work Home & Garden The Spoils Parents Life As A Parent How To Raise A Good Kid Birth Diaries Mums Dads Babies & Toddlers Children Teenagers Parent Voices Family Time Finds Video Follow us Terms | Privacy Policy Part of HuffPost Politics. © 2020 Verizon Media. All rights reserved. News CORONAVIRUS Politics Opinion Personal Entertainment Life Parents Video U.K. Edition News CORONAVIRUS Politics Opinion Personal Entertainment Life Parents Video POLITICS 20/02/2020 20:58 GMT | Updated 20/02/2020 21:51 GMT What Does The ‘Defend Julian Assange’ Campaign Say About The Labour Leadership? Corbyn and McDonnell’s approach may not be shared by their successors. By Paul Waugh You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. Dreyfus doofus? John McDonnell has crafted an image over the past few years as a sweater-wearing bank manager, chuckling at and charming interviewers who suggested he was a dangerous revolutionary. While Jeremy Corbyn was Magic Grandpa, McDonnell was Uncle John. But as the pair of them prepare for political retirement from the front bench (though Corbyn hinted he may stay on), it’s clear that on the issue of Julian Assange, they are both keen to champion the kind of backbench causes they have plugged away at for decades. Today, McDonnell - who don’t forget is the shadow chancellor - decided that the most important issue for him was not the looming Budget but the fate of the Australian Wikileaks founder who is facing extradition to the US on a string of espionage and other charges over his leaks of classified material.‌ After a two-hour visit with Assange in Belmarsh prison, McDonnell emerged to make the extraordinary claim that this was “the Dreyfus case of our age, the way in which a person is being persecuted for political reasons for simply exposing the truth of what went on in relation to recent wars”. Given Labour’s controversies over anti-Semitism, that sounded singularly tin-eared to the Jewish community and the CST charity (that provide on-street security for Jews in the UK) was quick to tweet it was “Disgraceful false equivalence to one of the key learning moments of modern Jewish history”.‌ But McDonnell is not alone among the current Labour leadership. Corbyn himself raised Assange’s case in PMQs only recently, telling Boris Johnson that “this extradition should be opposed” because Assange had exposed “war crimes, including the murder of civilians and large-scale corruption”. Now, not everyone in the shadow cabinet is a fan of Assange and many women Labour MPs still revile his name because of the way he avoided justice in Sweden over alleged rape and assault in 2010. In fact, I vividly remember after a WaughZone Live event with Emily Thornberry last autumn one pro-Assange campaigner asking the shadow foreign secretary for support. Her response was a very firm message that she felt the priority was getting him extradited to Sweden. In fact, Thornberry has long said of the women involved “they deserve justice”.‌ But justice never came. Assange avoided extradition by seeking refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy, and last year prosecutors in Sweden dropped the case. Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Eva-Marie Persson said at the time that “I would like to emphasise that the injured party has submitted a credible and reliable version of events. Her statements have been coherent, extensive and detailed.” Persson added “the reason for this decision is that the evidence has weakened considerably due to the long period of time that has elapsed since the events in question”. Assange’s decision to simply avoid court had paid off, but it left a nasty taste in the mouth of many. McDonnell today said he discussed with Assange a startling claim made by his lawyer this week that Trump’s allies had offered to pardon him if he said Russia was not behind Wikileaks leaks of Hilary Clinton emails. During a visit to London in August 2017, congressman Dana Rohrabacher is said to have told Assange that “on instructions from the president he was offering a pardon or some other way out if Mr Assange...said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC [Democratic National Committee] leaks”. A huge problem for Assange here is that there’s plenty of evidence of his close links to Vladmir Putin and the Russian regime, and that the DNC leaks were part of a Russian state-sponsored hack. One of his closest associates was also Israel Shamir, a pro-Putin anti-Semite. Your average voter may ask: is this the kind of company that McDonnell and Corbyn want to keep? Now, of course it’s possible to oppose Assange’s extradition on grounds of press freedom and protection of whistleblowers, while at the same time loathing him for the way he avoided justice on the rape claims and for his long-standing associations with Russia. But given the way Corbyn’s own response to the Salisbury poisonings was effectively weaponised by the Tories in the last election, there are political costs for Labour in backing Assange.‌ Which brings us finally to Keir Starmer. When he was Director of Public Prosecutions, the Crown Prosecution Service fought hard for justice for Assange’s victims. When Assange claimed in 2012 that the Swedes were considering dropping the case, one email (leaked naturally) showed a CPS lawyer writing to their Swedish counterpart ‘don’t you get cold feet!’ But although Starmer has long fought hard as a lawyer for various causes, he is also a staunch believer in judicial independence. Leading politicians actually opposing an extradition is very problematic in the UK because our system is now a matter for the courts not politicians. Several Labour MPs were shocked when Corbyn actually opposed extradition in that PMQs. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/julian-assange-corbyn-mcdonnell_uk_5e4ee975c5b615cb7bdc9ee9
  7. yes lets prepare an open border for a potential Chinese UK migration swelling ours by a few million.. Apparently Taiwan is wooing them as well but they have not got experience with migration, and China buzzing them in the skies above. Much better they migrate here, I'm sure tweety pie will help them along a little.
  8. it took 10 years for Canada to hammer out the CETA deal and you ,tweety pie, think that this **** shower can comprehend the economic need for a comprehensive deal at the last minute. Please tweety, don't go to school again, go past google and see what you can find in the library to educate yourself. good luck with all the eye openers you will discover. I suggest you start with John Stuart Mill's 'on liberty' and maybe follow that up with J.A Hobsons 'imperialism, a study'.
  9. you do not understand very much do you tweety pie? When you put up monuments to slave traders and mass murderers you must not be surprised if they get torn down. Tweety pie would have defended Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad with life...
  10. Us this and US that, election time nears and the medias itching navel rash spreads around the country called England as if this dangerous attachment had any value. We have broken diplomatic relations with country's for far less, but if we want to change our very own police brutality here, we have to challenge this behaviour everywhere. Trump is dividing the country and he needs help from a shrink. His intelligence is not much higher that president Zuma's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS38viIgJxE
  11. There are 10 jounalists imprisoned in Egypt, Julian Assange is held on remand in a corona infested terrorist prison Belmarsh, now they want to prosecute two journalists in Scotland for daring to report factual realities form the Alex Salmond jury trial, which he won hands down. Apparently this does not stop sour grapes in the judiciary and hey presto, contempt of court charges for 'jicksaw puzzle identification' of one of the accused, when no such thing happened from either Craig Murray or Mark Hirst. These two are being charged and their case is heard on the 10.June in front of 3 judges, no jury. This is clearly a politically based bias that is displayed here, a jury of young women mainly had freed A.S. and police Scotland is now looking to harass and stifle free speech in other trials, such as Julian Assanges, postponed to September. The charges levelled could land either of the two in jail for reporting factually. Their work is open and everyone can read what was written. I challenge anyone to try and identify any of the accusers by the reports these two have written, I could not and am still not able to do so. I do not expect many of any of Archants writers to sign this open letter in support, but there might be a few souls who still believe in free speech and who will sign to support these two. Thanks in advance if you do. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/06/please-sign-the-open-letter/comment-page-1/#comment-944655
  12. Lock down is being enforced disproportionately and it creates division among our self, via media manipulations and factual lies. here is some proof. Those standing 4 m apart with masks only have placards to show to the public, 14 arrests. meanwhile thousands amass in parks to amble im the sunshine with hardly anybody noticing the lack of social distancing, no arrests.! https://twitter.com/realmediagb/status/1266802225608826886?s=21&fbclid=IwAR3OYwufMcmQ3RAnDagfz8pX4VwmEEdtoILKeRpC_DuPu0NBoBpbV8Wrs4E If the re opening of schools means that in 2 weeks we have a spike in Covid 19 cases, dare I say a teacher and or child dies, then we might face the wrath of the masses here as well. Private schools do not envisage going back to anywhere near normal before September, but very likely they will continue using zoom to educate the privileged. Our public representatives, MP's cllr.s and or political appointees do not want to sit in chambers/HoC because of the risk to them personally, so why should our children be asked to face the same risk?
  13. If it is really such a minor issue that Cummings had a Phone call with the PM before driving to Barnard Castle, why is it that the whole MSM is going hammer and tongs for Cummings all week round? The publics outrage at his betrayal never had them in 'tranc3e' to such extent. Further, not one outlet of the compliant bendable media has made a point about the fact that Glaxo Smith Kline has a major facillity at Barnard, some 500 m away and it would be possible to access their WIFI from the castle car park, not one scraping red top made/dared to make any connection between GSK announcement of a vaccine for the autumn, today's news, and or the visit of DC and his disguise, his wife/family. This is fishy to say the least, reminds me of a herring smoker in Gt. Yarmouth. BTW. anybody who believes that the Guardian is still holding a sceptre for socialist policies and serves the left, wake up, they are not. Here are some tips on how to relate to the Guardian and or handle their output of fake news/propaganda. https://theguardian.fivefilters.org/how-to-share/#howto
  14. I think that Swindon Canary should propose and accept an extension to leaving the EU, unless he really wants to land England in the proverbial brown corona infused matter. At present we have seen its trajectory and everyone, including Brexiteers, can see that its in mid flight and that it will hit the twirling fan blades soon. It is very likely to coincide with BJ and DC leaving office, making all the other, just appointed, ex leave spads rather uncomfortable in their skins. What odds on BJ leaving before end of October?
  15. for those who like to know why Dominic Cummings had to invent a sob story, plead near blindness and drive 274 miles for,MORE THAN ONCE. If a tourist breaks his 14 day quarantine a day early, to spend a weekend in Londonium to catch a dose or two, before he flies back home, THEY GET FINED for breaking the quaratine. so, the least Cummings should expect is a hefty fine. But, on the other hand, should this connecting the dots journalism, based on the facts as reported be turn out to have some truth attached, then he should be sacked immediately. ttps://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/05/why-barnard-castle/comment-page-5/#comment-943680
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