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  1. I believe he was only at Norwich on a short trail basis.
  2. I doubt he will be on mega bucks now. Most Scottish premiership clubs are paying players at English League 1 levels.
  3. I believe Webber has previously said that we are looking to sign players that represent value for money. On the whole proven Premier League / Championship players don''t fall in to this category. If the club can identify those players that have the quality to make the step up for less money then purchasing more expensive established players then it''s a win-win. Although this is easier said then done!
  4. I don''t understand how it is feasible for championship clubs to be spending £10m+ on a single player when the average turnover per club in the championship is around £20m! In which reality does this make financial sense?
  5. I can''t imagine there is a cat in hell''s chance of him going to Victoria Setubal. Most of the the clubs in Portuguese league, other then the possible exception of the big 3, have very little money and I can see them only being able to afford a fraction of his current wages. I guess we will negotiate the early release of his contract and he will end up at Lisbon again or similar statue of club, as low risk gamble.
  6. [quote user="9Зvintage"]I''m looking forward to seeing who the new chairman is. A change is overdue given the mess of the last window, but overall Bowkett leaves us in a parlous state. "Could have done a lot better" would be a fitting epitaph.[/quote] I doubt Bowkett had much input to individual transfers, he might had input into the overall transfer budget, but he would not of been involved in the day to day running of the club. The role of chairman, as far as I''m aware, is a non-executive position, so its not going to have any adverse effect on not having anyone in that position for the time being. It shouldn''t effect this transfer window. The club can take their time in finding a suitable candidate
  7. [quote user="lappinitup"]From TWTD......"So much for the Mings fee arriving in instalments, it seems to have gone fully into the accounts for last year"Reply - "It goes onto the balance sheet in full immediately but is received in instalments"This can''t be true can it? Why would they show money they haven''t received in the accounts only to show a profit which is then subject to tax?http://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/361279/as-supporters-selling-players-is-pretty-rubbish-at-the-moment/#23[/quote] Yes it is as Ipswich would of invoiced Bournemouth for Ming''s in that financial year. From an accountancy point of view its irreverent when the cash for that invoice is received.
  8. He is not too old he still has at least a couple of years left in him. He has not suffered any major injuries and his game is not built around out and out speed of which are the things that most curtail players careers. Also the fact that he doesn''t play every game will help prolong his career as it keeps him fresh and lessens the chance of injury. I think finding a replacement is going to be very hard as there are so few players in his mold. If a player doesn''t process the all round quality of a Silva or Hazard then its very difficult for them to get a chance as they are considered too lightweight. Just look at Wes he didn''t get a chance to play in the professional game until he was 24 and then that was only with Livingston.
  9. I don''t think Kane was physically ready when he was on loan with us, but that is something he has definitely worked hard on over the last couple of seasons. I think it was the same with Gibbs when he was on loan with us. He showed glimpses of being a good player but was just outmuscled most of the time.
  10. As it is for only a month we shoukd be able to recall him if needs be. It''s a great chance for him to get some regular first team experience in a higher league then he played before. If he does well he should have a stronger case for getting into the first team here.
  11. [quote user="Wiz"]Regarding all I have said on this subject and whether I''m right or wrong, I do believe the fans deserve an explanation on the BJ sale.So far, the silence has been deafening from the club. [/quote] That is wrong Alex Neil has made a statement about BJ''s transfer - http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/bradley_johnson_s_norwich_city_exit_was_best_for_all_parties_says_alex_neil_1_4238315 I believe the board would of backed Alex if the right players were available. The little tip bits that has been mentioned in the media that we have gone in for players but they have not wanted to come here. There is no point going and buying players for the sake of it. It''s better to stick with what you have then sign someone you don''t really want. As QPR have shown just going out and having a scattergun approach on signings and spending lots of money on mediocre premiership players doesn''t work!
  12. I don''t think he will be looking to leave anyway. From the article I posted yesterday he doesn''t strike me as someone that is very ambitious. I think the Villa thing a couple of years ago was due to him not playing regular. As long as he is a regular in the side he is going to be happy, so I''m not concerned about him being poached.
  13. I would say he is currently the early front runner for POTS. Hopefully he can keep it up it would be good to see him get it after so many years at the club. This is quite an interesting article about him http://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/european-championships/wes-is-as-young-a-33yearold-as-ive-seen-31506598.html
  14. Thankfully they no longer have Suarez. Every time we played them he tore the defence apart. Even the draw we got at Anfield, in our first season back, he should at least got a hatrick. Thankfully he didn''t have his shooting boots on that day, unlike all the othertimes!
  15. Newcastle seems to be a bit of a bonkers club, so I wouldn''t be surprised if they go down! Ashley always seems to choose terrible managers and will sell any players he can make a few quid on. Even Pardew seemed a strange choice at the time having failed at West Ham, Carlton and Southampton. Although he obviously learnt from his mistakes and is now a very good manager. Yet a lot Newcastle fans wanted him out!
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