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  1. Thought i’d check out The Binners for a laugh and their top end player was Dyer for £36.7m
  2. A little random but will go with it as a former player. According to a study published by totallymoney, Chris Sutton’s proposed move to Blackburn would be £68.6m in today’s climate.
  3. Regardless of sell on fees we are entitled to 5% of any transfer fee through Fifa’s Solidarity Mechanism, in which is a formula used to deliver compensation to clubs who invested in players between the ages of 12 and 23.
  4. I thought i was about to read he had taken a job in the Scottish Lower Leagues or even worse Ipswich but then had to read this dross.
  5. When reading the article about Glenn Middleton, it got me thinking has our club ever released any youth team players that have gone on and had successful careers? I know some have down the lower leagues but can’t really recall many/if any that have played at a higher standard then when they were with us. Our club is normally pretty spot on in identifying who will make the step up and who won’t quite cut it.
  6. I’m not entirely worries to be honest. His Shrewsbury team finished 3rd after being in the top 2 for most the season. Lost the EFL trophy final and Play-off final. Got bottlejob written all over him. Perfect appointment for The Scum. Plus he’ll soon find out he’ll have no money to spend and won’t be able to loan players from us.
  7. Opened today and still no signings. Total lack of ambition shown by the club already
  8. As long as we tell Cambridge to stick their 120min friendly it should be the same regional teams with the german tour with a couple of home games to end with. One being a lower end prem team
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