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  1. Is that just his interpretation or a directive? Hopefully boris will get his sh1t together and help us all out. Fingers crossed for your bro. We're all feeling it.
  2. Does this apply to tradesmen working at residential premises too? Still all a bit woolly.
  3. Seems like we are allowed to work but ,as you say all the suppliers have shut their doors this morning. Managed to get a few bits to keep going this week from one supplier who was good enough to open for a couple of hours but that's it. Seems there is a bill in front of parliament today to address the self employed conundrum. Fingers crossed. Stay safe and thoughts are with all affected.
  4. I've got one site where subbies are working today which is open. Outside and away from customer but will the concrete turn up??? Local builders merchant closed but have 2500 of materials ordered and paid for so they won't arrive. It's a real mess . Stay safe all.
  5. I'm a self employed small builder. Is this essential work???
  6. This is more about the contempt shown to young fans by the spurs team than the gatecrashing. And it's not rumour........I was there.!
  7. We stayed at dunston Saturday and on arrival found quite a few young kids and dads waiting to see spurs leave. On chatting with some of them it appears they were from London and hoped to get close to the players , possibly even get a selfie or autographs. Spurs team left by the rear entrance..........that's how important these young fans are to them. There were also stories that members of the team/club had gatecrashed private events on the Friday night. Staff we spoke to were disgusted with the attitude and general behaviour of the club whilst they were there.
  8. We played really well today and I'm happy to be proved wrong! OTBC.
  9. But are they talented defenders based on their apparent inability to defend ? Our defensive record over two seasons, even allowing for the injuries, has been atrocious. Should we sell the lot and purchase slightly less talented players who can defend?
  10. How can our young and talented defence be worth the sums of money being bandied about when they cant defend ?? Discuss !
  11. For over 30 years I've had a season ticket and missed very few games. Over the last few seasons I've become more and more disillusioned with the game.....proportionate to the increasing stranglehold that tv and big money has on the game at this level. Ridiculous kick off days and times and moving those kick offs without a thought for fans. Saturday 3 o'clock is football, ( or 745 weds) not 430 Sunday -( Or any time they feel like trying something else) I'm completely fed up with the whole circus. Don't get me started on VAR and official bias towards the top teams. Two season tickets up for grabs in the barclay next season. I'll keep chris company on the radio.
  12. Can't believe I've just heard the positive comments from that lot.......
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