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  1. I follow for me. I refuse to give my money to the monster that is sky.
  2. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  3. Early start in the Ford capri. Parked up in North London by 9am....boot up and bar open. After a few tins we enjoyed an impromptu match against Sunderland lads on the main car park. Into the ground for more ale then into the pens...only to discover our tickets were in Sunderland territory. City had the next pen up so some of the lads gave us a leg up and passed the beers up after us. Fantastic day out. Some things you never forget
  4. Took ten minutes to load before the game then another ten after half time..........and dropped out just before the mayor did his thing. Fairly cheesed off with it tonight
  5. Fcukin useless. Glad I'm not paying for it.
  6. Morning! Anyone else not received season ticket holders code for today's game?
  7. Is that just his interpretation or a directive? Hopefully boris will get his sh1t together and help us all out. Fingers crossed for your bro. We're all feeling it.
  8. Does this apply to tradesmen working at residential premises too? Still all a bit woolly.
  9. Seems like we are allowed to work but ,as you say all the suppliers have shut their doors this morning. Managed to get a few bits to keep going this week from one supplier who was good enough to open for a couple of hours but that's it. Seems there is a bill in front of parliament today to address the self employed conundrum. Fingers crossed. Stay safe and thoughts are with all affected.
  10. I've got one site where subbies are working today which is open. Outside and away from customer but will the concrete turn up??? Local builders merchant closed but have 2500 of materials ordered and paid for so they won't arrive. It's a real mess . Stay safe all.
  11. I'm a self employed small builder. Is this essential work???
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