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  1. Thanks as usual for report Ricardo, I think we watched the same match. We was robbed !
  2. Yes I am too, Poringland where I live before coming here was excellent for the match. So, enjoy it everyone, I will be with the no less passionate UAE Canaries down the pub. Also, special request to Ricardo.......would be great if you started to post your match reports on here in the future, thanks
  3. Great news, I seriously believe he will be our future Captain and will play for England, expect a big season from him.
  4. In reality both Watford & Bournemouth are catching up with us. Once our squad had direction, organisation and motivation it showed last season just how much stronger than those two clubs it was, of that there is no doubt. We HAVE already strengthened with some quality and then we have no reason to suspect we wont see at least a couple more, but lets not go down the route of simply bringing in numbers when we already have decent strength and quality plus very good EPL experience too.
  5. Had the OP come from anybody else then that person certainly would have not received some of these responses. Anyway, its a decent OP subject to get reaction and debate from, exactly what message boards are designed to do. I do get where you are coming from LDC and respect your opinion, and it certainly is not impossible. BUT.....and its a big BUT, there are definitely more than six clubs with way more resources than us and much stronger squads, even when taking into account that our squad does seem to be under estimated by many, including City fans. I feel that a Stoke or a Southampton could possibly sneak into the top six with a fair wind and luck on their side, and that if we survive this season and build our squad for two or three more seasons, then and only then could we dream of such a situation, and as the season pass it will probably be a bigger challenge. Sure, you can do it for a week or two, up to maybe Christmas, but then as we have seen so many times those clubs with squad strength and depth really start to push on as the "surprise package" is found out and the squad doesnt hold up .
  6. He wont be far wrong, the EPL shapes up pretty much like this most seasons, few surprises. I disagree with Swansea, I dont think they will be close to top 6. As for our great team, we surely all know and expect that it will be a real battle to keep out of the scrap down at the bottom, and to do just that will be a decent achievement. What I just get so annoyed about is, that so many even knowing this will come on here slagging everything about the club off as per usual. Anything better than simply keeping clear of the bottom three, like maintaining mid table throughout the season will be a major achievement. The club is in good hands and I am looking forward to avoiding the scrap!
  7. I see the sticks are coming out to beat the club with before a ball has been kicked this season. My guess is, that in reality, we will never know the answer to this question. Why? Because the majority of transfer headlines we read are either made up by the player''s agents, the media or these days even social media. We will read that five EPL sides were/are interested when in reality only one club was/is, pretty obvious really, which is why I never get excited about transfers until I see those original pictures with our new player either wearing or holding a City shirt. I wonder which clubs we beat to the signature of....."The Wolf" ???
  8. What a great thread, no insults flying around. I just do think that many are under estimating the squad we have, sure more strengthening is needed, but it should be very selective, and that is what appears to be happening. Also, as has been pointed out, in terms of what we can afford, we should be realistic.
  9. I would much rather have Wickham in our squad than RVW. Even in a patchy career to date I have seen him play some decent games, and given a run I wouldnt be at all surprised to see him notch regularly. Palace must not be taken lightly.
  10. Yes, a true legend from a magic era. Had the pleasure to see her perform some years back in Great Yarmouth, she was terrific. Great lady.....
  11. Phew yet again Hoooton is the reason for a player''s performance or under performance, get''s tedious. On all accounts he was as inconsistent if not more so at Loftus Road. Sure on his day a cracking player, but a lot of mediocrity in between regardless of who is the manager. I too much prefer Mulumbu.......as I am sure the majority will when looking back on Fer''s few great games for us.
  12. Yes, I am positive but also realistic. I expect to see one or two more in and can see us being a difficult side to play against. The pace at the back at this level is a concern, but it will also be fir many other clubs without the mega millions. So, yes positive from me too
  13. Of course it really is impossible to know whether this is a "made up role" or one that is required, but I am sure, like me, most on here smiled a bit when you read the announcement. Of course, it is great that the club did what they said and gave him a position, and of course for NA its a salary coming in whilst also working at his favourite club, so now he can take his time looking elsewhere if he so desires, he is undoubtedly a good man. That said, when I really think about it, I personally do actually suspect that it is a required role within the scope of the club. I was just trying to think of a few other roles he could have been given.....of course, very important roles......I came up with two he may have found of interest... Coach Inspection Manager: "with the players travelling so many miles to away games, it is crucial that the coach they travel in meets all of the requirements in terms of comfort, temperature and other key areas. We have been searching Europe to find the quality of person required with the right experience who can check the coach market to ensure that the Norwich City footballers transport to away games meets our very high premier league standards. Neil meets all the criteria, particularly as since his departure he has been touring the Norfolk Broads in a 54 seater Easton''s Volvo coach, in which incidentally he was particularly impressed with the leg room, and this training has enabled him to be awarded the Level 1 coach-ing badge. Footwear Analyst Manager: "with the choice of football boots being so key to optimum performance in the modern game, it is crucial that every player wears the correct footwear, not only in terms of whether its a moulded sole or not, but also in terms of comfort, brand, standard or ankle boot and most important the colour. Now we have three amazing new kit designs, it is of great importance that the colours of our players boots do not colour clash with our new kit, and in particular with the Aviva logo. We scoured Europe to find the person with the right level of experience for this key role, and Neil met all of the requirements. During his career Neil has worn a multitude of different kits and boots,and whilst having a penchant for a black Puma boot himself, Neil has also seen almost every colour boot in action since he took a break from the club and is now very keen to start work again with us, so that the team are fully colour coodinated for the first match against Crystal Palace, he has a lot of work to do and we wish him well"
  14. Wiz, down boy! Seriously though, if rumour true and that is very unlikely, Crouch even at 34 is still a very handy option to have. He looked fit last season and was effective when played, still a real problem and has great work ethic. plus on all accounts is great for team spirit. I am a huge believer in that you can never have enough striker options, and he would give us that something different.
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