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  1. Can't believe people still read this MI5/6 mouthpiece, they are the paper version of the BiBi CE.
  2. Some very learned people are finding out whether mixing the two vaccines, Astra Zeneca followed by a Pfizer vaccination will actually/could possibly provide a much more all round protection. Anybody heard of such research and is a good suggestion?
  3. Yes there are lovely places, and there seems to be a migration of City dwellers, our once affordable 1930's ex council houses have gone up in price by at least 15%, putting them on the market is like dropping water on a hot stone, they are snapped up in two three days. Housing policy is always in a mess, keeping the housing stock low and prices up, building rabbit hutches where you can't get a king size mattress/bed upstairs and or developing super/show houses with vast acres to spare, nobody builds affordable apartment housing for the younger generation to afford. Why can't there be a requirement that if you want to build a hundred houses, you will have to build an apartment complex with various sizes of apartment, for example, building one and two bedroom apartments for those with limited agility, who can't climb stairs, and larger apartment for families and single bedroom apartments for younger people? Then there are the 3 million Hong Kong Chinese, not all of them well off, who will one day arrive and have to be catered for, not that this will accelerate house building much, we will have to manage with the resulting price hike and anything thats built will be snapped up before its finished.
  4. How about training for pitches that are dry dusty and not as flat as we would like it, be prepared for everything, maybe the SAS could do it for us, they have got lot of experience of training people in all sorts of conditions. My suggestions would be to start with Norfolk pea shingle, rolled into a flat clay surface and proceed to 20mm gravel size, that should do it. Howzat...
  5. I'm afraid those frequent flyers who spread this virus around the world will just have to suck it up, public health can't possibly be threatened by these means of business events any longer when they could be having conference calls, or do some online window shopping of various stalls at a trade show. Sorry, if that is not possible at present, it should be, imho. Time to introduce greener ways of doing business/horse trading, we can't afford the subsidised kerosin, the various other perks aircraft operators and passengers enjoy, nor the increasing bio threat this causes. Did you know that aircraft operators buying new aircraft are VAT exempt? Cheap holidays on the back of others health should be ended and somebody should invent a way of exchanging air in mid flight, until the collective breathing in stops turning an aircraft into a flying petri dish, at just the right temperature, flying is a risk to public health.
  6. Hurray, now you can loose a grand from a stolen credit/debit card before anybody notices it. Sunak has postponed the ravages of Brexit by accepting more money tree loot, extending furlough will only prolong the agony of large scale unemployment and food ration vouchers for millions, we only have to look and listen to some NHS staff that have to use food banks to feed their families. Once again, those who have kept us alive during the last two years, nurses doctors care staff and employees of food retailers, are all being left out by Rishi, what a sh.t show.
  7. It is inevitable that Ireland re unites. They have lived together peacefully for 20 years and share some of their vital services and infrastructure already. Brexit seems to have annoyed the Unionist minority and slogans like 'we know where you live' and threats to customs and excise staff will only underline their knuckle dragging attitudes. Ireland is growing together and I hope that one day SOON we will see unity emerge from the Emerald Isle. Ireland is beautiful, full of ancient history and its people are great!
  8. who would have thought. Sunak hangs everybody out to dry, tomorrow, with more council tax and income tax guaranteed, whilst corporations have got two years to pack up should they not like the extra 4% to come. Starmer, the knight in shining Armour/rich man's nick Griffin, waving the union jack at him talking of what he has not done, but has no suggestions to make himself, another trumpet job. Well, que surprise, looking at his abysmal record in supporting right wing moves, he might have to deliver leaflets all by himself. https://novaramedia.com/2021/03/02/keir-starmer-is-a-long-time-servant-of-the-british-security-state/
  9. This article today is a masterclass for budding and established journalists to read up about the current Russophobia, promoted by USUKIS. It has to do with propaganda and who is involved in it. It shows the FCO's input in various nefarious organisations, all vying for money and accolade, including Reuters, the BBC and fake news specialist Integrity initiative and Bellingcat. I very much hope that last weeks revelations by Grayzone are shared with others who might want to find out about taxpayers money and how it is squandered on Aktis, Ark, ZINC and many others. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2021/03/mote-in-your-own-eye Grayzone is written By Max Blumenthal, one of the few blogs specializing in covert propaganda exposure. https://thegrayzone.com/2021/02/20/reuters-bbc-uk-foreign-office-russian-media/
  10. I take it that the student union has to say this as apolitical as possible, it would otherwise be a target of more accusations of fostering Antisemitism. The points the JSoc. raised are part and parcel of a campaign to undermine and stop the facts about a toxic Islamophobic Zionist Government being challenged by the global media.
  11. How riveting the questioning of AS was yesterday, could hardly get any gardening in. He came over as confident, erudite and very well informed, hardly looking at his notes. Even after Alex Salmond's appearance before the committee, the Crown court, invited twice before to share the missing evidence by the inquiry team, has not acted and it is to be seen whether they will serve papers on AS's lawyers to produce the missing emails, whats app messages and other information. The Crown court is clearly compromised and one can only hope that the mistakes made in this handling of the com[plaints will be learned by all. It is to be seen if NS, who is making busy use of her access to the BBC and the wider media to trounce AS suppositions to the committee, will get the same treatment next wed. She must not use his past trial, as we heard from Mrs. Fabiani who slapped down Alex for daring to speak of his innocence, axs it is not part of the inquiry. It is to be seen whether the questioning about timing and the closeness to the Crown court and lord wolffe, who is also the Governments legal beagle, will take the same form it has done with AS. Many questions were raised during the 6 hour ( yawn) session and she will have to answer many of them. See whether there is a need to overrun the allotted time and how the questions are couched. Deference is not what is required next Wed. she must answer, hopefully to all the papers available to the committee by then. Up to that point, and possibly after, we will be fed by the spin masters of the BBC and wider Tory paper proprietors.
  12. you can't compare the SNP to a gadfly such as UKIP., as for their economic prowess currently siphoned off to Westminster, it is far better suited to Independence than Wales or Cornwall.
  13. Marvelous, so some would say, Biden has dropped his first bombs in Syria, unfortunately on Iraqi forces fighting with all the other terrorists the US UK and Saudis funded up to now. Biden has never opposed wars in the past and is heavily involved in Ukraine, I'll be surprised if he will get the Iran nuclear deal back on to the books without lifting sanctions. Erdogan seems to be making friendly noises towards him, despite having had arms deals with Russia. Israel, who is using its spare vaccine to gather 'diplomatic support' is still led by a warmongering Idslamophobic Zionist who is currently involved extending the nuclear facilities at Des Dimona, it has approx. 80 nuclear warheads capable of being launched by ICBM capable launchers and submarines. No slaps on the wrist here for the mass violator UN internationally agreed rules and regulations. I do not hold my breath about Biden, he is not a peacemaker, Yemeni's are still dying from UK munitions as well as for our ACTIVE help and expertise to Saudi's.
  14. By now everyone who watched yesterday's newsnight or today's world at one will have realised that this ugly display of Scottish Government politics has now hit the buffers, even if AS has refused to incriminate himself over a complicit Crown court redacted version of his evidence. Nevertheless, here you will get the real thing, without the spin, and should you know somebody working at the Crown court in Edinburgh, fed up with this corruption of Scotland's democracy, somebody who might or might not have Geoff Aberdein's full statement at hand for a 25K enhancement, I'm sure it would go a fair way to rebuild the polity and democratic standing of Scotland. Here is Craig's offer, enjoy. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2021/02/25000-reward-offered-for-copy-of-geoff-aberdein-testimony/
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