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  1. The cabbage coaches left at 3.30 for the first game at spurs and didnt get there until 6;45 for the 7;30 kick off. By the time people had walked to ground was a mad rush.
  2. There's 50 of us going to the Blue Coat before the match. Come and join us and make this the "away" pub! We're in there from midday. COME ON!! https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/south-yorkshire/the-bluecoat-rotherham
  3. I need just one, ONE! ticket for Rotherham. Can anyone help me please?
  4. I know it's not safe around the ground, but is there a pub we can takeover for drinks and songs before the match? There is 20 of us and want somewhere to go. Any ideas?
  5. The fact that there is even this debate suggest that he is the wrong man. Maybe EDP, NCFC and Radio Norfolk will realise soon
  6. I think everyone is sick and tired of Sainty. Not sure who he actually thinks he is but I would guess just a regular man a little bit pissed on his new found powers! Which fans actually voted him and his little entourage as our voice to the club? It an embarrassment I would be highly surprised if the majority of fans support this. Still, if it gives Ego Man his chance to wear the official club tie and pretend he''s someone he''s not then good luck to him. But I am not in the slightest bit interested in what they have to say. Power to the real fans!
  7. Club in unity for the first time in years, yet some sad acts are just dertimened to keep creating a divide between supporters. Oh how wonderful it would be to be like you.
  8. What''s the best boozer for away fans at Arsenal?
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