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  1. "It will make sense when you see who the new directors are I am critical of the Stowmarket 2 but they have done well re thee new board members" And I suppose these 3 new Board members are behind the re-appointment of Lambert (the Messiah as you call him) are they?! What utter horsesh*t you spout.
  2. "So saying you played for Blofield at Palntation Park" So I got The Rec and Plantation Park in Blofield mixed up, is it any wonder? I played at both venues dozens of times in my Amateur football career. I''m not Smudger, I''m not from the shi**ole of the Midlands either, I was born and bred in Norwich and proud of it too! I went to the first pink un posters gathering at the former May & Baker social club on Sweetbriar Road and because I Slipped under the radar and nobody can remember me it winds you all up to the max!! Oh and I was at Watford Saturday, I was singing the "who put Sanchez in the pit" super Ryan Bennett song, the "Mbokani''s (Mbokant) having a party" song and the "12 days of Xmas" Huckerby song. I''m not giving my seat number away though Tilson. I''m fully aware you used to be a plod who fancied himself as a bit of a detective on the QT!!
  3. "Golden opportunity to ask Alex Neil those burning questions you know you want to ask him at the fans forum at the Carra on Wednesday." Stop your pant wetting Happy Clappy Lappy because I can tell you now it''ll be "write your questions on a sheet of paper, hand them in and we will pick the best ones to ask Alex." In other words a carefully orchestrated McNally carve-up. Despite that, enjoy the evening!
  4. "Are you really surprised i bracket you with the Nancy Negatives ?" You''re a hypocritical old goat Tilson. When you were head of NCISA (a Nancy name if ever there was one) you were the biggest ''Nancy negative'' the world has ever seen. Constantly criticising everyone from the team to the tea lady to get your 15 minutes of fame. Still you know what they say - it takes one to know one!
  5. "he has lied about who he is, who he played football for and who he supports......." I have been 100% honest Jade, but you''ve just told 3 lies there love x
  6. "Man up and admit you do not like Norwich and you love it when they lose......." On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. Was inconsolable on the way back from Watford last night. Drank away the night and couldn''t even look at this board this morning.
  7. "Neither Ruddy or Martin were playing so know it all Ruthers..." Know it all eh? Well I knew Martin & Ruddy needed dropping and I knew we''d need to score 3 to win yesterday didn''t I? Not a ''know it ALL'' no, but definitely a ''know more than you lot'' of Delia Divas
  8. "I''m afraid that there is not 3 worse teams in the league than us." We''re the worst 3 teams I''ve seen this season - away to Newcastle, away to Watford, home to West Brom!
  9. You have had 24 hours Smudger and is this the best you can come up with ? I''ll take that as a ''yes'' from you Tilson
  10. All the other teams are picking up points bar us. I hope you''re all satisfied with Prudence with Ambition, the 2015 comeback tour?!
  11. Is that the height of your ambition Broadstairs? Being at least one place higher than the scum?! You and our Board of Directors deserve one another pal
  12. "How the hell do you know how the club is run. You''re just a nobody like the rest of us." Lol. That''s what you think pal. I''m closer to the club than any other poster on here. Wait, it''s either that or I''m Smudger?! It''s one of those 2 - I''ll let you make your own mind up.
  13. "Our seven Board members are running a business with a turnover of about £100 million and trying to move us forward and to my mind are carrying a passenger." John whilst I agree with the sentiment of your thread I have to draw a line at this sentence. There''s only one board member running the business - McNally. And how exactly are they ''trying to move us forward''? Have you any evidence of this? As for passengers - there''s five of them - all sitting in the back blindfolded while McNally has the wheel and Bowkett helps navigate - but only IF asked!
  14. " and let this troll starve for attention." Great example you''re setting with this reply Bore. Lol
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