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  1. I just can''t get over the fact the club are still pursuing it even after the Barclay reaction to the news against Stoke. So if he appears in a yellow jersey would you boo him?
  2. One michael turner there''s only one Michael turner he used to be sh@t now he''s all right living in a turner wonderland
  3. A perfectly good trolling thread ruined by common sense and debate
  4. Nathan Redmond is developing brilliantly and whilst I don''t think we will keep him for the long term one of the big boys will pick him up. Never the less we will get a huge fee for him and I think he will break into the England 1st team. Not everything Ooton did was crap
  5. Watching the first 3 games what is clear is that the 3 teams that have come up from the championship are going to be very competitive I think all 3 will be safe which means 3 more established clubs will do down. Villa and Sunderland look poor and I think second season syndrome will kick in and Leicestet will follow them
  6. Even I am getting bored with you now! Why not spend the day relaxing and bothering your sister bonner boy
  7. Can''t lose 3 points a happy weekend. A defeat I will be on here moaning like a bitch Can''t wait
  8. It''s a sign of the mans genius that he gave the opposition a head start and still kept us up!
  9. [quote user="Herman "]Quite literally would prefer Julie Walters.[/quote] I think the world is about to stop spinning. The arch happy clapper is not happy clapping. I am going to have to go for a lie down
  10. If McNally has sanctioned this move then as many of us suspect he does not have the best interests of the club at heart. He is only interested in his bonus. McNally out
  11. Happy birthday you are old enough to be my granddad
  12. [quote user="STAN"]Who''s your reccomendation then Canary Legend?[/quote] Paul Faulkner
  13. Every dog has its day and he has had his. Done some good things but time for a refreshed approach at CEO level.
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