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  1. I didn''t think of the last relegated sides situation. So that makes me rejoice that we can still play with Naarwich. In other news. Great response Katie. Just what I was looking for. More doom and bloody gloom. No wonder why many people don''t post on here.
  2. For those young enough to know what I''m talking about or those who are older but have no life.. FIFA 17. Will it still have Carrow Road in the game? After our relegation along with Villa and Newcastle and the subsequent promotion of Burnley, Boro and Hull will they simply trade 3 for 3? Or will they just include more data and have the 3 new teams in addition? What would annoy me would be the removal of CR but for Villa and Newcastle to keep theirs, as they are deemed "bigger" clubs. What are you thoughts on this?
  3. Don''t get me wrong mate. I don''t know if it is ndoye but I have been told its 1 permanent signing and 1 loan with 1 more loan depending on outgoings. I can only assume it will be NeO as perm. 1 loan striker? And depending on the likes of laffs, bassong leave another loan to replace that position. Id personally spunk all our money on Soriano at RB Salzburg. But that''s just dreamland.
  4. Board are waiting to announce at least a double signing possibly a treble. Nel Oli all but done but waiting to announce with other new addition. Has been introduced to players and staff which are not on days off yesterday. The 2nd and 3rd players are possible loans. One being Ndoye?? And the other a defender from some italian club is what iv been told. No idea who though. So rumour boys can get to work on that one.
  5. Mcgeehan scored tonight against Villa. Luton also doing another giant kill...
  6. And more annoyingly he wrote in capitals and tried to be really cryptic about it all...
  7. Don''t worry. I can confirm I am not Gordon. Just know a few people in and around the club. For heavens sake I don''t want to be known as one of those *ITK type people. All I know is that we do need a striker still.
  8. More good news guys. New striker should be here before Shef Wed game. Not sure yet if just a loan or with view to permanent move like Mbokani last season. I''m also lead to believe it is not NDoye
  9. Here''s a youtube clip of what he can do... http://youtu.be/LL93Xr74A4M Youtube.. What a misleading place it can be. (rvw)
  10. 130 goals in 300 career appearances. Doesn''t score goals. Stats are relative. Both ways I may add.
  11. Happy with this tbh. Scored about 1 in every 2 games throughout his career. Played mostly a sub role for Sunderland last year (was on loan there too). So I''m sure he will happily be back up to cam jam. Perhaps pushing to start in that 1 man attack AN prefers. Plus we aren''t shelling out a fortune on a striker we would struggle to fit in. Makes perfect sense to me. Id be more than happy to go with what we have (keep Brady if we can) (get in Pritchard and Dame) and then splash out in January. It could either secure us automatic with a sturdy addition or give us a kick up the arse and get us up the table with an expensive good signing.
  12. I don''t mind bassong and martin at this level. Its just in premier league they get found out. A case of coulda shoulda with defensive transfers last year.
  13. We are also looking into loan options for Turner. Will be deciding somewhere between Martin gets back up to speed and transfer window shutting. Rotherham, PNE and Blackburn interested.
  14. Oh Christ no! Didn''t he really badly misuse CapITaL LETteRs??
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