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  1. mccanary

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    Can't believe I've just heard the positive comments from that lot.......
  2. mccanary

    Match Thread V ManC

    Me too........speechless, ecstatic and covered the living room in beer!!
  3. mccanary


    Is that in the dead centre of cromer?
  4. mccanary

    Today should be fantastic

    It has been incredible.
  5. Kenny McLean......I'd vote for him!! Great to see all the team enjoying it this morning. They say 50000 on the streets today. Incredible. Awesome. Fantastic. Outstanding Thank you boys. It's been emotional.... OTBC.
  6. mccanary


    Just watched the last quest highlights with Dean Ashton Really good coverage and credit to the boys and DF. I'll miss Colin. and his pundits........just a bit!!
  7. mccanary

    Countdown to kick off

    Cabs booked......restaurant booked......bag packed......time to go . Have a great evening whether you're at the game ,watching or listening from near or far. OTBC
  8. mccanary

    Countdown to kick off

    Have just drunk my bodyweight in doom bar......That's another few hours ticked off ...........
  9. mccanary

    Countdown to kick off

    That's the horses done .....two hours less to worry about.
  10. Finished work for the week. The countdown starts here. Staying in the city tomorrow night to save driving home after although I only live 15 miles out! Starting to get a bit excited and slightly nervous at the same time. Off to a gig tonight which will fill a bit of the time....... What are you lot doing to fill the time til tomorrow evening?
  11. mccanary


    We spent a couple of hours in there before the game.....no queues for beer always makes for a good time in my opinion! DJ kept turning the music down for the lads to get their vocal chords in tune !Brilliant.....as was the whole day [H]
  12. Yes thats what I`ve discovered. Will leave it til later now as would rather speak to the ticket office than get cheesed off with the club`s IT dept. !!
  13. Yep...have since done a bit of research and found that my seats are still mine til 5 tomorrow
  14. Having a bit of trouble getting through. Got to buy tickets page and found my seats were not available. Then the fckn page timed out.....Have season ticket holders got priority on their own seats?