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  1. Bargain! They''ll make it back on shirts in Asia within a week 👍🏻
  2. I think the sad part was there were genuine fans queuing to get a bargain who can''t afford to pay £60 for a coat and then there were money hungry toss pots who just stuck it all eBay. I''d say the que was 10% fans vs 90% Del boys. All the club needed to do was ask can you at least name 1 player or the manager and you''d of solved the problem, the main issue in shutting the store was people literally coming in with boxes and filling them up. On Friday it was a strict 10 items per customer but then families turned up with 8 kids plus Nan and Grandad and I''m sure a few "uncles" and just took the Mickey hoarding hundreds of items until more "friends" turned up. Absolute shambles. Don''t blame the families for want to make money but the club shouldn''t of allowed it. To add insult to injury I spent the day before at Chessington and got quite familiar with their que jumping policy, just wish NCFC had a similar stance 😩
  3. I''d like 5mins alone in a room with Holly Willobooby but it ain''t gonna happen now is it!? 😜
  4. Big fan of both but neither have lived up to the hype generated from the cup win, brilliant bit of business if the figures being thrown around are accurate. Jacob was sold off the back of a very strong season, Josh can''t say the same.
  5. Trying to find a centre forward capable of scoring the goals we need on a free, while not impossible, the odds are heavily stacked against us. Finding a goal keeper, which we are also desperate for, on a free might not be that difficult. Here''s a list of PL goalies out of contract, must be a few Italian, German, Spanish and French frees worth looking at. Wayne Hennessey, Tim Krul, Michel Vorm, Joel Robles, Ben Hamer, Jakob Haugaard, Rob Green 😉 any others worth a look? Save the pennies for a goal scorer IMO 💚💛
  6. If we were paying Naismith 50p a week no one would care about attitude, performance or whether he''s a nice guy or not. The issue is the the insane amount of cash the board decided to throw at an absolute squad clogger, blame the board not Steven. He''s never been a 20 goal a season man, has he managed even 5 a season in the Prem on a consistent basis!? No? He wasn''t even a regular starter, we got exactly what we paid for. Whatever job you do if your rival comes in and says we''ll pay you 10 times what you''re on now for the same work ethic you''ve always put in, someone please tell me you''d pass it up!? Sold a dream, living a nightmare! Ricky doesn''t get as much vitriolic abuse as Naismith and he was just as rubbish and on the same wedge. Buck stops with Mr and Mrs Smith on this one, leave the jock alone 🔫
  7. Hull to bid us 250k settle at 2.5m and save the wages.
  8. Nelson needs a long hard look in the mirror, after he''s done admiring his own reflection crack on with the bubble wrap and parcel tape lad! ✈️
  9. I sit lower Barclay block D and definitely heard the booing from my area, the irony is that I had about three empty rows in front of me of definite boo boys but they hadn''t bothered to turn up. This has been bubbling for weeks/months and speaking to one at half time I understand their frustration. All they can think back to are the days of Holt where we had a hold up merchant and played the odd long ball and still played decent football. Trying to explain it''s not 2010 anymore was a challenge but I get it. You remind them of having to watch the likes of Dalgleish, Molby, Develd, de balsiis and they realise it''s not all bad. At least 50% of the lower Barclay are stereotypical norfolk folk and it amazes me they even managed to tie they''re shoe laces, I don''t have a problem with these people booing they don''t know any better but are genuinely decent/nice to talk to people. Simple but good hearted. The guy I can''t stand is the riteous idiot sat two rows behind that literally thinks he''s gods gift to football and chastises everyone around him for voicing their opinion. "Don''t boo you morons you don''t get it" is his favourite. The most hypercritical idiot you''ll find at a football ground, I''m positive he''s there just to piss people of and one day someone''s going to turn round and smack him for being a gobshite! I had 10 minutes of him asking the girl next to him what her perfume was as his "mate" the week before wanted it for his wife 😳 Creepiest conversation I''ve ever heard in public, he thought he was Don Juan! This was inbetween boasting of all the properties he owned. These are the fans that can jog on, the simple boo boys will come round.
  10. Did you also know your car will cost you £10,000 a year to fill it after Brexit (if you drive constantly 24 hours a day red lining it in first gear like a bellend!) BBC are a bunch of scaremongering, non news reporting, grade A helmet cheddars! Two boxes from group on £125 = 1000 stickers, plenty of swaps, job done. Hate the Biased Broadcasting Coporation!
  11. All 25,000 of us would have to chuck in around £3,000 each to stand even a chance! Would you pay £3,000 to have a 1 in 25,000s voice? The few that post on here can''t agree for toffee it''d be a bloodbath.
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