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  1. Rest them????? ****. Professional sportsmen should be more than capable of dealing with the schedule. Saturday wasn't a particularly high intensity game. Would we be talking about resting players if we'd played anyone else on Saturday??
  2. Been going a long time now. Plenty of tricks up my sleeve !! Home now. Pick up Mrs mac then a couple of cold ones and watch the highlights
  3. Mine will cost me a breakfast today but been free all season. We even renegotiated when the property changed tenants.. 😁😁
  4. Yes I agree but as far as I know,there are no away pubs for today. They don't seem to use the waterfront anymore.
  5. Be there by 930....I'll keep an eye out!!
  6. Apparently leaving portaloo road at 0845. Now I know the A140 is carp with roadworks but how long do they think it's gonna take to do 40 miles? Have they worked out the timings based on the speed of an old John deere??
  7. I don't watch it since it became a procession
  8. Cool as a cucumber . I remember how funny that was at the time.
  9. Got to love a free secret parking spot on riverside
  10. Definitely. Even just snorefolks commentary brings it back with pics in my head.
  11. I'm hoping to be too inebriated from celebrating to consider getting anywhere near a bbq. 😂 Good call on the patio though. Sitting looking at it and it could do with a once over. That'll kill half an hour. !!
  12. Always a good watch. Mental day.
  13. All necessary jobs completed as I've been up 2 hours now. Twiddling my thumbs for another hour then meeting my boys in the city for breakfast with ale.
  14. Mrs mac dropped off at work, kitchen cleared after breakfast, dogs walked, car fuelled..........not meeting the lads til 10.. Suggestions to kill a couple of hours.......not involving alcohol .......yet Really looking forward to this one. Got a good feeling about it. Wherever you're watching , enjoy it. 14 years, 14 years ,.........OTBC
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